bi lo

“bisexuals can’t choose”

You’re right! This is why all bisexuals also:

  • have both a cat and a dog
  • mix pepsi and coke together in the same glass
  • wear pants under their skirts
  • always “dare you to tell the truth” at sleepovers 
  • all have the Bisexual Haircut™
  • subsist entirely on pizza-burgers, ice-cream-cake, turducken, etc.
  • and for that matter, only eat Chocolate-Vanilla-Swirl ice cream
  • sleep with the blankets on exactly half of their bodies
  • can’t go to sporting events because they’ll just cheer for both teams
  • only own sleeveless jackets
  • think the movie was just as good as the book
Psychisch krank zu sein, bedeutet nicht zu einem Arzt gehen zu können und ein Medikament zu bekommen. Es funktioniert nicht, dass man es eine Woche nimmt und die Krankheit verschwindet wie eine Grippe. Psychische Krankheiten sind lästiger. Sie bleiben. Sie nisten sich ein und es ist egal wie du dich wehrst. Du kannst schreien und Wände einschlagen, du kannst weinen oder so tun als wäre nichts. Es hilft nicht. Nichts hilft. Es nimmt dich ein und lässt dich nicht mehr los, bis du daran zu Grunde gehst. Denn erst das ist der Punkt, an dem den meisten klar wird, dass es nicht nur eine Phase ist, nicht nur Einbildung. Und auch erst jetzt merken Freunde oder Familie es. Genau das ist der Momemt, im dem sie alle mit dir reden wollen. Aber du kannst nicht reden. Irgendwann geht das nicht mehr. Das verstehen sie alle nicht. Sie verlangen von dir, dass du gesund wirst und das du deine Entscheidungen triffst. Das du sie richtig triffst. Aber du kannst sie gar nicht mehr treffen. Denn wie zur Hölle sollst du eine Entscheidung treffen, wenn du nicht einmal mehr klar denken kannst? Dann gehen sie. Sie gehen alle, weil sie denken, dass du dich an der Krankheit festkrallst. Dass du sie gar nicht los werden willst, weil du scheinbar gar nichts tust. Psychische Krankheiten zerstören alles um dich herum. Sie zerstören dich. Und du kannst es nicht alleine aufhalten. Das funktioniert nicht. Nichts funktioniert mehr. Irgendwann kannst du es auch vor niemandem mehr verbergen. Es wird auch niemand verstehen. Du bist allein. Du kannst nichts tun.
  • Zara: "Sorry, but he shouldn't be so sensitive. He's going to hear a lot worse if he gots to Alicante, especially at a Council meeting."
  • Emma: "That doesn't make it all right. Just because he's going to hear something ugly from the bigots on the Council doesn't mean he should hear it first at home."
  • Cristina: "Or ever at home."

“Ich werde in letzter Zeit oft gefragt, warum ich den eigentlich so gerne auf Konzerte gehe.

Die Antwort auf diese Frage ist eigentlich ganz einfach: ich liebe alles daran.

Ich liebe es die Tickets zu bestellen & darauf zu warten bis der Postbote sie mir bringt. Ich liebe das wochenlange/monatelange warten, weil jeden Tag die vorfreude auf diesen einen Tag ein kleines bisschen mehr steigt. Ich liebe die Planung davor. Ich liebe die Anreise, egal ob zu Fuß, per bahn oder mit dem Auto. Ich liebe es in der Warteschlange zu stehen, um darauf zu warten bis es endlich los geht.

aber wisst ihr was ich am meisten an all dem liebe? bei einem Konzert kann man so laut schreien wie man will, man kann die Texte so laut mit brüllen wie man will und wie sehr es der Körper grade braucht. Man kann tanzen bis die Erde bebt und egal wie scheiße es aussieht, aber das wichtigste an allem: man vergisst den ganzen Scheiß um sich herum. Man ist einfach frei und glücklich.

So, from time to time I help out my uncle, who’s a vendor. And the way he works is that he delivers the product, and depending on the store he’ll either stock it on the shelf or leave if for the workers at the store to stock. At the Food store with the Lion as a mascot, he stocks the product, and at the Lo-Bi he stocks it as well. At the Groker, he leaves it for the workers at the store to stock.

Now, he’s got awful knee and hip problems, like when he was younger he had to get extensive surgery on his knees and pins in his hips (not entirely sure what all he had to do). But, this man is 56 years old, and he offers me $30 to work with him on his extremely busy days plus free food. I of course normally help him, he’s like a father to me (and plus I just like having money. Broke college student and he’s offering 30 bucks and food?! Hell yeah). But boy do I have some stories for you here, and here’s just one.

One of which is this woman I’ll call D. D, I assume, bad never been in this store, since she was wandering around like she was lost. Also, just to clear up a few things about this story, I am only allowed to stock and deal with my uncle’s product. That’s it. I’m not allowed to mess with any other product, not allowed to change prices of anything, and I only stock what my uncle brings in (it’s chips, pretzels, cookies, and crackers btw). If my uncle doesn’t bring in sour cream and onion chips, well that just means we don’t have any to stock. I don’t even go to the back room unless my uncle is with me because I’m not an official worker of the Lion company.

But D doesn’t seem to understand this. She comes up and asks me where the milk section is. Now, I don’t mind pointing things out, I go to the Lion store often myself. I point out where the milk section is located and go back to putting up bags of chips. But apparently this wasn’t enough for D, because she just continued to stand there. I noticed she hadn’t moved and asked “Was there something else you needed ma'am?”

D started getting a little irritated with me. “Yes, I want you to go get the milk FOR me!” she says.

I’m a little taken-aback by this for sure. Like, I’m wearing jeans and a Black Veil Brides tshirt and a blue beanie. I obviously don’t work for the Lion company, and I’m sure people who DO work there wouldn’t appreciate her speaking to them like that. So I calmly just say “Ma'am, I’m sorry, but I only deal with this product right here that I’m stocking. I don’t actually work here, but as I’ve said, the milk is over there next to the cold items. If you’ll excuse me though, I need to stock the rest of this product onto this shelf before I go to the next store.”

And that set D off. She started yelling at me about bad customer service, and how she was gonna get me fired, and how she needed my manager’s name right now so I can be fired on the spot. I have bad social anxiety, so when people start yelling at me I either start crying or start to shut down (as in my resting bitch face comes out, my eyes apparently look dead or just extremely exhausted to some people, and my voice drops like two octaves. All semblance of the nice dude you were just talking to disappears). This was once of those times when I started to just shut down.

As D was yelling at me, I noticed my uncle (who looks like a lumberjack just btw, not even gonna lie) walking down the aisle to get over to me. So I just went “Ma'am. I have told you before that I do not actually work here. Now, before I am forced to call security, I think you should stop yelling at me. If you would like to talk to the person in charge of me, turn around and talk to my uncle, because I’m sure he’d like to know why some lady is yelling at his favorite nephew for something that is not my fault.”

D turns around and notices my uncle standing there and immediately starts yelling at him about how I’m an awful person and that I need to be fired right this moment for having horrible customer service. My uncle, without missing a beat, looks behind him and goes “Hey! T! Get this bitch out of here, she’s scaring my nephew!”

As far as I know, D was banned from the store for a couple of months. My uncle didn’t get in trouble at all, especially because I knew everyone who worked in that store and had known the store owner (T) for 6 years. He was the first person to offer me a job over the summer actually, but I had to turn it down because of a summer program at my college. He’s a nice person though, and fired one of his workers on the spot when they were saying some (pretty awful) transphobic comments to me.

Tl;dr: Lady decides to yell at me for not getting her milk for her and my uncle has the store owner (who practically treats me as part of his family) kick her out.

Odio cuando en una serie (Sea de cualquier tipo) hay dos personajes del mismo sexo que tienen una química extraordinaria y se ve su relación formándose (no puedo pensar en otra palabra para explicarlo en este momento) poco a poco pero al final no llega a nada, en practicamente todas las series. Y cuando una finalmente se sale de lo normal y hace a la pareja canon es atacada por todo diciendo que “es forzado”, “que es puro fanservice”, o que “nunca se mostró señales de que x personaje sea gay/bi”. Lo siento estas tratando de decir que tienen que andar por ahí con su gafete de hola soy gay/bi/pan, etc? O decirlo en voz alta? Porque nunca es “no se mostró señales que x personaje sea hetero ” o “pero nunca dijo que fuera heterosexual”
Para ellos siempre son nuestras mentes de fanboy/fangirl haciéndose películas.
Los odio a todos.

Buenas noches.