BGWP being Delusional all the way

By now many of you have heard about Babygirlgreene’s Theory that Beth is going to kill Negan.

But guess what…freaking BGWP comes along and spitted this into the world

O’Donnell now is a Negan look-a-like?

Let’S take a look at O’Donnel

Now let’s take a look at Comic Negan



You wanna see an actuall Negan Look-a-like?

I can give you 3 right away.

Henry Rollins (The Guy the character is based on in terms of looks)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (You know..actuall Negan on the Show)

That Trailer Guy from 5x01

^THESE are actuall Negan-Look-a-likes.

So stop your Bullshit

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LOL bgwp is making a fool of herself again. As if Daryl planned to stay in the funeral home forever, instead of leaving once Beth's ankle gets better and the food is gone. Meanwhile WE get solid proof Daryl loves Carol so much that he chooses to leave her in a safe place, instead of getting the help TF so desperately needs to take out Negan. If you listen closely you can hear the sound of team delusional / bethylers gritting their teeth - don't you think it's beautiful?

Hey let’s all remember when Daryl told Maggie Beth was definitely alive, and then they got out of Terminus and Rick said “let’s go” and Daryl says “Where?” and Rick says “Somewhere far away from here”. And Daryl is ALL FOR IT. 

And then Abe says let’s go to Washington And Daryl’s like YAY!

So yeah, so not only WOULD he leave Beth, he DID leave Beth - lucky for her Carol was outside so Daryl saw the car. 

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Both BGIHU and BGWP always put other everyone in the haters is gonna hate tag because they think every people make an opinion about Beth or Bethly is hating on them. They also attack us Carylers and welcome to the club including if your not a Caryler because pretty much all of us hate Team Delusional/Bethly

Honestly agree so much. Cant stand TD or bethyl, its a disgusting ship that shouldn’t have been a thing to begin with.

You better watch out Ronny

So here we have some Team Delusional Scums, talking about the Great Ronny Haze.

The mentioned Video is this one here (x) <- It’s actually pretty good

So let me get this straight.

Ronny is one of the most awesome guys withing the entire Walking Dead Fandom, he knows his stuff and suddenly BGWP most likely plans to hate on him.

And also it’s funny that they found out just now about Ronny’s thoughtson TD, because actually he talked about that topic last year already (Video here

@shitteamdelusionalsays @obijoekenobi @dicapito @musethedead prepare to form a Ronny Haze Securty Team :v 

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"They accuse us of moving the goalposts on Beth’s return and so what? They have too for their ship going canon." --- BGWP. Lmao, why do these Team Delusional bitches keep thinking all anti-TD folk ship Caryl? This isn't the first time I've seen this assumption. Personally, I hate both Carol and Daryl individually and the ship, just like Bethyl. They both have overstayed their welcome. Seriously, though, why do people want their faves to get Norman's/Daryl's dick so much? He's fucking ugly.

I don’t “hate” them, but neither (nor the ship (but I don’t ship very much so whatever)) is a big favorite to me.
And yeah, for some reason, anti TD = pro C@ryl or something. Personally, I think it’s because they know they’re all about TD and bethyl because of Daryl/NR, and are just kind of projecting a little bit. Defensive? “You don’t think character A is alive, so that must mean you want (unrelated) character B to be with (also unrelated) character C.”
It’s also important to note that both Carol and Daryl are still alive, and romance between them isn’t impossible. Beth, on the other hand… Is, you know, confirmed dead. Died onscreen. She’s gone.

But this is literally what happened with Beth? She spent S2, S3 and S4A in the background and then suddenly they gave her a couple of episodes in which she was front and center and killed her of. How can BGWP see this when it concerns Aaron and Eric but not Beth? She really has blinders on doesn’t she? They all do when it comes to her, logic ceases to apply. It’s ridiculous.

Buddy, Slabtown happened and we all knew it wasn’t gonna end well for Beth.

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So BGWP freaked out saying Beths knife is back and how it means Beth will be for sure back! She rechecked before posting to be absolutely sure! Lol OOPS looks like it wasn't Beths knife at all. Still faced with the fact that it's isn't hers the message is still the same. It's a sign she'll be back and now it doesn't matter that it's not hers. How do people fall for this? One minute it's hers and that's super important than its not hers and it makes no difference?

Anon, lovely, honestly the things online that made me chuckle this week was Andy Lincoln’s Paleyfest clips and the TD reaction to the knife that wasn’t. :D 

The “it’s not her knife, but that doesn’t matter it meant to remind you of her knife and LOOK blonde woman in gray cardigan - BETH!” made me LOL.

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lmao there are so many people jumping ship and leaving team delusional i'm cackling. of course the big crazies (bgwp, bgihu, ds) are still there but there are so many smaller bloggers saying "yeah it's been too long, they're not gonna bring her back now". can't wait for bgihu to put them in the block list for being negative or "antis".

Some destruction of team delusional is the highlight of the season ending.

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Bethylier: "I'm off TD. I love Beth, and I think that perhaps some main TDiers should consider she might not be back instead of blocking all those who oppose their views". Bgwp (basically): "Wtf is wrong with you. You're rude and condescending. I will accept your apology but I will not acknowledge I have by reblogging it. How DARE you leave the hive-mind and critisize td." (totally not a cult) If they were irl in 1 building they'd lock those up that want to leave, but they settle for bullying.

Is it like a “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” type of thing???

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Have you seen the vote for "who you'd rather survive with" on Skybound? Beth's final 8 and people are mad about it. christy_roberts28 aka BGWP's comment on the website: "I’m not sure why everyone is upset. If you look at the bracket setup you can see this is what they intended. And if you look at the tags in this particular round Beth is listed first. Furthermore if there hadn’t been an upset against Daryl in round one she’d be up against him now. This is all marketing." Ah, no...

They… They do realize that the few of them repeatedly voting for her doesn’t mean Beth’s alive… Right?

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lmaooooo bgwp has spent all day talking about how daryl is wearing beth's knife again, getting everybody excited and then suddenly she was told it was not the knife and she's said shes sorry and she's going to take a break. taking a page straight out of bgihu's book I see. lmao I love when this happens

@ BGWP: It’s okay to make mistakes

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So many Beth parallels ! And bgwp says 801 is the perfect episode to bring her back because everything is reset... whatever that means.

LMAO the clock is winding back, there’s so many beth parallels, it’s the perfect episode… I saw it all coming. Even though they said the signs DEFINITELY pointed to s7 not 8.

Will ya look at this.

TD is getting more ridiculous by the minute.

BGWP, a woman in her what? 40′s, 50′s now openly accused my mother. Claiming my mum hadn’t gave me attention just because i state the obvious flaws their littl cult got to offer.

Is this really what TD had become?

From a small part of theorists to a cult with leaders attacking religious beliefs, accusing Genders, spreading legimitation for under-age-sex-couples, accusing familymembers f people who don’T run with their Bullshit Agenda.

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Why does team delusional bother you so much? I've never really even noticed them in the main tag except on anti td blogs, lmao. Why does everyone seem to hate this, from what I can tell, practically non-existent group?

Why they bother me so much?

1. Giving new Fans no real Chance to get a closure. BGWP and BGIHU for example do everything they can to drag new people into their void. Building up false hope. 

2.Promoting Racism, sexual abuse sexism. Just go and search through their post. Taking away Stories from important black characters, making Glenn’s Death about Beth, calling Rosita a “Beth-proxy”. being okay with Beth being raped as long as it would mean she would come back.

3.Promoting pedohilia: Beth was introduced as a 16-Years old Teenager. Since from S1 up to now only 2 years has gone by in the story and TD was in Alexandria since round about half a year by now this means Beth died at the age of 17 ½, she’s not even 18 and still Bethyl is a thing for them.

Sick of this shit

@dicapito Seriously? Why are you obsessed with BGWP? She’s a lovely person who I have been lucky enough to get to know a little bit through the Greene effect, outside of the negative bubble of tumblr, and I honestly can’t figure out how anyone could hate her at all especially not with the passion you appear to have. It’s really creepy the extent of your hatred for her and completely undeserving. Do you not have anything better to do with your life?

Something else I’ve been wondering for a while is who all these “victims” are that she supposedly is brainwashing? You seem to think she is some sort of almighty leader and her followers have no free will or ability to think for themselves. Which is total bullshit and I don’t like the way you try to demean and degrade me simply for knowing and liking a user on a website.

Oh and a quick reminder: THIS IS A WEBSITE NOT REAL LIFE. THESE ARE BLOGS ABOUT A FICTIONAL TV SHOW AND FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Calm your shit with the accusations of bad parenting and calling social services.

You claim to be so concerned about her mental health but did you ever stop to think what all this bullying might be doing to her? How what you say might actual effect her? No of course you didn’t. That would be too human for you. Too kind. Not really your style.

Now that we’re on hiatus until October we should all be able to come on here to enjoy the pics, theories, gifs, and vids about the show we love. Surely she deserves that as much as anyone else in the fandom. She shouldn’t have to leave the fandom to get away from your bullshit.

Why are you so mad that she runs multiple blogs? Are you just annoyed that you unknowingly followed and enjoyed richonneinrhapsody? Are you scared you might be following more blogs run by her?

I know it doesn’t really matter what I post you’ll never give it up but maybe a few others will think twice before sending anon hate to anyone.

@bethgreenewarriorprincess I love you and will stand up for you whenever I need to because I’m sick of seeing the bullshit that you have to deal with xx