Television killed the cinema star: 16 more shows worthy of the films that inspired them

Fargo (2014-)

Rather than simply stretch out the plot of the 1996 movie, casting new actors in all the old roles, series creator Noah Hawley cooked up a new one—a kind of loosely connected sequel, set in the same wintry backstretch of Minnesota and featuring characters both similar to and crucially different from their cinematic counterparts. The resulting 10-episode saga was thrilling not just for the way it wove in elements of the original—including that iconic score, beautifully deconstructed—but for how it built a new world within the Coens’ unmistakable moral universe. 

Parenthood (2010-15)

The most valuable element of both the movie and its successful TV offspring is the ability to depict just how tough the titular gig is. In both versions, Parenthood’s realism was a refreshing break from idyllic cinematic or TV families: Your kid may just decide to throw up on you after a baseball game or throw their retainer away in the trash. And yet, few parents would trade that job for any other, and TV’s Parenthood expanded past the movie to show us why for six seasons. 

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2003-2005, 2008-2014)

The Star Wars setting has always been larger than Lucas’ cinematic ambitions. The Clone Wars realized some of those ambitions by focusing on long arcs, character development (particularly Anakin Skywalker’s), and new characters who flesh out the film’s expanded universe. The stylized animation takes some getting used to, especially when dealing with familiar characters, but the storytelling just improved over the series’ run, until by the end, it was arguably more emotionally sophisticated than the films that inspired it.

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shipping ahsoka with people when she’s 18+ (aka OF LEGAL AGE)

shipping underage ahsoka with people older than 18

samioli asked:

What the hell happened with the sonic for justice thing????

alright, so a rundown (sticking purely to the basics because lots of smaller less pertinent arguing happened throughout the run so far):

circa may 30, 2015, the blog sonic-for-real-justice formed. basically, they described themselves as an anti-sj blog that happened to use sonic characters as mod faceclaims. kind of ridiculous, enough so for mod shadow’s intro to get reasonably popular (tho, tbh, mod amy’s intro is much worse), but that post was really just a passing popularity sort of thing. but because of it, enough people tuned in that when the ridiculous drama started, they could REALLY up the popularity.

originally, there were six mods - sonic (the head mod), shadow, amy, tails, silver, and tikal. these were six very different personalities, but silver in particular was extremely shy, enough so that one of the rules was “be gentle with mod silver.” well, another rule was “dont close the ask box,” but BECAUSE silver was so ‘delicate,’ he was easily overwhelmed with the huge number of asks. mod amy reacted VERY BADLY and essentially kicked silver off the blog because of his sensitivity. when people pointed out this broke the ‘be nice to mod silver’ rule, amy changed the rule to “send hate about mod silver and be nice to mod amy” and made some fairly manipulative posts. (mod sonic would go on to say that these “weren’t manipulative in context,” which, you know. bullshit) unfortunately, amy and sonic made this decision without consulting the other mods, so mod tails - who was particularly close to silver - was devastated, leading to a repeat of mod amy’s manipulation and this glorious post. sonic made this shitty post that started the discovery that sonic was not a levelheaded leader keeping the others in check as we thought, he was actually the man behind the man, the ultimate villain driving mod amy. also someone made a knowyourmeme page, and this was ONLY IN THE FIRST DAY.

the next morning began with mod tails taking their leave, citing the banning of mod silver and being harassed by mod amy. amy and sonic, on the other, denied ANY form of harassment, stating that amy had, in fact, been asleep all morning. because amy was an asshole to silver and continued to be manipulative and overall just shitty, people as a general rule have sided with tails regardless of whether they were lying or not, cause. yknow. down with mod amy. soon after, mod sonic was asked what his least favorite sonic game was, and answering Sonic Adventure 2 SOMEHOW SPARKED A HUGE ARGUMENT BETWEEN HIM AND SHADOW and resulted in the general opinion that mod shadow was kind of like the ridiculously shittily written antihero, but the hero nonetheless. and then the SHOCKING REVEAL - mod sonic, who had been professing all day yesterday to be a gay man and was angry when anyone so much as insinuated otherwise, SAID HE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MOD AMY. this understandably completely shocked mod shadow and accounted for most of the favoritism towards mod amy and the reason that she was still on the blog despite all of her shit. (mod shadow went on to do some fairly not shitty things like calling out anti-autism jokes and criticizing gamergate, cementing his place as the ‘weirdly unsympathetic rising hero’ of the franchise).

a while after the rise of shadow, as mod tails’ replacement, mod knuckles took the stage. her intended purpose was to keep the drama to a minimum and basically be the lawful neutral that the group felt it needed. this came immediately after the arguing between shadow and sonic escalated EVEN FURTHER, to the point mod shadow was ALMOST KICKED. unfortunately, tragedy struck later in the day; mod tikal, realizing she was a demigirl and not a cis girl, understandably got excited about identifying with a term for her gender and made a public post on it…which resulted in mods sonic and amy calling her ‘tucute’ and kicking her off the blog. when people pointed out to knuckles that this went against their rule against harassment because of gender, she insisted that it fully complied. this has easily been the MOST controversial move from the blog so far, as for some reason despite the mods consistently being assholes and calling gender special snowflakes people were shocked that they would kick off someone for their gender? like i really dont know what was going through peoples heads at this point, these were people literally calling a huge amount of gender identities ‘special snowflakes’. also, shadow got banned for some reason, knuckles called out sonic and amy’s bullshit, and the sun set on another day.

so far today, mod knuckles has more or less kept everyone in line; however, literally AS I WAS WRITING THIS POST, mods shadow and amy got into another fight. in addition to that, they’ve stated they may be adding another mod, so we’re all waiting for that.

tl;dr down with mod amy, the drama gotta go fast