bhs marching band


I love our band and our Frankdaddy. I love our our section leaders (ELLIOT/MEL) and everyone else. I love my trombone (David Bowie) and I love our drum line and our dumb-ass bunch of fools that we call pit. I love our Tanter and our Lauren, even if they sometimes conduct at the wrong tempo. I love our throne and our snazzy trailer. I love our show and our relationships and how we’re a family. I love our cute nicknames and marching in time even when we’re off the field. I love the tubas and how I actually have lots of friends now. I love our trombone and low brass section and how we’re almost as homosexual as drum line. I love our cadences and our stands tunes. I love those ugly shoes and the sexy uniforms. I love the crazy shit we do on the bus that we can’t talk about. I love having inside jokes and being able to say, “it’s a band kid thing.” I love having a school home and a class to look forward to everyday. I love those goddamn hours of practicing and asking Garrett every ten minutes what time it is. I love running on Franklin time and always being late. I love blowing smoke in practice and being a “dragon warrior.” I love having to always get Elliot/Mel to fix my hat because I can’t do it. I love singing “Black Water” at the top of my lungs and dancing with my daddies all night long.

I love marching band. 

I love it.