bi racial model

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what do you no of her hit us up some facts

  • She’s 26 years old
  • She’s half-Jamaican, half-Spanish 
  • Her real name is Tahilah Debrett Barnett
  • She was born on January 16th, 1988
  • “FKA” stands for “Formerly Known As”
  • She originally wanted her stage name to be “AFK Twigs”
  • She was born in Gloucestershire (UK) 
  • She attended the catholic school,  St. Edwards’s, Cheltnham
  • She worked as a backup dancer in music videos for many artists
  • She appeared in a BBC comedy sketch
  • She became known as twigs for the way her joints crack when she stretches
  • She’s 162 cm
  • She was bullied in school for being bi-racial 
  • She used to model and still does aside from her music career.
  • She’s a London based artist.
  • She started her career as a dancer
  • She loves the colors red and blue
  • She did little curls with her baby hairs around her face for years (they were inspired by Josephine Baker)
  • She still remembers her first kiss, which was at the age of 16 to the soundtrack of Nelly’s ‘Dilemma’
  • She loves being mysterious and different as an artist
  • Both of her parents were dancers
  • She first learned tap and ballet dance
  • She has said that moths are the only animal she would ever kill
  • She left home at 17 to go to dance school

If I remember more I will update this but this all I have. :)