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Once again, anyone criticizing LaFou being gay

It It their FIRST gay character. They are not going to obviously just have their very first gay character jump up and say it (especially in the time and place the movie is set)

But consider this, Disney is finally saying fuck you to the homophobia in their past. They aren’t afraid to piss people off anymore because they know how important representation is in this day and age.

Soon, we’ll have same-sex couples in the background. Soon we’ll have a gay/lesbian/bi sidekick who finds their true love and is happy with them. Soon we’ll have a gay prince and lesbian princess forced to be engaged before they find their real loves in the village below.

Soon, a young suicidal closeted LGBT kid will look at a Disney character like them and realize no matter who hates them, they are valuable and deserve to be alive and happy.

Soon, Disney will be on top once again and the world has the live action Beauty and the Beast to thank.

“Finally! A woman”

I have this headcanon that a young man once turned up at the castle. The beast and he fell in love but neither had admitted it yet (you know because they were both fucking scared that they’d get it wrong and the other would kill/leave them) and one day the young man went into town to buy a gift for The Beast. And when he would present it to The Beast, then the man would admit his love. He had this whole speech prepared. 

But when he was there he was so giddy with fear and excitement that he let slip that his gift was for a man and well you can see where this is going.

The Beast was heartbroken, he thought the man had left him. And so he became recluse. He scared away visitors and ignored the object-servants unless he was mad at them or something. He accepted his fate…

Until one day a bright eyed young woman who loved to read and readily sacrificed herself for her father appeared on his doorstep. 

And the beast was reminded of the man who had ran away from his home, traveled days through the forest, fought of wolves and bears, still had hope in his heart and no judgment in his eyes as he arrived at the castle. The beast let himself fall in love again.

And then she leaves.

Some live-action BATB headcanons (mostly about Lumiere and Plumette’s wedding because I’m a sap):

  • Prince/Beast is bi or pan (”…his parties with the most beautiful people,” “…and earn their love in return”).
  • Before the spell was broken, the members of the staff who were able to move throughout the castle would relay messages between Cadenza and Garderobe from time to time.
  • Lumiere and Plumette get engaged soon after they become human again. Lumiere had promised her it would happen once the curse was lifted, and sometimes talking about their possible future was comforting to them.
  • Lumiere makes Cogsworth his best man, mostly because he’s very organized, but also because it means he’ll have to give a toast and admit that Lumiere has good points.
  • Chip is the ring bearer.
  • Cadenza plays the processional music, and Garderobe sings for their first dance (okay I’m going by modern wedding customs, I don’t know if any of this is how they did it in 18th century France). 
  • Lumiere cries when he sees her in the dress.
  • So does Cogsworth.
  • Everyone’s crying or almost crying during the vows, mainly because they thought there would never be a chance for this to happen.
  • When the officiant says “You may now kiss the bride” he hasn’t even finished the sentence before Plumette grabs Lumiere’s face and kisses him.
  • The Prince insists on throwing them a huge reception in the ballroom and basically invites the entire town (LeFou goes with his new boyfriend, of course).
  • Plumette has a dance with Chip and he’s standing on her feet the whole time and it’s adorable.
  • Everyone keeps saying how Plumette is the most beautiful woman there (and let’s be real, she is). Lumiere can’t take his eyes off her and he keeps smiling because he’s so ridiculously in love with her and he can’t believe his luck.

alright guys I just saw Beauty and the Beast and here are thoughts on LeFou from a queer girl (some spoilers ahead):

- overall, I’m fairly happy with this portrayal. yes, I get that the idea of making him gay in the first place is still a bit of a jab, but considering that, it’s pretty tasteful
- yes he was very stereotypical - flamboyant and clingy
- there were a few little jokes hinting at his sexuality but for the most part I didn’t find them offensive and most of them did make me laugh.
- and that said, I really never found him to be the butt of anyone else’s jokes, anything regarding his sexuality was from his own mouth (and it was never self deprecating either)
- he isn’t really evil in this adaptation. he very clearly has a conscious but is just scared to act on it. I’d say cowardly at worst.
- he falls out of love with Gaston as soon as he realizes the ass doesn’t give a shit about him
- he has a kickass moment with Mrs. Potts during which she states “you’re too good for him [gaston]”
- the “exclusively gay moment” was about a split second of him ballroom dancing with a man. I was skeptical about this when i first heard, as two men dancing isn’t inherently gay but the way the moment plays out I would say is pretty good

  • some rando on this website: The whole loudly touted "first gay character" plotline with Lefou in BATB 2017 is really disappointing and not that great-
  • me: yeah basically
  • some rando: -especially when Belle is TOTALLY CODED as a LESBIAN via PEOPLE THINKING SHE'S WEIRD and HAVING HER BE SMART AND LIKE BOOKS and this new movie continues to aggressively STRAIGHTWASH HER her by pairing her with the Beast (A MAN) and having her say that she has already considered the men of her village but found them disappointing-
  • me: never mind

Someone asked “Queenie Goldstein is buromantic and asexual -H”

Growing up it was her curiosity and natural legilimency ability that allowed her to question things and discover who she was. She knew she was bi from a young age. Later on, she found out she was also ace.

She dated several wixen during her school days. When they broke up it was often on good terms, and some of them remained close friends.

She has always been involved with LGBTQIA groups. At school, they were support groups for those who had unsupportive families. As an adult, they are groups focused on building community comprised of no-majs and unbeknownst to those no-majs wixen. It’s the first time Queenie has really interacted with no-majs. She loves it. They have such a different way of thinking and such a passion for standing up for what’s right. (She got so close to a relationship with one no-maj woman that MACUSA issued a warning. She stopped being a part of the no-maj LGBTQIA groups after that. She couldn’t stand to feel the confusion and hurt in the woman’s thoughts every meeting.)

When another no-maj stumbles into their lives several years later–and she doesn’t have to hide her magic from him–Queenie is delighted. She can’t wait to get to know him and the wizard with the interesting case that Tina brought home.

- Ravenclaw Mod