Sick of this shit

@dicapito Seriously? Why are you obsessed with BGWP? She’s a lovely person who I have been lucky enough to get to know a little bit through the Greene effect, outside of the negative bubble of tumblr, and I honestly can’t figure out how anyone could hate her at all especially not with the passion you appear to have. It’s really creepy the extent of your hatred for her and completely undeserving. Do you not have anything better to do with your life?

Something else I’ve been wondering for a while is who all these “victims” are that she supposedly is brainwashing? You seem to think she is some sort of almighty leader and her followers have no free will or ability to think for themselves. Which is total bullshit and I don’t like the way you try to demean and degrade me simply for knowing and liking a user on a website.

Oh and a quick reminder: THIS IS A WEBSITE NOT REAL LIFE. THESE ARE BLOGS ABOUT A FICTIONAL TV SHOW AND FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Calm your shit with the accusations of bad parenting and calling social services.

You claim to be so concerned about her mental health but did you ever stop to think what all this bullying might be doing to her? How what you say might actual effect her? No of course you didn’t. That would be too human for you. Too kind. Not really your style.

Now that we’re on hiatus until October we should all be able to come on here to enjoy the pics, theories, gifs, and vids about the show we love. Surely she deserves that as much as anyone else in the fandom. She shouldn’t have to leave the fandom to get away from your bullshit.

Why are you so mad that she runs multiple blogs? Are you just annoyed that you unknowingly followed and enjoyed richonneinrhapsody? Are you scared you might be following more blogs run by her?

I know it doesn’t really matter what I post you’ll never give it up but maybe a few others will think twice before sending anon hate to anyone.

@bethgreenewarriorprincess I love you and will stand up for you whenever I need to because I’m sick of seeing the bullshit that you have to deal with xx

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Bgwp making fun of your average note count asking how bad it makes you feel. Bgwp not everyone measures their worth in notes. That's probably why most people don't give false hope and string along followers not caring how it will effect them like you do. Are the notes really worth it honey?

Not to mention that people like her and BGIHU actually check the notes for people who like and reblog my stuff so they can bash them (seriously? What is this? “I’m gonna harass people who give you notes until they stop then make fun of you for not having a lot of notes”??). You seriously don’t even have to post (with correct tags) or only reblog anti stuff for them to go after you. We’ve actually been over this before that a lot of my followers don’t like/reblog my stuff because I’m somehow #1 on their radar.
There are a lot of you here and a lot of you talk to me directly but considering they look at the notes on my posts for you guys, I’m not upset in the slightest that there aren’t a lot of notes.

Also, BGWP: No, I don’t feel bad that there aren’t a lot of notes. You don’t know everyone who enjoys my blog and it makes me happy that you can’t harass them.
P. S. Feel free to pop in any time ;)

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lol bgwp is super pissed that carl is getting his comic storyline of singing with negan, saying how it would make more sense for daryl to have it (lbr she wanted it to be beth) because carl has never been connected to music, but daryl apparently has. as if what the show needs is for daryl to hog any more screen time or steal more storylines from other characters. yeah, no thanks

Carl: *finally gets one his good storylines from the comics that happens to be connected to him singing*

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Team delusional please see this. Bgwp says that tptb never addressed your outrage. He did an interview AFTER you started that petition. In it he is asked "you pissed off a bunch of shippers last night, are you afraid for your life?" He said "absolutely it's sad and as we continue with the story more characters will DIE. I don't mean to hurt them. It shows were doing our job that they connected so much with these characters."

God, I remember them asking him about pissing off shippers.
BUT, they had a story to tell. One that didn’t invlove Beth surviving Grady or hooking up with Daryl. Sad face.

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Ok I'm totally lost how there's an influx of TD spec that EK is going to be on Talking Dead next week? Does this happen every time there's a 'special guest' or just when NR is a guest? Is there some new theory i'm missing? I mean if Beth were to come back from the dead I'd think that a LC/EK reunion would be the more important one. But maybe that's just me. :/.... on another note don't they all follow spoilers? So they know who dies in the MSF...?

*sigh* To be fair there is usually at least one post from a TDer, suggesting EK will be the “special guest” whenever Chris says that.

However, this week is going to be big time spec becuase the majority of TD have already convinced themselves ep 8 would be the one Beth returned. BGWP said it outright (then retracted that it was a prediction) and TWDMBM has said everything points to it building up to the MSF too.

Of course the title of the ep, Hearts Still Beating, is a big “side-eyeing” evidence for them. And it’s 2 seasons exactly since Coda.

And yeah, they do follow spoilers, they just like to pretend they don’t. That way they can pretend TSDF doesn’t know everything and keep the dream of Beth returning each episode alive, unhindered by the accurate spoilers.

There will be a lot of disguised unhappiness after next week, when Beth isn’t in the ep, there’s no coda and once again we go into another hiatus of “But I’m sure the signs point to ep 9″ talk. I suspect though over this seaosn, their numbers will fall as more and more become frustrated and give up.

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"For many people, being Team D and posting theories is how we cope with our grief over Beth’s death and the mess that Coda created. Shame on anyone for telling someone they are coping the wrong way." -BGWP You are coping the wrong way when you 1) Write and get off on pedophilia centered porn/fanfic or write it 2) Attack/block people who don't ship/support your ship or ideas. Shame on you BGWP. You are a disgrace to TWD fandom.

Somebody over there gonna start shooting people in the head at weird angles because it reminds then that Beth is totally alive because “bullets and brains” and you know BGWP would just sit there like “as long as you don’t shit on my pedo bethyl and sansan ships we’re cool, bro.”

And she is aware that Beth’s death was in Coda? But still bashes people for saying Beth’s dead was in Coda? Okay.

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after reading BGWP's post on sand dollars being representative of Christ (and therefore Beth) I'm seriously, seriously questioning if she's just trolling her followers at this point. TD has gone so far beyond speculation and theorizing and into just plain ole' psychosis.

Don’t… Don’t fucking do this to me, BGWP… Not like this… Not with sand dollars.

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But can we just talk about the fact that now two characters on the show that uttered the words “I get it now” are now officially missing in action????? // Comparing Heath disappearing with Beth being shot in the head, right cause that's basically the same thing. BGWP gets dumber by the minute.

Beth’s confirmed dead corpse is MIA, but so are a lot of other characters. Heath’s more like Merle’s situation. You know? Not confirmed dead, but unknown location?