Hello Listeners.

It’s your friendly… well, not so friendly…. neighborhood Gossip Gator here. I hope you don’t mind me nipping around in your business, because you sure as hell don’t have a say in the matter. 

I’m here to give you all the juicy–and gory–details of the devious and promiscuous residents of Barton Hollow. My friends, the flying alligators, are always watching, waiting for you to do exactly what you’re not supposed to. Make sure you’re always looking over your shoulder because I promise I’m always there. Don’t forget the flying alligators don’t have to be my only source though… feel free to give me all the delicious secrets your keeping yourself. Just go into my askbox or my submit and tell me exactly the sort of dirty business your roommate is getting into. 

xoxo, Gossip Gator

Wonderful news, Listeners. We want to thank you all for being so patient and lovely in this process, and as a way to show that we will be posting the first group of the second batch early, and by early we mean tomorrow at 5pm PST. Yes, you heard us right. As long as Admin Savs can get her butt into hyper gear and kick out those last three bios, then tomorrow you will be getting your first in depth look at the second batch. Just so that you don’t have to go searching for those in the first batch, here are the six biographies we will be posting tomorrow: Gwenaëlle Afolayan, Madeline Ainsworth, Sienna Aldrich, Josiah Atwood, Aurora Bates, and Myrah Black.

We will be posting them most likely 20-30 minutes a part so that you all have time to spend on each one. So, we hope you’re as excited as we are about this.

Be sure to send in any questions that you have.

Thanks so much,
xx BH Admin Team 

The following role(s) are at risk to be reopened on Saturday if the player does not either (1) send in a hiatus message or an explanation or (2) return to interacting: [These are just reminders to be a bit more active]

These players have deleted, have been inactive without a hiatus form sent in, or do not have the time to commit to the roleplay and in result their roles are now reopened so please unfollow them. Know that if you leave we will miss you desperately and you will always have a place here if you should wish to return:

The following player(s) were on hiatus and now need to return to interacting unless they send in a more detailed hiatus form:

The following player(s) are now/still on an approved hiatus:

  • Eve Taylor[Full Hiatus until February 12th, Semi until February 24th.]
  • Lou Ainsworth[Semi until second batch is fully out.]