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Just watched Vaanam (The Sky)

It’s a Tamil movie remade from a Telugu version, but the movie was really good. It had a good story and I liked the moral of the film. If you want to watch a Tamil movie or don’t mind watching movie with subtitles then I definitely recommend Vaanam!


Beautiful song.. I’ll make sure it plays at your wedding, Bharath!


In Sankaran’s flight to Chidambaram we have to know not only that this is Sivakami’s hometown but that the temple of Chidambaram is where the great god Siva manifested himself as the cosmic dancer. Here that Nandanar, the Dalit saint whose songs Muniyandi (Sivakami’s husband) sings to Sankaran in the beginning, sang his songs in praise of Siva and the doors of the temple were miraculously opened to allow him a glimpse of the image of the deity. And it is here that Sankaran finds ultimate release from physical desire and guilt as the camera moves up the temple gopuram and into the sky. 

The old woman he saw, was she Sivakami transformed? Or a vision, a waking dream? Had Muniyandi killed her before killing himself, broken by Sankaran’s betrayal of his trust? It is of no consequence. Aravindan prefers the poetry of conjecture to the unequivocal fact. It is the colors that suggest mood and ideas. Aravindan uses colour as a philosopher might. Sensual, fertile greens dissolve into dusty greys, and browns as cracked and bleak as Sankaran’s soul, until release comes with the ineffable blue of the sky. The journey is ended, the torment over. Aravindan leaves one alone with the religious and philosophical implications of the experience we have been through.

– Aruna Vasudev, The New Indian Cinema

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Boys (2003)

I don’t care if the film wasn’t a box office success or if people are still indifferent to it I still love this movie and yeah hehe. The music, the warm fuzziness and the cheesy follow your heart ideology just won me over. I can watch it over and over. Oh no the Siddhu feels are coming back. It’s downhill from here.