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Being Human US Season 4 Teaser Promo.

Being Human US 4.01-4.02 Official Descriptions.

Episode 4.01 - Old Dogs, New Tricks 
Josh is trapped inside his wolf as Nora and Aidan struggle to contain him; Sally finds herself imprisoned in a mysterious place with Donna.

Episode 4.02 - That Time of the Month 
Aidan and Kat take their relationship to the next level; Aidan encounters someone from his past; Sally uses her newly acquired powers to help Nora try to free Josh.


Sam Huntington on Being Human US Season 4.


Meaghan Rath on Being Human US Season 4.

Being Human US Season 4 Synopsis.

Season Four of Being Human opens with the roommates coping with Josh, who is permanently a wolf, although the full moon has a very different effect on him now, which drives Nora to extremes in order to get her husband back. Visitors from Aidan’s haunted past, including an elusive character bearing an uncanny likeness to his long lost wife Suzanna (Katharine Isabelle), as well as his maker Bishop (Mark Pellegrino), collide with the present and Aidan is forced to make impossible decisions affecting those closest to him. Sally finds herself trapped alone with the witch, Donna (Amy Aquino), but her newfound magical powers may be more than either of them bargained for.

Being Human US Season 4 Episode Titles (so far).
  • 4.01:
  • 4.02: “That Time of the Month”
  • 4.03: “Lil’ Smokie”
  • 4.04: “The Panic Womb”
  • 4.05: “Pack It Up, Pack It In”
  • 4.06: “Cheater of the Pack”
  • 4.07: “Gallows Humor”
  • 4.08: “Rewind, Rewind…”
  • 4.09:
  • 4.10: “Oh, Don’t You Die for Me”

Kristen Hager on Being Human US Season 4.