bi coloured


Bi’s of Colour book, edited by Asha, Jacq and Nila

Are you a bisexual/pansexual/fluid person of colour?
Do you live, work or study anywhere in Europe?

If you answered YES, then read on!

We are making plans to write a book about the lives and experiences of bisexuals of colour in Europe.  This is part of our long-term plan to have a document that reflects us.  It will be built on the foundations of the Bi’s of Colour History Report.  We plan to have the following chapter headings, but this is just a guide.

  • Creativity and the Arts
  • Visibility and Erasure of Bi’s of Colour - where we are welcome, and where we aren’t
  • White Academics versus Activists of Colour
  • Dominant culture gaze - hypersexual, fetishes, imperialism and colonialism
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Isolation, exclusion and loneliness 
  • Health - Sexual health, Mental health, Disabilities
  • Bi’s of Colour and BAME organisations
  • Bi’s of Colour and LGBT organisations
  • Families, Carers, Acceptance and Rejection
  • Racism
  • Religion, belief and spirituality or lack of
  • Body image and fashion
  • Class
  • Ageing
  • Violence

We are open to other headings, so if you think of something you can’t wait to express, let us know.  We are also interested in non-fiction, art, photography or things we haven’t thought of yet!  You can always contribute using a pen name if you want to be anonymous.

All contributors will be paid - we’ll be crowdfunding, so everyone will get an equal share - the amount will depend on how much we raise and how many contributors

If you are interested in contributing, email us at .

So we got some quality guitar hugs last night. Look at this actual angel jfc

receiving an HIV/AIDS disclosure

even specifically designated lgbt spaces tend to view HIV/AIDS as a problem firmly in the past for “developed” society. the reality: more than 1.2 million persons over the age of 13 are living with HIV in the united states. while overall infection rates have fallen 19% since 2005, there were still 44,000+ new diagnoses in 2014, and certain groups - young gay&bi men of colour, trans women of colour, etc. - remain extremely at risk. HIV/AIDS is a present, gripping issue.

thus it’s important to know how to accept disclosures. when a coworker, friend, family member, or partner decides to inform you of their HIV status:

-above all else: do not share unless you are specifically and sincerely asked to do so. you may have some crusading feelings of morality developing. you may think that other people in this person’s life have a “right to know.” some states do require disclosures to sexual partners and needle sharers under penalty of prosecution, but those discussions will happen with assistance from organisations besides yourself. their life may be at risk. they may need to make new living arrangements and take other preemptive action before a disclosure. respect privacy.

-first: affirm your complete support for this person. your friend, family, or partner is almost certainly fearing rejection &/or disgust. 

-second: offer realistic help based on both your and your friend, family or partner’s circumstances.

*if you are or have been sexually active with this person, assuming they were not abusive: avoid lashing out and open hostility. it’s very easy to fall into the trap of blame game with HIV, since 1 in 8 don’t know they’re infected, but your partner or former partner deserves support during their disclosure. if you are diagnosed afterwards or later on in life, you will be the one disclosing. do unto others.

that’s it. only two steps. a disclosure is not a time for interrogation, not a time to showcase your own knowledge, not a time to pass judgement, not a time for anger. you should absolutely never ask how the person acquired HIV or their medical prospects. get educated and respect your loved ones!

oKAY BUT imagine alec’s first Pride like aaa
  • everyone at the institute Knows because he keeps bringing it up in every single convo and they have inside jokes abt it
  • “did you hear alec today at the briefing” “yea lol he only mentioned pride like ten times” “i think it was a record”
  • he’s super excited because he’s finally allowed to feel happy about who he is and who he loves and he can’t wait to be able to show it to Everyone
  • izzy and jace (and everyone else) being supportive and excited for him
  • the weeks drag on and alec’s planning every detail about the day just to be sure nothing goes wrong
  • finally it’s The Day and alec wakes up too early bc he can’t wait
  • magnus makes him paint rainbow flags on his cheeks and he’s grumpy but actually thinks they’re super cute
  • he paints magnus’ nails w/ bi colours (bc he’s painted izzy’s nails before he’s rly good at it)
  • they hold hands the entire march and alec is grinning so hard his face feels like it might split
  • magnus giving him these knowing Looks and smiling and being so glad to see alec so happy
  • alec excitedly pointing out different flags and pins and shit and thinking all the puns are rly clever and creative and he loves them
  • alec buying pins for himself and it feels like a quiet rebellion against the stuck up people at clave
  • alec taking pictures of different sapphic signs and sending them to izzy like “look it’s u”
  • and sending jace bi memes with captions like “so sad you’re there all bi yourself, wish u were here”
  • alec feeling like he Belongs for the first time in his life, like he’s finally where he’s supposed to be
  • that spark not really leaving even after they go home and it’s dusk and everything’s settling down
  • alec sitting down with magnus and just talking and feeling content and it’s all sweet and domestic
  • just. alec feeling accepted and accepting himself and being content :’))
  • i want to cry