My big bear is up to about 340-350 now and he’s having fun vacationing in Scotland/England 💛 the food is really good there and I think he’s put on about 10lbs :P I can’t wait until he gets back!

Things to do with your Tum

- Slap it and listen to the delightful loud noise it makes
- Put a belt around the tum and see the fat burst out from around and under where the belt is placed
- Grab your belly by the bellybutton and vigorously jiggle it
- Put it on stuff . Tables . Counters . Your significant other’s face . Cute .
- Rub lotion on it gently and smoothly , moving your hands in circles and just appreciating how soft it is .
- Bouncing and jiggling and rubbing it in every way imaginable , feel how big you are and appreciate it . You’re fat and you’re cool as heck .
- If you’re lucky enough to have someone to do it , let them indulge in your fat . Let them lay their head on your belly . Let them feel it every way they wish to . Surrender your tum to them .