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It being my first con I was really giddy and probably very annoying so sorry my group!
I went with @snazriel and @betterthanyoublue with a few more people I met that day!

I did everything I wanted including buying a Pokemon mystery box and buying some prints from @knitbone including a Mercy, Totoro and Korra! The box had a Pikachu straw cup, and Pokemon wrist band, Pokemon socks and Pokemon stress ball! I don’t know if you realised but I also got a Bi Flag!

Also went to a Steven universe cosplay meet up! There was another Stevonnie so see if you can spot me! (There’s a Yoosung behind me in my selfie lol)

I got asked for 7 pictures today! It’s really given me the confidence to try some harder cosplay.

- Mod

My city put up pride flags

I just wanted to show all of you the flags that Dayton put up for pride month:

[[image: downtown Dayton Ohio. The city put up the rainbow flag, the trans* pride flag, the pansexual pride flag, the bisexual pride flag, and the asexual pride flag along with some American Flags]]

I was so excited. Apparently whoever was tasked with finding pride flags to fly did some research. Here’s a picture of the flags from a different view point:

[[image: downtown Dayton Ohio- another view of the pride flags.]]

I’m not sure what the white one with the two rings and the rainbows in it is. Does anybody know?


when i saw the end of the preview where pidge was roasting the other paladins i couldnt get this out of my head lmao I JUST NEED BI LANCE

and everyone in the room knew that by “boy” he means keith ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)