Director: Break Dem Boyz Off Films


A$AP TY Y x Kali Protective “Bike Life” EP. 1 

A$AP TY Y has worked hard to make his name known not only in the streets but also in the board rooms and has established himself as one the first street motorcross riders to be sponsored by a major brand. Kali Protectives has over a decade of experience in the industry and tapped TY Y to help bridge the gap for urban street riders seeking corporate support and equipment.

Kali Protectives teamed up with Blowhiphoptv and The ICU to produce the first installment of “Bike Life” which is sure to leave fans and motorcross enthusiasts of any background ready to learn more about TY Y and the gritty NYC lifestyle he lives everyday. 






J. Cole “Born Sinner Ep. 2 | Kendrick Lamar”

Director: Dreamville


Chase N. Cashe Interview:

Jesse Woodard a.k.a. Chase n Cashe has a work ethic and hunger that would make you think he’s a relatively new producer looking to make a name for himself. However it’s just the opposite as this young and prolific producer, rapper, and songwriter details his resume of a long list of music’s top artists ranging from Pop to R&B and Hip-Hop with some of the biggest acts including Lil Wayne, Eminem, R. Kelly and Drake.

Coming from New Orleans music was something inherit to him. With his friends and family all around and already deep into it, Chase feels it was only natural for him to of to get into music and entertainment, “I grew up In New Orleans so being on the instruments wasn’t anything that I looked at saying this is my route.  Everyone around me did something.”

Understanding the importance of productivity in today’s fast-paced internet heavy game, Chase has put out a host of projects with his most recent released LP, Charm which is available on Itunes. Since his debut project, “Gumbeaux” in 2011 Chase has steadily shown that he knows what he’s doing, not only behind the boards but in the booth as well. Lyrically he doesn’t stray far from his contemporaries but he is aware of his responsibility to his audience and peers. “ It’s important for me to keep the balance between educating and stunting on niggas because that’s how I got here. We do live in a world of materialism, I’m not gonna ever front on that. It’s just about really uplifting and educating my people especially in this rap shit. You gotta have some substance and you gotta have some shit behind it that make a nigga think.”

Traveling is a key to growth and Chase uses that to his benefit. Having lived in Los Angeles, Atlanta and currently New York has allowed him to cultivate integral relationships while adding different layers to his music. He believes strongly that the people he’s met and experiences he’s had in these various cities have influenced him to become the artist he is today. While some friendships have worked out better then others Chase understands there’s an opportunity in each encounter. “That’s how I met Hit Boy. I was working with someone, he was working with some one. We both split ways and went our own path. We met each other and that was the culmination of Surf Club.”

With an ability to reach practically any artist in music, a strong partner with similar vision and a growing fan base, Chase is ready to put in the work. “If you ain’t hot, you ain’t on the front page and niggas don’t give a fuck about you. So that’s what makes me turn up and work hard and when I do get there and niggas see my list of accomplishments they gonna say oh shit, what the fuck were we tripping on.”




Gunplay “Bible ON The Dash”

Director: Gunplay x Ryan Snyder



Director: Parris

Producer: The Renegades

Album: Help Is On The Way


Young Scooter “Juggathon”

Director: Cam Kirk

Producer: Izze The Producer

Mixtape: Street Lottery


Iggy Azalea “Slo.”

Director: Rankin 

Producer: Diplo x FKi

Mixtape: TrapGold



Director: Jack Cearnal x Thuan Tran x Consequence

Producer: The Produce Section


Chance The Rapper “Smoke Again” ft. Ab-Soul

Director: ILLROOTS

Producer: Blended Babies


Mr MFN eXquire “F*ck I Time”

Dir: Shane Annas

Mixtape: Man in The High Castle


Juicy J “Yet" 

Director: Jonathan Andrade

Producer: Crazy Mike



A$AP Rocky and the MOB took a quick break from Club Paradise to make a pit stop in Houston for some of that Texas trill and a sold-out show at Warehouse Live where a host of artists came out to welcome NYC’s newest gold-grilla to their town; of course the underground king, Bun B was in the building to get the crowd fully “throwed.”


Project Pat “Masked Up”

Producer: Rick Racks

Mixtape: Cheez N Dope 2


Rich Homie Quan “Type of Way”

Director: Motion Family

Producer: Yung Carter

Mixtape: Still Goin In (Reloaded)


Black Zheep DZ “Planet Namek”

Director: Thraxx x Black Zheep DZ

Producer: EyeZaya

Mixtape: ZHEEP


A$AP FERG “Persian Wine”

Director: A$AP Ferg x Thuan Tran

Producer: Very Rvre


Nicki Minaj “High School” ft. Lil Wayne

Director: Benny Boom

Producer: Boi-1da x T-Mins

Album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re Up


Doley Bernays Interview:

Social media has drastically changed the way artists promote themselves, but not everyone can have as much fun as upcoming Bronx rapper, Doley Bernays does on Instagram. 

“I don’t love Instagram, but I like it! I’ll be on there and I’ll post one picture, and I’ll get four or five different text messages from girls I haven’t talked to but they’ve seen the picture, they like the picture and now they want to do the nasty. Instagram my nigga!”

All jokes aside, Doley is the type of MC that relates to people in a raw and natural sense. Doley’s focus has always been to be himself no matter the situation or environment and he takes notice of other artists who try to create a perception for fans to buy into. Known to his friends and family in his neighborhood as Dolo, he was firmly against changing his name. With additional inspiration from Edward Bernays (Austrian-American pioneer of public relations) Doley thought it only right to run with the new moniker of Doley Bernays.

“Edward Bernays wasn’t someone who talked to people one on one, but by the millions he could move you. With the music that’s basically what I’m here to do, I’m here to move millions with a song.”

Hailing from the North Bronx or better known to him as the “Dark Side” Doley’s  initial push into music came from his friends and family providing him with the confidence to pursue his passion. Relying on their honesty and respect for his craft he decided that if his closest associates believed in him he had a chance to reach the next step.

Having a team today is key for any artist and from early on Doley understood the value of a crew. During his early days as a rapper in grade school, a childhood friend linked Doley with fellow Bronx rapper Euro League. Euro was impressed with Doley’s lyrical ability and brought him to his producer “MP” Williams. The three had a mutual respect for one another and decided to form Reelife. 

“When I met MP, he was making real music and I was like yo I gotta get down with this. I’m trying to get on these beats. At first he (MP) was hesitant because he’s a perfectionist, but over time he was like,” Yeah you got what it takes to get on these (beats).“”

Doley has been working hard the past few years and has begun to see the benefits of his grind. With recent support from popular online outlets like Spin Magazine, XXL and many others, Doley is beginning to understand his direction, fan base, and market.

“My lane and who I’m making music for I feel could be two separate things. Who I’m making music for … on the real, are (the) people in my hood who told me I was hot. I was rapping in my hood before anything and they told me you got bars! They were hyping me and they built that ego. I can go out and spit anywhere and know I’ll be good. Ain’t no stopping me. I’m hungry and I won’t be boxed in!”

Keep an ear out for his upcoming EP, Just In Case which will be dropping this June.



Music Videos:

“Raise Your Weapon” ft. Denzil Porter

“Bad Guy”

“Sober & Somber” ft. Euro League


B.o.B. “Through My Head”

Director: Ricardo De Montreuil

Album: Underground Luxury