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Being Human US 4.01-4.02 Official Descriptions.

Episode 4.01 - Old Dogs, New Tricks 
Josh is trapped inside his wolf as Nora and Aidan struggle to contain him; Sally finds herself imprisoned in a mysterious place with Donna.

Episode 4.02 - That Time of the Month 
Aidan and Kat take their relationship to the next level; Aidan encounters someone from his past; Sally uses her newly acquired powers to help Nora try to free Josh.

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Being Human US Season 4 Episode Titles (so far).
  • 4.01:
  • 4.02: “That Time of the Month”
  • 4.03: “Lil’ Smokie”
  • 4.04: “The Panic Womb”
  • 4.05: “Pack It Up, Pack It In”
  • 4.06: “Cheater of the Pack”
  • 4.07: “Gallows Humor”
  • 4.08: “Rewind, Rewind…”
  • 4.09:
  • 4.10: “Oh, Don’t You Die for Me”