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Here be "Being Human" 5.02 spoilers.

I don’t wanna slow down people writing great meta on the role of religious belief in “Being Human” and approaching it as the show existing solely in a Christian belief system, because it makes sense in line with the rest of the show but…there was something in last night's episode (“The Men With Sticks and Rope”) that threw a wrench in this being solely a narrative using Christian ideas of good and evil.

Captain Hatch speaks in his monologue at the very end about unleashing “Old Testament” despair upon people, in line with the Christian belief context, and then says very viciously he will “teach them that the gods are there to be feared.” Gods, as in plural, and THAT does not fit. I’ve actually re-watched the scene to make sure I heard right, because that’s the sort of shit I don’t miss as somebody interested in polytheistic pantheons. If this series is supposed to be an inversion of purely Christian thought regarding the apocalypse, then I’m not sure how this line would fit in. Other gods don’t even exist in Christianity– they’re false idols. If It’s just the “Devil” and then conversely “God” in the BH universe like most have been assuming, what is Captain Hatch talking about, exactly?

 I don’t know what it means, but it’s so not in line with the rest of the scene, which is standard “General Evil Monologue that doesn’t actually deliver any new developments but only serves to give us a sense of how evil Character X is.” If that is a throwaway line I will be very, very surprised is all I’m saying and it’s basically made me reconsider where exactly they’re going with this story line and the entire supernatural mythos of the show. 

My currently half baked theories are as follows:

  • Somebody’s taking a page out of the A Song of Ice and Fire Books and putting forth a struggle between Old Gods (conquered) and New Gods (conquerors/their replacements)– maybe Hatch isn’t the Christian Devil as in the angel Lucifer who Fell, but an Old God subdued.
  • Hatch is actually housing a deity that is, again, not Christian Devil as in the Fallen angel Lucifer, but a pre-monotheistic deity gaining power once again. 
  • I was really tired yesterday and two glasses of wine means I actually sat down and thought about this sort of nonsense and I am probably making a mountain out of a metaphysical narrative molehill.

Whatever happens, besides being utterly fucking terrified of a good portion of that episode, that was my real “wait, hang the fuck on” moment of the episode. 

I just realized that in 5.01, Hal and Lady Catherine and the necromancer ghost Emil meet and conduct the ritual in the burned out and destroyed ruins of what is almost definitely an abbey. (There’s almost identical ruins all throughout northern and central France and they’re all abbeys, cathedrals or churches and tend to blend into one another after a while.)

Which is fine for Hal as an Old One, but there are at least two vampire henchmen with him who obviously don’t warrant Old One status but are standing pretty nonchalantly on consecrated, hallowed ground. I’m almost 90% certain it’s a continuity hiccup nobody caught but I was just writing fic starting in that scene thinking of that scene and now it’s bugging the hell out of me. 

A “Being Human” Series 5 ot3 Mix.

[Listen here.]

1. Laura Marling– Devil’s Spoke

All of this can be broken / Hold your devil by his spoke and spin him to the ground.

2. Susanne Sundfør– The Brothel

We’ll do it all, we’ll do whatever you say, God has left us anyway.

3. Grouper– Living Room

It’s getting harder and harder to fake / acting like everything’s in its place.

4. Paper Route– Dance On Our Graves

I need you now, I need you more than ever before.

5. Daughter– Youth

if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones.

6. Exitmusic– Passage

Just stop this conversation / Oh no, I can’t face it alone in this house.

7. Cat Power– Fool

Come along, fool / A direct hit to the sense that you’re disconnected.

8. Santigold– The Riot’s Gone

Just be here til I know / Til I know that the riot’s gone, the riot’s gone away.

9. Zola Jesus– Avalanche

And it all falls down / And it all comes, oh, it all comes around.

10. PJ Harvey– A Place Called Home

One day I know, we’ll find a place of hope.

11. The New Pornographers– Challengers

“Be safe,” you say / “Whatever the mess you are, you’re mine, ok?”

12. The Mountain Goats– Sax Rohmer #1

And I am coming home to you, with my own blood in my mouth.

13. TV On The Radio– Province

Stand steadfast, erect, and see / That love is the province of the brave.

14. Emmy The Great– Bad Things Coming, We Are Safe

I’d stand beside you the day you faced the tide / I think that I could make it turn around / Know I could make it go dry / ‘Cause you and I, we are safe when we’re together.