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  • Bi character is only stated to be bi by the creators outside of the canon source: "That doesn't count at all, they should have at least mentioned it in the source material!"
  • Bi character is said to be bi within the source material: "That doesn't count, because it was only mentioned!"
  • Bi character's sexuality is an important part of their character: "Here we go again with the thinking mlm and wlw's lives revolve around their sexualities, ugh!"
  • Bi character has a love interest of the opposite gender: "So they're basically straight, the creators just want Woke Points™."
  • Bi character has a love interest of the same gender: "So they're basically gay, like nice try but bi people are still underrepresented and this isn't representation."
  • Bi character has more than one love interest: "Classic stereotyping bi people as promiscuous, god!"
  • Bi character literally exists in media at all: "This is somehow bad and problematic!!"
Thoughts on Descendants 2

Okay so like unpopular opinion but I think they did the straight ships in Descendants pretty well. Here’s my thought process: You don’t stay with who you go to high school with forever. Maybe this is the VKs trying out relationships to find what’s right for them.

I’m still super into Jaylos and Malvie (I mean heck, Malvie’s duet intensified it if nothing else), I just think maybe we should give a little credit to the straight ships. Let our little bi babies work out how they want to date and who they are in relationships, they’ll get where they need to be in the end (for us anyway, we all know Disney is a buncha cowards that won’t put LGBT representation on their channel).

I laughed. “Oh, yes. They range in size from as small as dogs to larger than grizzly bears. One time I watched a colony of myrmekes attack a Greek army in India. It was hilarious. They spit acid that can melt through bronze armor and—”


My smile faded. I reminded myself I was no longer a spectator. These ants could kill us. Easily. And Meg was scared.

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Okay but for reals. You don't update as much as you used to. Why tf not

It’s almost like this blog is run by a simple college student who is earning a degree and keeping a job and answers asks when they can find time in between because they still care about promoting bi!Dean material

Almost. Because obviously it’s not.

It’s truly irritating how everyone on here only focuses on bi women in the context of men and heterosexual relationships - and even bi tumblr does this, what with the intermittent “you are valid if you like men” and “m/f relationships are cute uwu” posts. All of you are so incredibly detached from bi women’s material realities and that both non-bi women LGBT people and bi women themselves parrot rhetoric that centers bi women around men is so telling. 

Yes, I understand why bi tumblr focuses on uplifting bi women in m/f relationships, since biphobes think bi women don’t belong in their community if they aren’t performing bisexuality in a “pleasing” way. And yes, I understand why non bi-women focus on pointing out that all heterosexual relationships receive material benefits, since society compulsively socializes women to want men and only men and rewards women to induce them into “staying” exclusively heterosexual and punishes women who stray from this “path”. 

But I truly wish you guys (and this goes for other bi women too, quite frankly) would remember that bi women do actually love women and their position in the LGBT community exists precisely because they love women. Whether or not they are currently with a woman doesn’t matter, because they are same-gender attracted people and they have been part of a coalition of people oppressed by heterosexism, heteronormativity, and the gender binary from the inception of said coalition. 

This means focusing on encouraging bi women’s attraction to women. This means analyzing how bi women are punished when they love women, and how society makes it difficult for them to seek out women or find women to date and love. Bi women love women, they have sex with women, they present their identity so that other wlw/lbpq women can seek them out, they marry women, they cohabit with other women, they advocate for LGBT people, they fight for women. They have always loved women. Bi women are married to other bi women and to lesbians. I guarantee you that bi women currently married to men have probably fiercely loved women in the past (and this love for women doesn’t fade even if they love or are married to a man). Moreover the circumstances around heterosexual marriages are never clear-cut when it comes to all LGBT people, whether it’s a bi woman married to a man or a gay man/lesbian forced into dating a woman/man. 

It’s so irrelevant to focus on bi women in m/f relationships constantly, whether you’re “validating” those relationships or talking about how “bi women need to stop forcing gay and lesbian people to care about m/f relationships”. Firstly, hardly anyone says these things about bi men and m/f relationships, which is revealing, and secondly, by only relating bi women to m/f relationships, you yourself are necessitating a continued focus on them. No bi woman is going up to a gay/lesbian person and saying “hey, I want you to care about my boyfriend and I want you to fawn over my relationship”. And no bi woman is going up to another bi person and saying “hey, i want you to focus all your bi politics on validating my m/f relationship”. You guys seriously overestimate how much bi women care about men and m/f relationships. Obviously there are bi women in them, but bi women care about women and they want their attraction to women to be prioritized and uplifted. 

When a bi woman says that she doesn’t want people to force her to perform unfeasible standards of radicalism, she isn’t asking you to care about m/f relationships and she isn’t asking you to only “validate” her in the context of m/f relationships. All she’s saying is not to discount or reject her on the basis of past/present relationships. Frankly that should be a tenet of common sense and a standard of decency applied to all LGBT people. So bi tumblr, when you only emphasize disseminating positivity for m/f attractionality or relationships, you lose the crucial focus on bi women who desperately need their attraction to women uplifted, and non-bi women, when you only talk about how we “love” men and how it would be “okay” for gay/lesbian people to avoid community with us because we “love” men, you’re forgetting that historically, bi women are same-gender attracted and have always been fighting for their rights as people marginalized by heterosexism/heteronormativity. 

People who aren’t bi women, including bi men and non-bi LGBT people, only ever talk about our potential attraction to men, which leads people to erase the bisexuality of bi women in f/f relationships, it causes people to act surprised when we’re targeted by regular homophobia, it makes bi spaces inundated with casual homophobia and makes them lose site of reality, it causes other bi women to embrace hostility and bitterness rather than solidarity, and it erases the history of bi women contributing to gay culture and gay history and LGBT activism. 

It’s also so shocking to me that a lot of Marxists will read and share post-structural theories about disrupting binaries and changing the language that informs our politics, yet at the same time they don’t think bi women are “truly” materially oppressed by these heteronormative and heteropatriarchal binaries. It’s all about challenging and contradicting the hegemony of certain discursive categories until it comes to analyzing how bi women are impacted by them. When it comes to us we’re either invisible and it has to stay that way or we’re considered to be part of the power groups that inform these categories. Lovely. 

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hey did you know Eva is listen on wikipedia as a bi character?? and it says that she's counted as bi because she had relationships with men and also kissed Vilde several times, but Vilde isn't listed as bi or lesbian??

I think you have to take it with a grain of salt. Because anyone can edit a wikipedia article so Eva being listed as a bi character is probably just some random Skam fan who added her. It is not unusual to have fans add things they wished where canon/popular head canons to the shows official wikipedia page. 

My problem with it is that despite me seeing Eva as bisexual and she being heavily bisexual coded I don’t believe she counts as representation if she was never confirmed as bi in the source material or by the creator of the show. 

I have noticed a thing in the fandom where people really quickly points out that Eva is bisexual for kissing a girl while they don’t discuss Vilde doing the same thing. I think that might have something to do with that Vilde being a lesbian is the most  popular Vilde head canon and people don’t agree with that head canon don’t want to point out evidence to that being true. People treat Eva and Vilde’s sexuality differently because”everyone” thinks of Eva as bi while many people disagree with  lesbian!Vilde and don’t want to bring up any proof that she is a lesbian. 

What is interesting is on both Eva and Vilde are listed as ambiguously bi:



Also Eva and Noora are listed as hetrosexual life partners….harold,,,,

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I feel the next ep will be such a missed op to teach Dean about bisexuality. Dean could be all "is this strong manly wrestler dude I look up to really flirting w me?" Sam would be all chill like "and?" Dean:"but he doesn't look gay, and Im sure he's dated women before" Sam:"maybe he swings both ways; bisexual." Dean:"bi-what-now?" & be enlightened by Sam, giving us glimmer of hope for bi!dean. But I feel the writers will just make some stereotypical gay jokes & be done with it. What do u think?

Word, it would be perfect for more explicit bi Dean material, I mean even in the short promo we already have Dean fangirling when the wrestler winks at him, this talk with Sam would fit in just great. :p 

I don’t think we’ll get any too explicit Dean-is-bi text though, but it does look like an ep with lots of interesting bi Dean subtext to fuel some cool meta! 

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I'm writing a book and I really want my main character to fall in love with the guy that's happens to be black and I really want to write a Bisexual supporting character (I don't mean supporting I mean like Hermione was to Harry) But the fact that I'm not bisexual I'm afraid I'll get something wrong and j don't want to offend people Any suggestions?

Hi there! It’s great that you want to learn more. Research is your friend! I would suggest talking to a bisexual person and learning about their experience;  also here are some resources on writing:

Good luck with your novel, anon! \(^_^)/