Fanfic Fridays

My Feet Can’t Touch The Ground by LoadedGunn:  Harry’s developed a bit of a wing kink. Fairy Louis indulges. (4,359 words, Larry, AU, fairy!Louis, daddykink, bLouis, explicit)

if you don’t want to take it slow by istajmaal:  Harry sucks a lot of dicks but won’t let anyone suck his, until Louis. (4,120 words, Larry, AU, gloryholes, service kink, mentions of Gryles, mentions of Lirry, explicit)

Nothing You Can Do (But Learn How To Be You In Time) by Teumessian: A Canon Compliant Semi-AU. Louis braids Harry’s hair. There are good times, bad times, fancy houses, supportive bandmates, secret boyfriends, small rebellions, bigger revolutions, some nail varnish, ribbons, cute clothing, and a Pinterest. (28,079 words, Larry, canon compliant, daddykink, crossdressing, face-fucking, bHarry, explicit)

ask me no questions (and I’ll tell you no lies) by colourexplosion:  an au where people actually use yahoo answers for stuff. (7,557 words, Larry, AU, meet-cute, fluff, teen and up)

Coup de Foudre by anonymous: Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.It should stop him. It doesn’t.Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud. (15,038 words, Larry, AU, love at first sight, unsafe sex, drifter!Louis, bHarry, mature)

wanna taste your heart, don’t interfere by MarchieTheHare:  harry presents as an omega, louis is his alpha best friend, and there are hidden feelings that just get harder to control. (16,493 words, Larry, AU, ABO, pining, bHarry, explicit)

shine by togetherwecouldbealright:  Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along. (40,480 words, Larry, AU, homophobia, angst and fluff, pining, side Ziam, mature)

body, baby, body, body (love to funk my) by bottomlinsons:  Harry wants to go hiking, Louis is reluctant and Hawaii is beautiful. (3,371 words, Larry, AU, genderswap, fingering, mature)

A short exploration into Harry and Louis’ sexuality pre-Xfactor

First of all, let me just say that this is a presentation of some facts about both Louis and Harry’s sexualities before the time of the X-factor. I’ve been around in this fandom a while and I feel like there are a lot of things newer fans probably missed out on back in the day.  Whatever you make of this is to your own opinion. Cool? Cool. Okay, let’s get into it. 

Exhibit 1 Harry & Tumblr
(Found via Harry possible old Tumblr) 

Subsection a)  Harry dating friend from his band White Eskimo

For this you can seen how Harry breifly details about being in a relationship with one of the members of the his old band White Eskimo. He goes on to state that they broke up but still remained friends. As you can see this post was made July 2010, though by the way Harry speaks it is an event that is a little ways back in the past. 

Subsection b

Harry’s ‘first kiss’

Here are a few other photos of Harry and the lads previously mentioned(and some others maybe?)  together… 

 Exhibit 2 Harry (on left) and boyfriend in middle school

This photo was circling around the internet a while back, I’m not exacally sure of the sorce or if it is infact Harry but it is a pretty convincing look alike if it isn’t.I reverse image searched this thing to no bloody end and couldn’t find anything that matched it, so I’m not sure if that gives it more or less validity.  

Exhibit 3 Louis’ Friends’ story 

(Via Louis’ Bebo) 

(Where photos like this came from- it has since been shut down)

This shows three of Louis’ male friends which he has dated. Jack, ‘we dated’ Samuel, ‘Fate brough us together. We  hooked up’ Jamie, ‘We hooked up. We dated.’ 

So there you are, I hope you feel slightly more enlightened on the subject and you can make you own assumptions from this. 

ps. The FBI should hire me for dragging these babies out of the pits of internet oblivion. 

Fanfic Fridays

Loved You First by AngKeatsHarry has lived his life ruled by anxiety, bullied by overbearing work-mates and ridiculed for his geeky look. When a new boss starts Harry can barely look him in the eye but Louis appears to be on his side.
Soon Harry develops feelings for the protective and supportive Louis but Louis tries to fight it at first. There’s rumours about Louis at his last work place and his penchant for his secretaries so Harry has a right to feel insecure.
Harry slowly lets his curls break free as Louis thaws him and they embark on a new beginning together. (100,414 words, Larry, AU, pining, slight daddykink, nervous Harry, bHarry, explicit)

slippage by orphan_account: Harry and Louis have sex in front of the others. It shouldn’t be like this. They shouldn’t be so comfortable with each other that something like this is allowed to happen without anyone completely freaking out. That has to be a sign that they’ve all gotten too close, that they need some time apart. (8,160 words, Larry, canon compliant, voyeurism, exhibitionism, established relationship, ot5 in a way, explicit)

don’t let nobody touch it (unless that somebody is me) by anonymous:  the one where harry dances with other men and a jealous louis reminds him he’s the only one who can make him come completely apart. (8,801 words, Larry, canon compliant, jealous Louis, light D/s, bHarry, Harry in panties, explicit)

I See Your Colors and I’m Dying of Thirst by taking_sweet_time:  Harry asks Louis for a tattoo, but forgets to mention that he’s got a little bit of a… problem when it comes getting inked. Shenanigans ensue. (6,244 words, Larry, AU, painplay, bLouis, riding, not rated)

 my kingdom for a kiss (tonight you’re on my mind) by anonymous:  the one where Zayn and Louis make a friendly wager and it goes too far, Harry’s a baker with a heart of gold and really great hair, Liam is an overworked PA who just wants to enjoy his holiday and Niall is completely at ease, as always. An accidentally married AU mixed with a splash of modern royalty. (30,913 words, Larry, AU, prince!Louis, accidental marriage, side Ziam, explicit)

i’ll be yours to keep by anonymous:  louis should’ve thought a lot more about who he said his fake boyfriend is, especially since he and his “significant other” kinda hate each other. most of the time. (17,549 words, Larry, AU, hp!AU, friends to lovers, fake relationship, side Ziam, unrated)

Do You Realize by anonymous: Harry really didn’t expect to be swept up in snowflakes and eyelashes and coy smiles when he’d agreed to go on a skiing holiday with his lads. Nor was he expecting to cherish the sound of someone’s voice over his own thoughts, marveling about the way it crackled against the burning embers in the fireplace. And he really, really wasn’t expecting for his peaceful life to be turned on its head, all because of a bloody snowboard.But, then again, he also never expected that he could fall in love in less than two weeks, so. So maybe life isn’t what Harry expected. (20,258 words, Larry, AU, fluff, unrated)

Happy Days, Inc by BoysfriendHappy Days, Inc. is Britain’s largest online seller of adult toys. Louis and Niall work as customer care consultants in the upstairs office. Zayn works in returns, AKA the dildo warehouse. Liam is the boss’ son who hangs around the office. And Harry really just wanted to find a reasonably sized rubber willy. (11,029 words, Larry, AU, mutual masturbation, fluff, blow jobs, side Ziall, explicit)

Fanfic Fridays

(Sorry about the lack of post last week… my mom was visiting and I just didn’t have a chance to read anything!)

Kiss The Colour Of A Constellation by suicxne: the one where watching late night TV quiz shows apparently leads to rimming. (6,919 words, Larry, canon compliant, bHarry, panties, Light D/s, facials, rimming, explicit)

Are You Gonna Be My Girl? by LoadedGunn:  Louis reenacts his first time, and Harry wants to be his good girl. (7,552 words, Larry, AU, feminization, lingerie, reverse cowgirl, bHarry, explicit)

read you for some kind of poem by mentalistecbm: He likes to imagine that he’s always aware of Harry’s eyes on him, but the spark that flashes across his body at how often Harry licks his lips while looking at his throat doesn’t feel like something he’s explicitly and consciously acknowledged before, but it feels familiar. Usual. Right.(Louis is human, and Harry is lucky enough to be his vampire boyfriend.) (11,969 words, Larry, AU, vampire!Harry, fluff and angst, mature)

tonight lets be lovers by bottomlinsons:  Louis’ a hot mess, Harry’s just hot and a one night stand is never just a one night stand. (12,920 words, Larry, AU, misunderstandings, fluff, bLouis, side Ziam, side, Nemma, explicit)

infinitely all for me by swallowsmateforlife: The Alpha Louis’ been betrothed to since he was 14 has finally come of age and Louis’ been delivered to his home.or: the one where they figure it all out. (10,630 words, Larry, AU, ABO dynamics, bLouis, arranged marriage, explicit)

can I lay by your side (next to you, you) by ariadne_odair“Yeah, but that’s the point,” Harry sighs happily, and she’s so beautiful Louis’ breath catches in her throat. “We’re obnoxious parents now. You’re the one who shouts at the ref at junior football, and I bring baked goods, and - ”“You watch too much American TV,” Louis sighs. Who is she kidding. She’s just as bad. She brought Ava a Rovers shirt with Tomlinson on the back, and Ava can’t even speak yet. girl direction - louis and harry are baby mamas. (5,002 words, Larry, AU, girl!direction, kidfic, oral sex, strap-ons, explicit)

The Other Half by avatarlahey:  Harry wakes up and the world is a bit different. He doesn’t know much about anything anymore. The only truth he knows is Louis, and that should be enough. A story told through images of the past and present. (sequel to Closer You and I ) (28,247 words, Larry, AU, soulmates, fluff and angst, mentions of trauma, teen and up)

pick my petals off (make my heart explode) by MarchieTheHare:  harry unexpectedly goes into heat in the middle of finals, and louis, being the good boyfriend that he is, helps harry through it. (7.390 words, Larry, AU, ABO dynamics, bHarry, mostly pwp, explicit)