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“Winn & Sanvers preparing for Pride Parade, Winn getting his nails painted with the Bi-flag colors as a coming out to his friends. (His crush on Superman has no hetero explanation to me)” from @draconicdivinity

He paces outside of Alex’s apartment for nearly ten whole minutes.

He paces and he breathes in through his nose and out through his mouth, his cheeks puffing up with the effort to calm himself.

“She’s your best friend. She’s your best friend, and he’s your best friend, and they love you and they don’t care that Alex and Maggie are gay, they love them both, and they’ll love you.”

But the thought of Kara and James only makes his heart race harder, scarier.

He tries a different tactic.

“They’re lesbians,” he mutters. “Alex and Maggie lesbians, they lesbian together, they invited you to get ready for Pride with them, they love you, and they’re lesbians, for god sake, of course they’re not going to care that you’re bi.”

But he paces, still, because in one of the homes he was in as a kid, well… being bi was one of the main reasons he got shifted around so much.

They’d wanted to know why he couldn’t just pick one. Even the gay kids. Sometimes, especially the gay kids.

Even in college, it had happened.

Even in college, he’d gotten raised eyebrows and skeptical sound effects.

He’d stopped telling people, because what was the point, really?

If no one would believe him, either way.

So he paces, his hand tight around a plastic bag he’d picked up with a hammering heart and sweaty brow at the pharmacy.

Because he’s been to another planet, and he’s the tech support for not one, but two, superheroes, but coming out?

God, coming out is so much scarier.

So he paces.

He paces until Alex wrenches open the door and gives him a partly concerned, partly annoyed look.

“Dude, Kara says you’ve been pacing out there for ages. You okay?”

“Where… where is Kara?”

“Showering,” Alex shrugs, tugging him inside.

Tugging him inside to where he’s greeted by James – in a tight black t-shirt with Tolerance is Not Enough emblazoned in rainbow print across the front – and Kara’s yell of greeting from the bathroom and a half-dressed Maggie, rainbow belt on denim shorts, barely buttoning up a short-sleeved flannel.

“Ooh, look at my favorite pool shark, looking all sexy!” he grins, and Maggie shoves him gently before pulling him into a hug.

“Not wearing anything special for Pride, Schott?” Alex asks, that concerned look still in her eyes.

“Actually, I um…” He fidgets with the pharmacy bag he’s carrying. “I thought maybe – oh, hey Kara.”

Kara’s hair is soaked and her skin is still dripping slightly, towel draped around her body. Winn and James both carefully look anywhere but her.

“It’s Pride! Give me one second to put clothes on, and I’ll – “ She speeds her way into her outfit, scattering Maggie’s case files and Alex’s medical journals with the rush of wind she creates.

“What’s wrong?” she mirrors her sister’s concern, stepping closer to Winn at more human-like speed.

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong, I just thought… I bought these.”

He spills the three small bottles of nail polish he’d picked up from the pharmacy from the bag. They clatter slightly onto the counter, and Maggie gets it first.

Her eyes find his over the bottles of pink, lavender, and blue nail polish, and she recognizes the tears she sees there. The terror.

She smiles softly and she nods almost imperceptibly, because she knows this feeling, and she knows, better than he does at the moment, that his sisters and his brother will love him all the more for it.

She certainly does.

“I thought maybe someone could paint my nails. For Pride. For me.”

“Cool man, uh – Kara, are you any good at that? I don’t imagine Alex would be – “

“Put a lid in it, Olsen, I can hit a moving target at – “

“Yeah yeah, but can you paint nails with precision, though?”

“They’re bi colors, Winn! Did you know that? Is that why you got – oh. Oh. Oh. Winn!” Kara stammers, and Winn’s stomach twists.

James and Alex stop their playful bickering, faces suddenly sober. Eyes suddenly locked onto Winn’s face.

“Winn?” Alex asks, her voice full of empathy and support and something that sounds an awful lot like deep, powerful respect.

“I just thought someone could paint my nails with the bi flag colors. For Pride,” he splutters, his face bright red. “Because that’s me. I’m bi.”

He forces himself to look at each of his friends – each of his siblings – in turn.

Kara’s eyes, bright and proud and teary, with a dash of recognition so strong he thinks that maybe, just maybe, she’ll want to paint her nails with the bi flag colors, too.

James’s eyes, dawning comprehension and full-throated acceptance and deep, deep pride in his best friend. His brother.

Alex’s eyes, glistening under the glitter her sister had put on her face, knowing that feeling so damn well.

Maggie’s eyes, soft and earnest and excited for him.

“So there are three colors and four of us,” Kara starts, a huge smile beginning to form on her face as James steps forward to crush Winn in a hug. “Maggie, Alex, maybe you guys can share lavender? I’ll get blue, and James, you wanna do pink? We can all paint your nails together, Winn.”

His chest wracks with a sob and he darts forward to pull Kara into the hug with James, laughing and crying at the same time.

Alex joins at Kara’s urging, and Maggie hesitates, but Winn reaches to pull her in, too.

When they settle – when Winn’s tears are reduced to mere sniffles and he thinks his ribcage might not be able to tolerate being hugged by so many superheroes at once for much longer – he puts out his hands and spreads out his fingers.

Maggie opens the windows and blasts queer summer jams for the world to hear, and all Winn hears is the laughter and the love and the happiness of his friends as they take turns transforming his fingernails, one color at a time, into signs of his own laughter, his own love, his own happiness.


Ice Skating {Jared Kleinman x Reader}

requestdear-enjolras-hansen said:can you write a jared x reader where he takes them out on a cute surprise first date? maybe they go ice skating or something cute idk
Here it is!!! My heart melted a lot when I was writing this, jsyk. 

warnings: none! swearing, maybe a dick joke? idk

word count: 1800

“Kleinman, where are we going? We have homework, and this history project is gonna have me up all night!”






Your best friend cackles like a damn hen as he drives, his eyes on the road, but one finger was raised and digging into your shoulder, teasingly poking you. You snort, punching his thigh gently as you look down at the stack of papers in your lap, trying feebly to fill in the blanks in the science worksheet.

Your pen works to scrawl in the parts of a cell, but as the car swerves sharply, your hand slides, drawing a line across the paper and you look up, scowling at the asshole who’s struggling to hold in his laughter.


“You’re a dick and I hate you.” You mutter, no heat and no venom behind your words. Jared chuckles, shrugging at you as he drives.

“You love me. You should really stop lying to yourself and just let yourself have all this!” One hand goes to his chest, rubbing what you can only imagine is his nipple.

“Jared, no.” You sigh, covering your face, trying to hide the laugh that’s bubbling up.

Sure, you’d thought about him like that. Who wouldn’t? But he was your best friend, and he was just joking, you knew that.

Jared grins, poking you again gently before sighing and sitting back in his seat, grunting in total boredom.


“Hey, where are we going?” You ask as you readjust, shuffling the papers back into line on your textbook, glancing over the questions before looking out the window.

“I told you, it’s a surprise. I can’t tell you, or I’d have to kill you.” He replies, hardly looking at you, but you can see he’s got the slightest brush of pink on his cheeks. You cock a brow, but you let it be.


“Okay. Well… Tell me the process of photosynthesis.”


“No fuckin’ way! I’m here to party, not to do homework, (L/N).”


“So what you’re saying is that you want me to do your homework for you.”


Jared snorts, looking over at you for a second, bi-colored eyes wide and reminiscent of a puppy dog. You smirk, not falling for it.

“Aw, come on, (L/N), you wouldn’t do my biology homework for me? After I’m driving you all the way out here?” He teases, and you scoff.

“Kleinman, for all I know, you could be driving me out to the middle of nowhere to murder me with a shovel and bury me in a cornfield, so don’t even start.” You point at him with your pen before looking back down at the piece of paper in your lap, sighing as you continue your work, knowing that you’d gladly do his homework for him. He probably knows that too.


“Well, I’m not gonna kill you. Maybe. As long as you stop whining, Jesus Christ.” Jared smirks at you, suddenly switching on his turn signal and taking a sharp right hand turn off the highway, down a dirt road, up to a large, grey, concrete building with large red lettering on the side.

“…An ice arena?” You ask after a few moments. You’d been driving for at least an hour, all to get here? You were confused as he parks out front, and a small group of kids dressed in hockey gear exit the building.


“Well, yeah.” You can see Jared has started to panic a little, but he expertly recovers, clearing his throat.
“I’m meeting someone here for a thing. What, do you think I can just meet up with my dealer in town? When my mom literally tracks my phone?”


You huff, crossing your arms over your chest in an almighty pout.
“Jared, you know I hate it when you bring me on these trips, if my mom knew what I was doing here, she’d never let me hang out with you again.” You sigh, rubbing your face angrily.

“Shut up and just get out of the damn car, (L/N).” It’s sudden, and you look at your friend, the look on his face somewhere between ready to be break, and severe. You frown deeply, but you put your things away and unbuckle, climbing out. You’re wearing shorts and a tee shirt and sneakers, not clothes to be wandering around an ice rink in. Jared gets out of the car, a backpack slung across his shoulders as he comes around to meet you, smirking a little.
“Ready?” He teases, and you huff, unwilling to look at his stupid face. You’re so pissed off. Why would he bring you to this shit place, just to get a few doses of a plant that would melt his brain? It was infuriating.


“Fuck off, Kleinman. Let’s get this over with.” You huff, marching towards the entrance. He follows after a few moments, jogging to catch up. He seems a little upset, but so are you.


He gets the door for you as you enter, the blast of cold air almost knocking you on your ass.

“Fuck, that’s freezing!” Jared mutters, but you stay silent, content to pout until he got you out of there and took you home. You turn your back to him as he unzips his backpack, rummaging around for something while you observe the rink.

It’s a standard skating rink, you can see through the small hallway straight ahead. There were a few people skating, and as you move forward to get a better look, you feel Jared nudging you gently.

“Here.” He says, and you turn, frowning as you see the jacket being held out to you. It’s one of yours, and you cock your head, grabbing it and pulling it on.


“…thanks. Where are we meeting this guy?” You ask, and Jared huffs, rolling his eyes.


“Come on.” He mumbles, motioning for you to follow as he pulls on a sweatshirt of his own.

You’re beginning to get suspicious.


Jared stops at the reception counter as you watch him curiously as he speaks to the reception woman, who smiles warmly at him, then at you, before she reaches beneath the counter and retrieves two pairs of skates. Your brows draw together as he comes back over to you, holding out a pair to you, and your take them, your confusion evident. But you follow as he heads towards the rink, up the bleachers lining the area.


He sets down the backpack and sits down, pulling on the ice skates, glancing at you expectantly, so you sit down and start to do the same.


“Kleinman, we aren’t actually here to meet someone, are we?” You ask after a few moments of silence, puling the laces of the skates tight (a broken ankle would not be fun. You might actually stab Jared with your skate, if you got hurt).


Jared gasps, placing a ha over his heart.

“Are you insinuating that I, Jared Kleinman, your closest and most adoring friend, would lie to you about driving an hour out of the way to get to an ice skating rink in the middle of nowhere, to meet a drug dealer?”

You scoff, placing a hand on your own chest.

“I’d never! Except if it was true.”


“Well, it is. Come on, I used to skate all the time when I was a kid, I’m ready to kick your ass at it.” The man grins, standing and performing a stomp/waddle down a few stairs and towards the barrier that separated the ice from the stands. You laugh, getting up and hurrying after him, your legs a little cold, but you’ll deal.


As it turns out, Jared is pretty great at skating, just as he said. He’s no Olympian, but he certainly skated circles around you, literally. You relied on the wall, or simply standing still as you watched him, that stupid smirk on his face. And eventually, he was kind, and he took pity on you, skating in front of you and offering you his hands. You carefully take them, allowing him to pull you closer as he started to slowly skate backwards. It’s nice, and your heart is doing a stupid little flutter thing as you look up into those eyes, his cheeks rosy and his lips turned up in a smile. You have to take a moment to realign yourself, a confusing feeling in your chest, and that’s when you realize you’re fucking sunk for Jared.


“Hey, Kleinman?” You ask as he slows you down, having taken you to the center of the rink and away from the other skaters. He looks down at you.


“Yeah, (Y/N)?” You can’t help but blush a little at that- he never really used your first name- but you’re sure the red of your cheeks can be played off by the chill in the air.


“Why did you lie? If you’d just told me you wanted to go ice skating, I would have said yes. And I would have worn jeans.” You tease.


“Yeah, but you probably wouldn’t have said yes to a date with me unless I swindled you into it.” He replies, almost avoiding eye contact with you. You pause, staring at him.


“This is a date? Like a proper date? Like… You like me?” You ask, ready to laughed at. He lets go of your hands, his eyes going to his feet, as if he’s embarrassed at the thought of it. At the thought of you.


“Well… Yeah, I mean… I wasn’t sure how to ask you out, and I remember you saying you used to skate a lot where you lived before. And since , you know, you’re friends with this whole lot of Greek god who just wanted to show you that I appreciate and love you, or some shit-“


You cut him off, skating forward and pressing a gentle kiss to his lips, your arms going around his neck. He doesn’t react for a moment, and you fear you may have fucked it all up, but when he places his hands on your hips, you sigh in relief, pulling back and looking at him.


“This is the best first date, Jared. Thank you. Really, I mean it. I wasn’t trying to be a bitch earlier, I just-“ You bite your lip as he shakes his head.


“Maybe I should have told you about this, but I like surprising you. You should see the plans I’m making for our second date!” He teases you, and you giggle, looking up at him.


“Second date?” You ask, feeling your knees wobble a bit, but you ignore it, shifting your feet a little to keep your balance.


“You didn’t think this was a one time thing, did you?” He grins, and leans down, obviously going for another kiss, and that’s when your skate slips out from under you and you squeak, falling forward against him. He catches you, but slips up as he does, letting out a yelp as you both hit the ice. He groans, but you laugh, leaning over him and kissing him sweetly, deciding that Jared Kleinman was probably your fucking soulmate.

Some random Nanbaka hcs of the lock picker.


| Jyugo (1315)

• Jyugo is a total dork when comes to romancing anyone he’s interested in but especially when they start dating. He has never dated anyone before so he’ll listening to the (rubbish) advice of Uno until you point out something in that advice that makes Jyugo regret his decision. Expect him be even more awkward for a couple of days as he adverts his bi-colored eyes from your gaze.

• Given his sharp teeth it’s possible that your first kiss with one another will end with your tongue or lips will bitten hard enough for blood to be drawn. Jyugo will apologize to the point where you have to calm him down, but when he sees your blood he’ll start all over again. He’ll rub the back of his neck as he sheepishly says, “I’ll be more careful next time”. There will thoughts of filing his teeth down.

• Talks a big game and tried to act suave but is flustered from the attention his partner might pay him. If you kiss him or hold his hand or signify that you’re both a couple in front of anyone or even private to him, he’ll feel the blood rush to his cheeks as he uses his free hand to hide the lower half of his face. But when he does show you affection he’ll use his fake confidence to show you up with forehead kisses and his arm wrapped around your waist.


I got an anonymous ask about dayzea’s dog, Gypsy. I found all of these images on her IG account which is linked on her tumblr. I have not seen a post where she is claiming her to be a wolfdog yet but my ask mentioned that she was being called a low content “hybrid” and she is promoting that wolfdogs make wonderful pets and they’re the perfect “earthchild” pet. This is 100% false. She probably has a wonderful dog that deserves the praise she’s being given, but that is what she is, a dog, not a wolfdog.

This is not meant to bash wolfdogs in any way but they do not make good pets. There’s no beating around that bush. They are very difficult animals to train. (I have to state that every animal is different of course, but that doesn’t change the usual behavioral traits of the “breed”). No offense meant towards dog owners here but the average dog owner is not patient enough or educated enough to handle them properly. Most people don’t have enough time for them or the money for a proper/enriching environment for a wolfdog.

Again, temperament will vary depending on content(Meaning a high content wolfdog will behave very differently than a low low content) and, of course, every animal will be different but here are some common wolfdog behavioral traits:

  • Wolfdogs are very fearful, preferring to hide from any stranger than attack an intruder.
  • They are NOT protective, you may get one or two warning barks/chuffs/howls to let you know there is a stranger present before the animal retreats.
  • They are not “house dogs”. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation or they can become incredibly destructive and will seek something else somewhere else. It just depends on how bad the animal wants out, if they are bored, if there is something on the other side of the fence that is really exciting them, they will find a way.
  • They dig trenches, not holes, in yards.
  • Wolfdogs have high prey drives, they should not be around small children or pets(Again, all animals are different and of course there are some dogs that are fine but that does not mean the other animals are not in any kind of danger when an animal has these instincts).
  • They are not like other dogs in that they do NOT want to please you. They are not likely to perform tricks, sit when asked, stay, rollover, etc… unless there is a trade worthy of their time (ie food/treats) and even then that may not work.

These are not all of the difficulties of owning a wolfdog but these are the main issues they present.

 Gypsy is definitely not a wolfdog, she is all dog, an agouti colored husky. She has no visible wolf traits and all too visible dog traits. She has bi colored eyes, large, not overly furred, and pointed ears, short/average legs, big and round “kitty” paws, short muzzle, very sharp stop, droopy jowls, curly tail, very well defined markings as a puppy and relatively well defined markings as an adult, and, overall, she’s small/average in size for a husky. These are all dog traits. Her coloration is one called agouti and it’s not a wolf trait by any means. Here are a few more huskies, a malamute, and some GSDs with sable coloring, another coloration people assume is a wolf trait on other would be “hybrids”:

*note, these are all pure bred dogs, no wolfdogs down there.

anonymous asked:

HUZZAH!!! Your ask box is open and I'm so stoked XD have fun with all the request you receive and have a fabulous day <3 May I request Aomine, Akashi and Kise's Crush accidentally being knocked into a pool but they can't swim so they scream for help and the boys become their night in shinning armor <3



The red head was forced to listen to Nebuya and Hayama, who were busy arguing and trying to figure out which one could hold their breath longer underwater. He didn’t even have to say anything, since instead of tell Akashi calmly of their situation, they just began going back and forth. 
The captain sighed quietly, looking past them and over towards the beautiful figure behind them. You and Akashi have been a borderline couple for a while now; not making anything official yet the gazes and soft touches would say otherwise. 
Though you were wearing a sun dress, which made him wonder if you couldn’t swim or were feeling shy or… It could be a variety of things.
Regardless, you looked absolutely beautiful in anything you wore and in any situation. 
“Hey, Akashi,” Nebuya began, but Hayama interrupted. 
“He’s not listening to you because he knows I’m right.”
It was then that, in a flash, Akashi saw a flying football from the right side, a gasp, and the splash of water. 
His bi-colored eyes widened, and his first instinct was the shed himself of the light blue jacket he was wearing and dive in. 
You were scared, panicking, frantically kicking your legs and pushing your arms through the water. The bystander effect mixed in with people not knowing how to react in a sudden situation meant that it was up to Akashi to do something about this.
You felt arms wrap around your body, pulling you close as they took you to the surface. You took in a deep, big breath as your red haired savior took you to the entrance steps of the pool, sitting you down and kneeling in front of you. “Are you okay?” He asks, looking into you eyes and stroking your damp har out of your face.
You were shaking from both the cold air and the shock of what had happened, and though it was hard to tell mixed in with the water droplets on your face, he could see a tear fall from your eyes. “A-Akashi…” 
He sighed quietly, pulling you to him and letting you find comfort in him for as long as he needed. The punishment that the boys who threw the football faced would simply come later.


“Wow… look at _____-chii,” Kise sighed longingly, his honey brown eyes locked onto you. 
He wasn’t even listening to what Moriyama was saying about ‘hot bikini babes’ or something like that. Eventually, the second year just walked off and began to flirt with some ladies, a suave, “My beautiful mermaid, let me be your prince.” In the distance. 
You were the only girl that Kise was focused on right now, even if all you were doing was lying on one of the lawn chairs and talking to a friend. Anything you did was entertaining! 
He made his way over to you, a big smile on his face as every girl he passed seemed to suddenly puff their chest out and flip their hair behind one shoulder. Just a coincide, of course. 

“____-chii,” he greets, causing you to blush and look up to meet his soft gaze. 
“Kise,” you smile, and your friend, who senses that you both should probably be left alone, dismisses herself from the sitation. 
“I just…”

As your conversation went on, with him now seated beside you making you laugh and vice-versa, you hardly noticed in the distance the jealous eyes sent your way. “The only reason I came to this party was because I heard Kise-kun was coming,” a girl with straight brown hair says, applying my lip gloss in the mirror. “And there he is talking to some other girl.”
Her friends nod in agreement and disgust, sliding their flip flops off and crossing their legs. 
The main one then signals one of the frisbee-playing boys over, and he comes at her beck and call with a stupid grin on his face, bending down as she whispered into his ear.

“So then Kasamatsu-senpai yelled at me,” Kise said sheepishly, while you smiled at his cuteness.
“It wasn’t your fau-”
“Hey, why aren’t you swimming?” Two large guys came over to you and picked you up out of nowhere, despite your hitting his back and kicking your legs, telling him to let you go.
“Here, try it!”
They tossed you into the water as you let out a scream; though to others it would just be seen as simple horseplay.
“_____-chii!” Kise’s eyes widened, and he stood immediately. It was a matter now of saving you first or kicking their asses first; he went with the first option. He went in after you in the water, finding your panicking form and pulling you from the water as quickly as he could. “____-chii, are you okay? Are you hurt?” He asks, concerned as he cups your cheek. You were his first priority now, but those guys weren’t going to leave this place unscathed - Kise isn’t a fighter but he’d be anything for you.
Unfortunately for the envious girls from before, in the end, he had left hand i hand with you without a second look in their direction.


 “Ah, geez.” A deep voice sighed, rubbing the back of his head. “What was that for?”
Momoi put her hands onto her hips, a disapproving frown on her face. “What are you doing just staring at her? Get up and go talk!” 
He just scoffed and laid back down onto the chair, arms behind his head. “What do you know, Satsuki? Just go find Tetsu or something.” 
The pink haired girl pouted, huffing as she tossed the ball in her hands at Aomine’s stomach, making him let out a ‘Gah’ sound. “Fine, I will, Ahomine.” With that, she was gone, and off his back. 
“Finally…” Though, not left to his own devices, he couldn’t help but think about her words. Stop staring and talk to her? What is he even supposed to say? Then there was the subtle disappointment that he felt when he realized that you weren’t wearing a bikini. If you came to the pool party, why weren’t you dressed for it? Surely you can swim, right?
All you had on was a white t-shirt and shorts, which he supposed would also be fine if the damn t-shirt wasn’t dry. He truly lived a hard live. 
He decided that it would be best to just sleep his way through it instead of beat himself up over thoughts about you, and he really would have if he didn’t hear the loud shriek and then worried gasps. 
He sat up quickly, as if he somehow knew that it had been you. You were no longer standing where you were before, and now… he only saw people crowded around and staring. 
Putting the pieces together easily, he shot up and walked over quickly, “The hell are you assholes doing? Are you just gonna watch?” He growls, and fortunately his shirt was already off and he didn’t have to get it wet. 
Without hesitation, he dove into the water, and to your figure, securing you in his hold and lifting you over his broad shoulder. Fortunately, he was tall enough to be able to walk not too far from where you had fallen in, and sat you on the edge of the pool as he checked you for any sort of clear injuries. “The hell happened? You can’t swim?”
You were shaken up visibly, keeping back your tears as you shook your head. It was all over now, but you really were scared. “N-no..”
He stared at you for a while, then let out a sigh, “Idiot… don’t stand so close to the pool then,” you know that he didn’t mean it though, and it was just his concern showing. 
Another thing that was showing was your bra from underneath your white shirt. Dreams really do come true for the brave Ahomine.

Another Installment of: Your Dog is Not a Wolfdog

A friend brought a friend over, and that friend brought his dog. She’s a tiny little adorable sweetheart who’s been lovin’ on Jude. Jude is, in turn, totally smitten with her, and it’s adorable. 

But I digress. I took one look at this fluffy little beast and thought: “I hope her human isn’t going to try telling me she’s a wolfdog” because she was obviously nothing more than a husky mix. But her gray-and-white coat was tipped at the ends like a sable, which, for many people, seems to automatically equate to “wolfyness." 

Upon seeing Jude, the husky dog’s human said, "He’s got wolf, huh? Ya know, mine’s supposedly 60% husky and like 40% wolf." 

I didn’t want to be rude and tell him that he was blatantly misrepresenting his dog. So instead, I was able to use Jude as a prime archetype for wolfdog genetics, explaining how Jude is actually not a true wolfdog by any means.

The young man in question was interested to know more, as he’d been quite certain that Jude was part wolf, so we discussed the topic for a short time, during which, I was able to explain how an F-1 cross is a direct mix between a wolf and a domestic dog, an F-2 is a mix between an F-1 and a domestic dog, and so on. Thus, an F-6 cross, like Jude, is six generations removed from his wolf heritage and is, from a genetic standpoint, 100% dog. 

Even so, Jude was far more wolfy than the little husky mix, who, aside from being less than 60#, had a curly tail, bi-colored eyes, piebald markings, and white claws on all four paws. I offered that she may be an elkhound-husky mix, and now, having looked at some photos online for comparison, am absolutely certain that that’s what she is. 

At any rate, the point I’m getting at here is that 1) It never ceases to amaze me what kind of mixes people try to pass of as wolfdogs. And 2) The fact that so many people do this kind of thing only further-hinders others’ perceptions of what a wolfdog really is (or isn’t). It’s to the point that any husky-looking mutt is now "40% wolf” despite having very little - if any - true resemblance to a wolf by any means. 

Here’s a brief guide on phenotyping wolfdogs which you can now show your friend with the “corgi-wolf hybrid” (note: it’s actually a Swedish Vallhund) and that one crazy uncle of yours who lives on a farm with his “wolf pack” of malamutes. 

lilia-perdibus-destrue  asked:

That's a pure husky, right? instagram,com/loki_the_wolfdog/

I believe Loki of lokithewolfdog on tumblr and on instagram is a husky/Malamute mix but he is 100% dog with no wolf content whatsoever. I’ve talked about him quite a few times and with his 122k followers on IG and god knows how many on here, there’s no way to do anything about his description: 

I’m Loki, a husky/arctic wolf/malamute. A low content wolfdog living in Colorado where the adventures never end.

Arctic wolf/Malamute? No. Just…no. Wolfdogs bred with arctic wolves are rare to begin with and anyone telling you that they have an arctic wolfdog mix or arctic wolf hybrid is most likely lying to you. I’ve posted some images of his dog below followed by some actual arctic wolfdogs and some regular low-content wolfdogs for comparison. Hopefully the differences are clear to you guys as well.

Alright, so there’s his dog. All dog, dog. Huge pointed ears seated very high on the head, large wide head and muzzle, average/short length muzzle, predominate widow’s peak/facial mask, average/short legs, wide chest, large build, no mane or cape, semi curled tail, bi-colored eyes, rounded “kitty” paws, white nails, and no coat markings or patterns that suggest wolf content.

All of the traits listed above are dog traits and Loki is missing any and all traits to suggest his is a wolfdog. Even low/no-content wolfdogs do show some wolf traits and Loki just doesn’t.

Now here is an arctic wolfdog as well as some low-content wolfdogs:

Here is a Malamute/wolf cross - low content:

And some more lows:

The wolfy traits are easy to see, even in low-content animals. The long muzzles, coat colorations, narrower chests, ect. Now, these lows do show dog traits as well, but that’s the difference, these animals all have some visible wolf traits as well as their dog traits. That’s what separates Loki from these wolfdogs and what makes him all dog, and not a low-content arctic wolf cross.

poniespoems  asked:

My dogs are both wolves I've had DNA tests done and if you fucking try and argue with me I will win. So don't even try. Khloe is a artic timber wolf an piper is a German Shepard mix from a shelter. Don't argue with a horse kid we are stubborn like no other. You don't know everything. I know my dogs. Thanks for the compliment that didn't go unnoticed but I'm stuck on the fact you don't think they are not wolves. And that bugs me. So suck it up and stop arguing with people about THEIR dogs.

I’m fully aware of the stubbornness of horse owners, being that I am one. I do, however, show respect to others when I’m show evidence and facts. I have never claimed to know everything, I am sharing the knowledge I do have and have gathered over years or research and hands on experience. 

 "I’m stuck on the fact you don’t think they are not wolves“. Um..I do think they are not wolves. I know for a fact(100% fact) that Khloe is not a wolf. Even if Piper has any wolf content at all, it is such a minuscule amount that I could not call her a wolfdog and she is a poor example of wolfdogs in both looks and(most likely) behavior.

As I said in this post:

Piper does not appear to have any wolf content that I can see from multiple photos I’ve looked at. Percentages are a horrible way of explaining wolf content, if you got her from the shelter and they were telling you that she’s 10%, they were misinformed or mislead. You describe wolf content as low, mid, high with variables of each such as upper-mid, lower-mid, etc.

The only test to show wolf content is the UC Davis test and that can only show if there is any content at all, not how much. It is also inaccurate after only a few generations, meaning that something that only had “10%” wouldn’t show up anymore.

Khloe is an Arctic Timber wolf? That’s what I’m understanding from your statement above, so dismiss this if that’s not what you mean by “An Khloe is arctic timber wolf.

I honestly thought you were only talking about the “wolfy” looking dog. I didn’t think you’d be thinking the other was a wolf as well. I will bring up the fact that it is ILLEGAL to have a wolf as a pet. It is classified as a wild animal(because that’s exactly what it is, they are not lap dogs.) and you cannot have them without a permit.

Okay, first, there is no wolf called an Arctic “Timber” wolf. There are Arctic wolves and they are a subspecies of the Gray wolf. Second, have you ever seen Arctic wolves before? I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you haven’t since anyone who has could see that Khloe is not an Arctic wolf. But just in case you haven’t, here’s a few images:

External image

External image

External image

And here’s your dog(100% dog. Looks like a white shepherd mixed with a Siberian Husky.):

Khloe has brown eyes, bi-colored eyed, a pink(snow) nose, light colored nails, tall, thin, pointed and not well furred ears, short/average legs, small, compact paws, and a solid white coat. Arctic wolves have a range of eye colors NOT including dark brown and blue and even though their coats are mainly white, they have grey/yellowed areas throughout their coat, they are not completely solid. They have black noses and claws, small, rounded and very well furred ears, extremely long legs and large, wide paws.Your dog has NONE of these traits, she does not share a single trait with Arctic wolves. Why do you think she is one?

Since I only have one image of it, I don’t want to dwell on it but do you see how she is interacting with that horse? An Arctic wolf would NOT behave this way. That is a calm and curious/nervous being introduced to a strange creature. A wolf would be horribly behaved in the car anyway, let alone with a new and strange smelling animal of THAT SIZE standing in its face. This photograph would not have taken place were she an Arctic Wolf.