elsadarmody  asked:

42, 45?

42. Top three things Torrio is done with. 

Alphonse, Gabriel, Capone. 

45. Talk about something Boardwalk-y that’s on your mind. 

I have a lot of Boardwalk-y things on my mind, actually. I told myself I would use Thanksgiving break to get ahead on work and keep finals from being a nightmare. Instead, I have used Thanksgiving break to work on a plethora of Boardwalk fics. So I’ve been musing over how to tag this Charlie fic (because his relationship to Meyer could be read platonically or romantically, depending on how you usually read them), whether or not this Marnie fic is ready for posting, various backstories in my Hunger Games AU, and a fairly strange premise for one of my Secret Santa fics. 

I’m also sad to see season 4 end. I marathoned Boardwalk over the summer, so the month of August was basically the only waiting I ever had to do… I think they have a great set up for season 5 and I wish I could just… have it already. I’m so happy to be getting to know everybody in the Speakeasy cause y’all are such lovely people. My heart goes out to anybody who suffered a loss because of Farewell Daddy Blues. I know it hurts to lose a favorite, so I send all my sympathies.