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So, I think that even more than just putting Black people in shows, there need to be stories that reflect the Black experience. Make sense of Black, Brown, Asian… experience, because [it’s important] not just for ethnic minorities, I think it’s an education for everybody. And I think it leads to a much more tolerant society if we’re exposed to each others’ stories. It just makes sense and it’s important. Very-very important. And i certainly like to keep an eye on things like that, and talk a lot, among my actor friends, about the lack of diversity. It’s an issue for sure. (x)

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hey, new army here! i wish to know more about the boys' background before bts. like i remeber someone mentioning one of the guys was raised in a farm?? someone struggled with depression etc.

hmm ok its like 1am so i might be missing some info but here’s some background:


  • moved to seoul from busan
  • from 2013 interview: “I danced popping since 8th grade and gained interest in this kind of career after watching Rain sunbaenim’s performances. After that, I moved to Busan High School of Arts in the modern dance department and came here after my dance teacher suggested I audition for an entertainment company.”
  • has one younger brother
  • was the last one to join bts and i remember in an interview he mentioned that the other members had seen his audition tape and laughed (?? i htink thats whats he said) and suga clarified that jimin was less refined before but that they wouldnt be bts without him (lol nice save suga)
  • only trained for 1 year before debut
  • fun fact: was going have the stage name Baby G but stuck with Jimin thank god


  • from busan too
  • has an older brother who draws bts fanart (he had a instagram account where he posted them but i heard he deleted? someone correct me if im wrong lol)
  • apparently all 3 big companies wanted to recruit him after he placed really high in a singing competition
  • from same interview: “In 7th grade I learned b-boying in a club with some friends and hyungs. Afterwards, I went to the Mnet <Superstar K2> auditions and got casted by my current company’s staff.”
  • Jungkook chose bighit bc he heard Namjoon rapping
  • so he moved to seoul really young and debuted when he was only 16 
  • isnt one to show his struggles but namjoon talked recently about how he cried while telling the members how hard it is for him to see their struggle. such a pure maknae
  • considered the stage name Seagull, who the fuck knows why lmao


  • from daegu
  • went to watch his friend audition for bighit but one of the recruiters told him to do an audition as well
  • played the saxophone
  • bighit kept him hidden until debut, idk why…. like they uploaded videos pre-debut on their youtube channel and v was never in them… 
  • was raised by his grandmother who owned a farm. 
  • said if he wasnt casted he would’ve been a farmer and/or a saxophonist. He even won prizes with his saxophone playing.

rap monster:

  • apparently has a really high IQ and did well in school
  • but convinced his parents to let him pursue music 
  • was an underground rapper with the stage name Runch Randa
  • even has a track with zico from back in like 2009 called Fuck Cockroaches lmao im not joking
  • Bang PD could tell rapmon was talented af and created bts because of him
  • had to learn how to dance and hated it at first lmao his company dance teachers gave him the ironic nickname “Dance Prodigy”


  • from daegu
  • underground rapper before bts by the name of Gloss
  • came 2nd in a rapping competition before joining bighit
  • came into the company expecting to be producing and rapping, not dancing or becoming a kpop idol
  • From an interview in 2013: “I chose to rap after listening to “Fly” by Epik High sunbaenims. I had some basic Midi gear that was essential in music-making before entering the company. They were things that I had bought as a lyricist after saving up enough money by walking around for two hours every day and skipping dinner every day.”
  • holy shit i have so much to say about yoongis past struggles during his trainee days. he reveals a lot about it in his mixtape
  • here’s a post about it


  • from gwacheon (MY HOME TOWN)
  • one of the first members of bts
  • had no previous dance training  
  • went to an all boys school but still got gifts on valentines lmao like how???
  • update from comments: Jin was street casted by BH and previously SM tried to cast him as well but he ran away. He didn’t have any previous singing or dancing knowledge. he worked hard learning singing and dancing. 
  • in his solo song Awake, he talks about how he knows how talented all the other members are compared to him and he knows that he will never reach their level, but he still wants to strive for it.  Also, in a concert, he talks about a time in his past when he heard other moms bragging about their sons and their accomplishments while his mother just listened and stayed silent.  That motivated him to want to do something to make his mother proud of him.


  • from gwangju
  • danced before joining bts
  • from the same 2013 interview:  “I got a lot of prizes in Gwangju for my dancing. I won an underground dance battle and even performed at a festival. (V: I can confirm this. While enrolling at Korea Arts School, there were lots of trainees coming from different districts. When I debuted with Bangtan, my friends asked me “J-Hope hyung, is he the one from that dance academy in Gwangju?” That’s how famous he was.”

link to the quoted interview:

hopefully that helped answer ur answer?

Dear Being Human US Fandom:

We’re still a relatively small fandom, but we’re a great one. From flailing over our show to having to defend it against haters, from season to amazing season this fandom has been wonderful to be in. I started this blog in season 1 and I intend to continue it after our beloved show ends (too soon but so it goes). I hope others also continue to create fan work like gifs, edits and most of all FAN FICTION, where the show can live on for as long as we want it. It’s been a messed up but wonderful ride with our supernatural trio and the rest of the BH cast. It’s been a pleasure BH fandom. We can make it through these last episodes. Big internet hug to you all.

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