My big bear is up to about 340-350 now and he’s having fun vacationing in Scotland/England 💛 the food is really good there and I think he’s put on about 10lbs :P I can’t wait until he gets back!

Things to do with your Tum

- Slap it and listen to the delightful loud noise it makes
- Put a belt around the tum and see the fat burst out from around and under where the belt is placed
- Grab your belly by the bellybutton and vigorously jiggle it
- Put it on stuff . Tables . Counters . Your significant other’s face . Cute .
- Rub lotion on it gently and smoothly , moving your hands in circles and just appreciating how soft it is .
- Bouncing and jiggling and rubbing it in every way imaginable , feel how big you are and appreciate it . You’re fat and you’re cool as heck .
- If you’re lucky enough to have someone to do it , let them indulge in your fat . Let them lay their head on your belly . Let them feel it every way they wish to . Surrender your tum to them .


Daddy needs a train ticket back to Paris!

Hey everybody, I’ve made some new stuff for you to buy! 

New Ts, totes and prints for sale at the Pi shop!!!

  • “So Speaks Sun Ra” : You may have seen this one in the Philly City Paper. Sun Ra came to earth seeking not to destroy, but to enlighten: “A world is in danger, this planet is in great danger! The world is in such a bad condition that if they don’t find what you call a redeemer, Every man woman and child will be eliminated… So speaks Sun Ra!!!"”
  • Rising Sun Blues: A REMIX of a classic. Nina Simone is a fated gambler drawn back to the infamous Rising Sun Gambling saloon. When a genius swordsman needs money to buy medicine for his ill lover, he takes a contract to collect the bakuto debts from the elusive Nina or return with her head. Drifting, blind, busking swordsman, Blind Lemon Jefferson is the only thing between Dylan’s sword and the sweet voiced, pioni fregrance’d Nina Lemon meets while hustling the bakuto at the Rising Sun.
  • Also totes from the BHM series. Baldwin and Davis… carry your tools to dismantle oppressive structures in style! Don’t shame me for submitting to capitalism. I can’t mount resistance on an empty stomach!

Plus there’s more of the old stuff up there. Have at it!