A video I made earlier this might be the last one for a little bit of time until I can find the money for this amount of food to eat lol also my shirt refused to stay covered over my belly haha

I had the Following:

> 2 Cheeseburgers

> 2 Big Macs

> 4 Fries

> 6 Chicken Nuggets

> 3 Cokes

Audio 7 - Keeping you in denial 

What was that, piggy? I couldn’t understand you with your mouth full. Are you getting too fat? What a silly question! I suppose you’ve put on a little weight, but not that much. Now open up!  

Before you ask, no, your shirts aren’t too tight. They’ve probably just shrunk in the dryer. And, those new ones I got you last month, well you know how clothing companies are sizing everything so small these days. Here, have another bite.

What? Oh! That chair you broke yesterday? That was a fluke. Didn’t we get that from a secondhand store or something? It was probably already worn out. Come on, you’re almost done with these donuts.

I’m telling you baby, you’re not even that fat. Lots of people get winded just walking out to the car. It probably didn’t help that we were leaving a buffet. You do get a little sluggish after six plates. And no, six plates isn’t too much. You were just taking advantage of the deal. Simply an economical decision.

I know it said 450 last time you weighed yourself, but I’m pretty sure our scale is broken. Stop worrying so much piggy. You know I’d tell you if you were getting too fat, right? Just trust me.

 Okay, last bite. Then I have another dozen waiting.

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