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So let’s talk about Bi Steve Rogers.
  • He’s always been casually bi
  • Always been pretty obvious about it by media standards but The Straights™ never noticed
  • The lgbt+ community all took notice but didn’t wanna say anything in case the first avenger was actually really homophobic and would get mad
  • Then one of those shitty homophobic news stations starts talking about the rumours and how they are ridiculous because Steve is an American hero and knows traditional values and all that jazz
  • When he hears about this he decides he wants to come out
  • He researches ways to come out but all the tips he finds are for small scale situations
  • While searching he comes across dates for nyc pride
  • He calls Natasha to tell her
  • She totally supports him but warns him of media backlash and being careful and all that stuff
  • And so, a few weeks later Steve is getting ready to go to his first pride parade
  • He painted over his eyes with the bi pride colors and wore a t-shirt of his shield with a bi color pallette that he found online
  • When he gets there he immediately starts smiling??? Like, he can’t stop grinning??     
  • At first no one notices it’s him because face paint and huge crowds
  • But then he finds a group of people waving bi flags around on a float and walks over
  • He starts talking to one of the girls walking next to it and about 30 seconds into their conversation she realises she’s talking to Captain America and has a mini heart attack
  • She wanted to make sure so she quietly asks his name and he happily tells her his full name
  • She almost screams but instead thanks him for everything he’s done and asks him why he’s here
  • “Well, I’m bisexual and I saw some guy on the tv talking about how there’s no way I like boys because I know ‘traditional values’ or something like that, so I decided to come to pride. Just to prove them wrong.”
  • She asks if he wants to talk to the group leader about making an announcement and he very excitedly says yes
  • She brings a man with his hair dyed blue, pink, and purple and a flag tied around his shoulders over and he gasps before going to shake Steve’s hand
  • The man brings Steve up onto the float and hands him a megaphone
  • They check around for cameras near them and once they were sure that someone would get it on camera Steve started talking
  • He basically just said he was bi as hell and loved girls AND boys, along with a little undertone of “fuck the media and it’s heteronormativity” mixed in
  • The news goes crazy within half an hour
  • When Steve gets back home he immediately contacts the news outlet that caused this whole debacle and asked if they would have him on the show
  • Obviously they said yes because who says no to a war hero
  • They try to keep the interview on the topic of his achievements but he keeps bringing up people he hooked up with during that time period
  • The first one he talked about was a girl so they were relieved
  • Most people thought the video from pride was a hoax and it was just someone claiming to be Steve and hum talking about a girl made the interviewer feel like it really was a hoax
  • But then he starts talking about the time him and Howard Stark made out in the back room of his lab and laughing about it
  • That’s when the interviewer decided to just ask him outright whether he really was in that video
  • “Yeah, that was me. Of course it was.”
  • The interviewer is baffled and mildly offended
  • “Why would you do something like that?” He asked in a way that made it seem like some huge scandal
  • “I saw someone on the news, this channel to be exact, try to disprove rumors about me being gay. Which I’m not, by the way, so at least you were half right. I’m bisexual. That means I’m attracted to both men and women.”
  • “That’s not possible.”
  • “Sure it is! It’s stars and stripes, not one or the other isn’t it?”
  • The internet has a fit
  • The lgbt+ community has never felt more alive honestly
  • Steve goes to every pride he can and talks to younger kids
  • He went on Ellen and talked about his experiences as a bisexual man in the 40’s
  • Mostly he just said he spent most of his younger years either fighting someone or crushing on someone
  • On the twitter account Tony helped him make he constantly tries his best to help out anyone who is feeling unsafe or unsure about their identity
  • Donates to lgbt+ charities
  • Probably starts a group that helps lgbt+ kids who have no place to stay by building group homes that have materials/resources specifically for them
  • So many bi jokes
  • Like any bi pun you could possibly think of he has made
  • Really helped a lot of people feel better and learn to accept themselves/others because of his openness and sheer willpower
  • Just, bi Steve Rogers being a pure force in the universe

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ok ok BUT i was thinking about pete at pride parades as spiderman and i can't work my way around it? if he nust says i'm lgbt it's fine, but if he says he's trans EVERYONE in his school is gonna suspect him bc there probably aren't a lot of trans kids. so bc he's not very subtle that would basically out him as spiderman. idk i'd rather have him "guarding the parade to make sure nothing goes wrong" but then he's also like i belong here or something yanno

true true i’ve thought about this too. lmao i can see peter really struggling with this, bc he knows it would be so positive for spider-man to acknowledge being lgbt+ but he also knows that it could threaten his secret identity which is already on thin ice (spider-man, known for being in new york, just happened to be in DC when the midtown students were in danger?? he’s cutting it close)

so he decided to deck his spidey suit out in lgbt+ merchandise that represents the entire community. yeah he may not be every gender and sexual orientation in the lgbt+ community, but this way he can show pride for being trans and bi, and he can show support for the others.

so that’s how he finds himself at pride, a rainbow cape, a trans pride colored hat, bi pride pins, pan pride t-shirt, ace pride skirt, genderfluid pride sunglasses, and much much much more. he took so many selfies with so many people, and he swears his face hurts from smiling so much. he takes a selfie with a lovely drag queen dressed to look like an ironette, they kissed his cheek for the photo and he felt so light and happy. he sent the selfie to tony, and tony just replied with: 😘

Stage Secrets

Black-nailed hands pulled on knee-high boots, securing each stud in place. Tight jeans clung to shapely legs. A plain t-shirt, adorned with bi-colored wings on the back, hid a chiseled chest. A simple silver chain hung over the shirt. The hands lifted as the male straightened, raking his long black bangs out of unholy silver eyes darkened by eyeliner. Pale skin completed the picture.

Levi smiled at his reflection. Three years of singing, and he still wasn’t tired of the way people reacted to him. His body and voice were a work of art, worthy of admiration. Nodding to his band members, he slid on black studded gloves, grabbed the silver mic, and headed onto the stage. As he opened his first song amid yells and cheers, he knew he owned this stage. It was his.

A week after the performance, he sat in a high-backed chair in the office of Hange, his manager and producer. His legs were crossed and his hands folded, a look of complete self-assuredness as he waited for the woman to speak.

“Your rates have fallen.” 

“Can’t have.” 

Hange sighed, exasperated, and turned her laptop for him to see. “Your youtube views are down three percent since just last month, and there has been an overall decrease in the number of cds regularly bought. Face it, Levi. You aren’t as popular as you once were.” 

The singer shrugged, unconcerned. “Wings of Freedom has taken dips before. I don’t know why you are making such a big fuss about it.” 

“But never this much this fast. And I think I know why. You are a solo singer. Look at this; all the others at the top of the charts have more than one singer. Two singers makes it twice as entertaining.”

Levi’s eyes narrowed. “You want me to share the stage? No one else could ever be good enough.” 

“We’re going to try it.” Hange insisted. “At least announcing that you’re bringing in another singer to try out should bring up your ratings. And if he proves less than satisfactory, at least it shows you were willing to try.” She paused. “I already have someone in mind. He’s young and hasn’t yet made his name known. I’m sure you can train him to your standards.”

The singer snorted contemptuously. “He better be worth my time.”