bhramara mudra

Bhramara Mudra – for preventing and relieving allergies

Bhramara means male bee. Bhramara is a Sanskrit word and Bhramara Mudra has its root in traditional Indian dance form. Place your index finger at the root of the thumb, and the tip of your thumb on the side of your middle fingernail. Extend the other two fingers. Do it with both hands.

Bhramara mudra is beneficial and a boon to people suffering from respiratory allergies. People suffering from mucous congestion in the lungs and frontal sinus must do this mudra for a minimum of 10 minutes 4-5 times in a day. It can be practiced while walking or sitting.

Consuming products like local honey is beneficial in allergies. Allergies are caused by bad intestinal flora. It is necessary that you relieve yourself from constipation. Take fluids rich in Vitamin C. Take enough rest, meditate and start a fitness program.

Tip: Pour two drops of pure sweet almond oil in nostrils before leaving for work. This will help in lubricating nasal linings. The lubricated linings will act as a shield against pollens, dust and other allergens. In long run, this practice will help you get rid of nasal polyps if you have any.

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