they put this up at gay st in manhattan ❗️🌈

[image description: the street sign for gay street in manhattan. there are street signs below it in rainbow order for lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, nonbinary, pansexual, two spirit, and a plus sign. the bottom one says # acceptance matters.]

How to report Nazi Clown Frogs on Tumblr in a way that will actually get them in trouble, A step by step guide to getting these assholes off of my posts!

Step ONE:

find a post on the profile that either glorifies Hitler OR calls to kill gay people. Copy its permalink.

If you send the staff a post that is simply bigoted nothing will happen. You need to find a post that very clearly incites or glorifies violence or glorifies Hitler because in order for this to be effective it needs to fit tumblrs definition of terrorism.

Step TWO:


Report them for terrorism. Because the problem is the fact that they are organized we cannot risk getting them reported as individual threats of violence or hate speech.

I repeat, always report as suspected terrorism

Once you are in tumblr will try to trick you into reporting it as hate speech (which will not be effective) or simply reporting the post on its own (which will only get the one post taken down).

Always pick one of the middle two! That’s when tumblr has to start notifying authorities if the report is deemed to be real and true.


Write in the description portion how it makes you feel unsafe and how the post and the tag in question threaten the safety of yourself and others.

Cant come up with anything?

Just copy paste this:

Ban the #norainbowflagsforfags tag. There is a group of people rebloging lgbt content, adding various calls to violence against “fags”, saying that gays need sent to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Please, listen to your users and ban the ip addresses and call the fbi, because the lgbt+ fear our rights and our lives are at stake.

There you go! Now go report some Nazis!