to this day i’m still shocked at how few people love being human us… what a show and what a group of people. name more iconic roommates and you’ll try bc you’ve never seen the roommates grow together through four seasons of trials and tribulations and basic roomie debates like who gets a cat statue when they move out

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anonymous asked:

I haven't seen the USA version of Being Human. Any cute ships?

… “any cute ships”

YES! i’m disappointed in myself that any follower of mine would have to ask this. my blog should inform any follower new or old that bhus is a mecca for cuteness. at it’s core it follows a group of four supernatural buddies/lovers. splits itself into two couples eventually but the platonic love is strong between everyone.

sally and aidan ❤️ (aka the ship that never moves from #1 on my ship list)
• an iconic duo.
• it’s ghost + vamp which is just a cute concept in of itself think about it. both dead technically speaking, and also a vampire can’t get muddled with bloodlust emotions toward a ghost bc there isn’t any blood to lust after… what a pure concept (don’t get me wrong, they’re hot too, but no spoilers!)
• anyway they’re a slow burn relationship but always besties who eventually get together (in a way that will definitely surprise don’t go into their tag it’ll be confusing)
• so quotable… my relationship fav quote originates from them
• basically just the best. ever.

nora and josh ❤️ (you asked for cute, you get it)
• adorable. that couple you want to be grossed out by their cuteness but they’re too cute to be upset.
• they have their fair share of angst… like a lot, but they always find their way back to each other.
• lil werewolf couple
• i will fight you if you tell me another couple in the universe has cuter hugs
• canon af but never boring

sally + nora 💗 (female friendships are so important i cry)
• besties, roomies, soulmates
• those friends who act super gay, like they would kiss and no one would question it probably
• like they always compliment each other what a support system
• have never fought over a guy. a+ bc every other show would make the roommates into a weird love square but nah fam
• pure loving friendship (EDIT: i forgot to mention but they bond and support each other other both of their experiences with domestic violence which is so important)

aidan + josh 💛
• ngl i need a girl somewhere to get invested but a cute bromance
• besties and they never fight over a girl
• they are the werewolf vampire conflict but they deal with it

sally + josh 💛
• supportive besties
• a guy and a girl can be friends and never have sexual tension???? hollywood is shocked
• through thick and thin
• cute cute cute i love friendships that matter just as much as romance

aidan + nora 💛
• more conflict than the others bc lbr if anyone’s trash on this show it’s probably aidan
• but at the end of the day (or show) have love for each other
• those frenemies that finally get over their grievances

sally + max ❤️
• my heart
• under appreciated
• a zombie and a mortician i mean. come. on. (don’t question the fact she was a ghost earlier in this answer)
• pure pure pure
• you can’t get cuter than these two i’m sorry
• freshman college sweethearts that didn’t last long but everyone remembers them fondly
• what could’ve been
• i’m sorry i’m nostalgic now
• also max is hella cute

many other cuties including but not limited to aidan + suren, sally + destroying her murderer, sally + zoe, and many more!