bi objectifs

anonymous asked:

why do you keep reblogging that post about the lesbian kiss in great comet?

because I’m upset! especially because people are like “FINALLY GOOD REPRESENTATION!” … like no. Go to If/Then or Rent or Falsettos or FUN HOME for great lesbian representation that doesn’t contribute to the over sexualization of lesbian/bi women. the objectification and over-sexualization of these women for straight men leads to sexual violence against queer women at a higher rate than straight women so … yeah it’s pretty important. 

Obviously, this one kiss isn’t going to end the word but it contributes to this issue and people act as though it’s great representation. Lies….. So I’m reblogging it until the end of time. thx

If you want to start a discussion on the ways in which women might objectify women, why limit it to lesbian and bi women who reblog pictures of women they’re attracted to? Why not discuss the ways in which straight women commodify lesbianism, fetishise lesbian and bi women, and objectify the idealised female body?

What about straight women who watch and reblog porn? What about straight women who obsess over images of thin, half-naked, headless female bodies from fashion photoshoots? What about straight women who have “girl crushes” or “would go gay” for a hyperfeminine straight celebrity who embodies pornified beauty standards? What about straight and bi women who question why lesbians are attracted to butches because they’re used to sexualising the misogynistic, pornified ideal of the female body? What about “bi-curious” women who want to have “a lesbian experience”? What about het-partnered women who fetishise bisexuality because they want to have a threesome? What about straight women who entertain their boyfriends with some pornified fake lesbianism?

There are so many ways in which women can treat each other as less-than-human objects, but I doubt that reblogging ~sexy~ pictures of women you find attractive is a huge problem.