half-butt slumber party

So the BH has a cold and I kinda have a cold (big shock there). I don’t have the attention span for a real slumber party saturday so I’m not tagging anyone, but I do have random things to say, so feel free to tell me random things in return ! Inbox is open, make sure you tell me if you want me to respond privately.

random bits from the seal:

  • It’s nine oclock ish here and we have been in bed for an hour. With clothes on. This is sad. This is sad enough I feel like I should write a Garrett x Essa sickday from their pre-Smoke not a relationship wherein they are both horrified to be in bed together listening to music and reading and talking and genuinely enjoying themselves despite the stuffy heads, cold extremities, and snot.
  • we are watching Zootopia. I am by turns really amused and really disturbed.
  • I laughed so loud I woke the dogs in the other room at the sloth scene. which of course made me think of you, @slothquisitor
  • I went out this morning and got all the sick meds and foods and stuff to make an awesome soup from scratch and basically used all my energy doing that. I told the BH I had one cooking in me. We were adults and ate soup out of a can so that I could make double chocolate chip molasses cookies. They are in the oven now. 
  • I’m still bonkers over the older Cullen and Essa sketch @cobaltash did for me today and the sketches of MY FACE that @dgcakes did for me. Look at how awesome they are! 
  • Reminder to check your blog settings, tumblr reset the advert toggle again. 
  • Seal’s Follower Appreciation Week is just TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!! Is everyone excited! I know I am.