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This thing is literally named “villainous smooth villains with matching style”… wtf?
Yuup. It’s 4:40am and I liked these sketches so I colored them… It was some sort of studying my crappy coloring.
(also idk why but I really likes Demencia with this skintone. A little bit tanned and just cute >u>)

03 critics: ed and al are way too emotional and annoying in the first anime. at least they’re mature in bh

me, transforming into the actual saltmaster i am: okay so you prefer emotionless, walking tropes who never react realistically to traumatic situations nor change all that much as they age over two massively in depth characters who not only act their age, but undergo such intense character development so that they both end the series totally different than how they started that’s cool.

I feel like I could write a whole goddamn essay on the difference between rick and morty and bojack horseman. Because in a lot of ways, they’re very similar shows. They’re comedies about ridiculous characters with mental illnesses and nihilistic viewpoints. But I think r&m falls short in a lot of places where bh doesn’t.

BH and r&m are both shows about a character who is mentally ill, disturbed, and nihilistic. But where r&m often glamorizes those aspects of rick, bh doesn’t. Bojack fucks up a lot, and pays for it. He’s caused a lot of hurt in a lot of people’s lives and shows legitimate remorse and self-hatred over it. We get a lot of glimpses into how he sees himself, either through him just outright saying it or through the inner monologue like that “you’re a piece of shit” part in s4. A lot of people have kicked bojack out of their lives for his toxicity and despite it being slow going, he’s slowly growing as a character and trying to do right.

Rick, on the other hand, is never shown as a remorseful character. R&m tries to have dramatic moments but honestly, they feel abrupt and out-of-place and often fall flat. Rick hasn’t really pushed anyone away because of how he acts. The only thing he really caused was Beth and jerry’s divorce, which has been played off as a big joke since jerry is written as a loser we’re not meant to sympathize with. It’s hinted at that rick really is a complex man who is toxic and hurtful, but he never really pays for any of it. Anytime we’re shown rick as a more human, sympathetic character (like the s3 premiere of him being driven by the death of him family), it’s played off as “haha not really,” and forgotten about.

Both shows are well-written and funny, but I think bh has better writing, characters, and drama.

Bounty Hunter: *thinks something negative about Mandalorians*

Torian Cadera: *disapproves*

Bounty Hunter: Torian, I’m a Cathar. What in this vast universe made you think I’d be blindly fawning over the culture that destroyed my home planet and hunted my people to near extinction? You’re lucky I don’t burn the place down.


woooh drawpile

Sooo regarding Villainous on one page I played around with an AU about the team using Black Hat’s fake aggression a marketing strategy, and off camera he’s just a genuinely nice dude to work with and not a douche.

And on the other I played with the FacT that Black Hat and Dr. Flug have been in each others company for at least nearly a century so there ya have it.


It’s lonely. You’ll give anything for that crumb of comfort. That feel of skin against skin that says, “It’s okay. I’m here.” It’s a hunger. The most basic instinct. You might even drag others into this world of the dead. Even if it means turning them into monsters too.