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Ah, yes, the most popular Overwatch ships :

Doctor who / Ba-gay-tte,

Captain America / Edgelord,

Mad Max OCs,

Get in the fucking robot Genji,,

Okay so here’s a lot of reasons why you should consider reading the Unwind Dystology (please read the Unwind Dystology)
• The very concept is really unique, basically parents can choose to retroactively terminate their teens and send them into a divided state

• There is so much world building in the first book but it’s done so subtle that you won’t even realize you’re getting random new information

• Unwinding has actually had bad and good consequences and the books go over both the good and the bad

• teenagers actually act like teenagers in this YA series

• Every character is really well developed like wowie

• The character descriptions are usually ambiguous

• Really strong female characters

• There are some LGBTQA characters (first that pop into mind are Hayden and Bam for main-ish characters)

• The books are really well written

• If you have problems with reading then no worries, these books have pretty short chapters and there are page breaks in the form of “advertisements” (note there are no advertisements page breaks in the first book)

• Really nice poc representation (CyFi and Starkey are some of the best characters imo)

• There’s an autistic character and she’s really sweet and she’s so nice I love her

• Every character is relatable. Including dirtbag villains. Especially the dirtbag villains

• The motivations for characters are very believable

• It deals with subjects like religious sacrifice, terrorism, the gray morality of the world, if we really have souls, divorce, mental illnesses, wanting revenge on everything, and of course, abortion


Was supposed to work, but I was still crying over a fic I had read last night. A friend told me to draw them happy and alive and running in a field of flowers so that’s what I did. It helped a bit.

I want to dissolve into you. I don’t want to know what is yours and what is mine. I want my heart to merge with yours. I want your sun to be my sun. I want your moon to be my moon. I want to fall asleep on your body, our chests rising and falling in perfect harmony.
Our worlds will collide and there will be no you or me but instead our hearts and souls and minds and flesh will become one and there will be no doubt that this is forever.
—  my love

I have so many feelings about Bi Joey.

Like when I was a kid there was even less representation of bisexual people than there is now, so I didn’t really know it was a thing, didn’t properly understand, until I was at least 18, and only got really properly comfortable with it - and therefore myself - in the last 2 years or so (thanks John Watson and the Sherlock fandom).

I wasn’t a proper shipper, but I grew to like Puppyshipping. The problem was it seemed like you basically had to ignore the canon with Mai - which is what fics at the time mostly did.

But coming back to fandom post DSoD as an adult means I can have a whole different perspective on it, and everything clicks into place so comfortably. Like I can have Joey crushing on guys and have him be all ‘I got your flower, go get him honey’ with Mai, and it’s just been a really relaxing experience.

Az önce bi postun 11.999 notes i vardı heycanlandım kalpledim hemen böyle bütün rakamlar falan kaydı çok heycanlıydı sonra şunu çekiyimde size atim dedim kalbimi geri aldım tekrar beğendim ve sonuç=12.022 inci kalp. Teşekkürler.

Umarım o 21 kişi arasından bunu yazan ilk kişiyimdir.

knowing that characters will sometimes refer to ryder by first name if you don’t change it from the default is making me seriously consider just taking lucas ryder and rearranging his name so lucas is his middle name or something, because i have waited. so long. for a bioware protag to be lovingly referred to by their first name. by their friends and family.  

For the last time, Freddie Mercury was NOT a gay icon

He was a bisexual man, who wrote Love Of My Life about a woman that everyone he knew said he was completely and utterly in love with; he left much of his fortune to her in his will despite being with a man at the time of his death, as, in his words, she would have been his wife

Although I cannot say this enough times I have already bored everyone I know with this so please just listen up because I know bisexuality is often erased in the media and Freddie Mercury is, as far as I know, the most famous openly bisexual man to date

Thank you and take note