BGWP being Delusional all the way

By now many of you have heard about Babygirlgreene’s Theory that Beth is going to kill Negan.

But guess what…freaking BGWP comes along and spitted this into the world

O’Donnell now is a Negan look-a-like?

Let’S take a look at O’Donnel

Now let’s take a look at Comic Negan



You wanna see an actuall Negan Look-a-like?

I can give you 3 right away.

Henry Rollins (The Guy the character is based on in terms of looks)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (You know..actuall Negan on the Show)

That Trailer Guy from 5x01

^THESE are actuall Negan-Look-a-likes.

So stop your Bullshit

anonymous asked:

LOL bgwp is making a fool of herself again. As if Daryl planned to stay in the funeral home forever, instead of leaving once Beth's ankle gets better and the food is gone. Meanwhile WE get solid proof Daryl loves Carol so much that he chooses to leave her in a safe place, instead of getting the help TF so desperately needs to take out Negan. If you listen closely you can hear the sound of team delusional / bethylers gritting their teeth - don't you think it's beautiful?

Hey let’s all remember when Daryl told Maggie Beth was definitely alive, and then they got out of Terminus and Rick said “let’s go” and Daryl says “Where?” and Rick says “Somewhere far away from here”. And Daryl is ALL FOR IT. 

And then Abe says let’s go to Washington And Daryl’s like YAY!

So yeah, so not only WOULD he leave Beth, he DID leave Beth - lucky for her Carol was outside so Daryl saw the car. 

thewalkingdeadinside  asked:

How aware do you think TPTB are of Team Delusional? I know the spoon campaign got a bit of press back in the day, but you guys are still going strong and the only recent instance of TD being acknowledged that I'm aware of is Nicotero dropping in the line about people wanting Beth to come back a few weeks ago. Asking because I've been thinking about the show's future & I'm convinced (from my non-TD perspective) that they're going to HAVE to do something even the comics fans won't see coming.

TPTB definitely know of us. It’s part of their job to know what fans think of their project, and Team Delusional is related to the Bring Beth Back campaign, which was brought up on national television. We are persistent, and we aren’t quiet, even though we relatively keep to ourselves.

During season 6, Skybound answered a tweet about us:

Source (X).

(Skybound is TWD twitter that focuses primarily on the comics but will also promote the show and video games). I remember when they answered that tweet. The big TD bloggers at the time just rolled their eyes while others freaked out. Skybound could have shut us down then and there, but they didn’t. And they’re right. Team Delusional is nothing if not stubborn. It’s funny though that they say “[they] can’t change” our minds, as they have actively promoted Beth post-Coda. For one thing, around the time of the season six premiere, Skybound has tweeted “Beth is back” or “Beth lives” three times in relation to Emily’s career: X. The “Beth lives” was tweeted specifically in relation to Emily’s surprise appearance at the premiere, and her appearance was the only they described in terms of life (X). When she did Stalking Dead with Kate Nash, Emily mentioned Team Delusional and instead of shutting us down, she just kept saying, “You never know,” (X).

There’s even evidence that TPTB somehow monitor my posts as well as @bethgreenewarriorprincess’s, specifically our posts on Emily’s social media patterns. While Team Delusional is a drop in their ratings, we know what’s really going on, so it benefits them to keep an eye on us. They can see if changing Emily’s social media behavior, like geotagging works, for example. It wouldn’t be the first time that fan blog’s were monitored by people in the entertainment industry. Well-known news sites have used Swifties’ Tumblrs to get information on Taylor Swift: With all of that in mind, TPTB have yet to acknowledge us in an official, professional context. They don’t want to, because they don’t want to bring too much attention to the holes in Beth’s “death”. It’s the same line of thinking as to why Emily doesn’t do panels at WSC. The best way to maintain a secret is to not have to talk about it, because too many lies can lead inconsistencies. (I put together all strange interviews into a meta I linked to above, where I mention Emily on Stalking Dead.) Beth’s resurrection is part one of the twist TPTB have planned. The second twist is the immunity/cure arc Beth is central to, which will completely diverge from the comics. This has been seeded for a long time, and you can read about it here:

It’s fake. The person standing behind Carol is.. Wait for it… Carol. In the Images from BGWP, you can still see part of Morgan’s left leg behind Carol (by her ankle), and the person behind Carol is clearly the Carol in the original image. She was just partially cropped out, and someone placed her over Morgan (and in front of Daryl, because they couldn’t put her behind his crossbow where Morgan was).

Morgan isn’t missing, and that’s not a mystery person who could be Beth, it’s Carol (where she was originally). BTW, Beth is dead y'all.

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If you noticed that Bethly shippers like BGWP and BGIHU are shipping C@rzekiel. Plus they don't even like Carol I think they are using that ship to against Carylers

Carol interacts with anyone and they’re like “this seems so much more romantic and I want her to be happy even though I insulted her age and appearance like two minutes ago.” And they did the same thing with Tobin.

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So bethgreenewarriorprincess is basically accusing you of photoshopping that whole permit thing. Nice.

Sigh.  Double sigh.

It’s really a shame these types of things have to be clarified for the logically challenged.

Nowhere on our previous post did we tag it “beth is dead”. If someone can find that little tidbit, please screenshot it and post it back up in our grill.  It’s not there. We are clarifying a filming rumor.  Because that’s what we do.  The word “Beth” was not in any tag.  Bethgreenewarriorprincess needs to stop piggybacking on our posts to ramp up her ridiculous theories and animosity. Hating everything about us, yet stalking our posts daily. We can be very patient and overlook many things, but false accusations are not one of them. 


Regarding the location difference between the Admin building and the hospital, yes, we and about a million other people know where the Piedmont Hospital is. Nobody forgot you’ve been down there BGWP, because frankly, we don’t give a shit where you go or think about it when we post.  


The filming agreements between the Speedee company and the City/County call for filming and set ups in and around Newnan. For people who don’t have to have everything spelled out for them, it’s pretty apparent that 2 + 2 = 4. If you can find hidden meaning in a lady bug, this shouldn’t be much of a stretch. Public articles all over the place about The Founder being filmed this week, not one damn word about TWD being there.

Piedmont Hospital is privately owned.  Production companies don’t always need to address the Commissioners or Council to film there unless they need to close roads or block public spaces. Therefore, the exact location would not necessarily be a part of the City’s or County’s minutes. Do you ever see an exact building named in any of the Stalwart Films filming letters?  No.  They would only need a filming permit and permission from the owner for that part of it.  We posted screenshots from the actual minutes to provide proof that the move is definitely being filmed in the vicinity.  

There is also a casting call from Extras Casting Atlanta for an actor to potray a “drive-in” patron.


Here’s another casting call: ” Wednesday 6/24 looking for a Doctor type – 40’s to 50’s must be a 42R and 34 waist or smaller. Says ‘hospital’ right there in the ad. Link:  


OH!  Here’s a nice shot from the “Explore Coweta County” web site:


Links to the Coweta County Commissioner minutes in their entirety, including videos of the proceedings, are here

So the BGWP/Bill Murray fan club can stop blowing up our inbox now. Our apologies to the people who had to suffer through this blog entry because they understood it the first time around.  


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Bgwp: "I understand being upset at Canon or whatever, but tirades are for toddlers." LMFAO! Like you realize team delusional is one giant temper tantrum that's lasted years over being upset at canon... They spam polls, they harass writers, and actors. They send in spoons, lol. And completely try to erase CANON. I just can't with these fools.

Also, her posts was about jonerys, an incestuous ship… So yeah… If it’s canon, then it’s okay… So keep your anti incest to yourself, guys… Come on…


I’m at my girlfriend’s Laptop right now and don’t want to let her Laptop suffer under BGWP’s Tumblr for too long so just some quick Snaps I took with my phone.
TD really thinks thats TPTB sets up a cure arc even though Kirkman clearly stated (even at the last SDCC that they will never go this route)
Plus they think that the new Logo has something to do with Beth.

Hey you dumbshit, the new Logo means we’re going into the “A new beginning"Arc soon and Beth won’t be a part of it

Sick of this shit

@dicapito Seriously? Why are you obsessed with BGWP? She’s a lovely person who I have been lucky enough to get to know a little bit through the Greene effect, outside of the negative bubble of tumblr, and I honestly can’t figure out how anyone could hate her at all especially not with the passion you appear to have. It’s really creepy the extent of your hatred for her and completely undeserving. Do you not have anything better to do with your life?

Something else I’ve been wondering for a while is who all these “victims” are that she supposedly is brainwashing? You seem to think she is some sort of almighty leader and her followers have no free will or ability to think for themselves. Which is total bullshit and I don’t like the way you try to demean and degrade me simply for knowing and liking a user on a website.

Oh and a quick reminder: THIS IS A WEBSITE NOT REAL LIFE. THESE ARE BLOGS ABOUT A FICTIONAL TV SHOW AND FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Calm your shit with the accusations of bad parenting and calling social services.

You claim to be so concerned about her mental health but did you ever stop to think what all this bullying might be doing to her? How what you say might actual effect her? No of course you didn’t. That would be too human for you. Too kind. Not really your style.

Now that we’re on hiatus until October we should all be able to come on here to enjoy the pics, theories, gifs, and vids about the show we love. Surely she deserves that as much as anyone else in the fandom. She shouldn’t have to leave the fandom to get away from your bullshit.

Why are you so mad that she runs multiple blogs? Are you just annoyed that you unknowingly followed and enjoyed richonneinrhapsody? Are you scared you might be following more blogs run by her?

I know it doesn’t really matter what I post you’ll never give it up but maybe a few others will think twice before sending anon hate to anyone.

@bethgreenewarriorprincess I love you and will stand up for you whenever I need to because I’m sick of seeing the bullshit that you have to deal with xx

Someone is trying to redefine hypocrisy

Can someone please explain to me how someone can you call you a hypocrite for reblogging them while they pretend to NOT be your public enemy number one, while hiding behind the auspices of a common interest?  This has got to have the people at Webster scrambling for an new word. “How do define the word - Supernova hypocrite?”

Let me explain.  The newest member to the Richonne is a blog called richonneinrhapsody.  They introduced themselves to Richonne fandom with this post

Awww. How sweet. Even yours truly was welcoming, because that’s how awesome this fandom is.  Here’s the rub.  richonneinthapsody is the alter account of BGWP.  Why is that a problem?  Because BGWP is well known blogger who;s blog content is seen as questionable to many people in the fandom.  Highlighted by the fact that they posted this on their main blog a few days after learning there was talk they were trying dip their toe in the Richonne fandom

So they are well aware of the feelings of the majority of people who prefer them not reblog, or engage them on a Richonne level.  Ship all you want.  No one was trying to tell them how to run their blog, so the post was a lot of hyperbole.  And instead of shipping Richonne to their hearts content, on their own blog and in their own way, they created an alter ego, then proceeded to try and backdoor their way in.  Actually reblogging the very person they are now calling a hypocrite

How does that work exactly?  Getting upset because your alter ego was outed?  But it happened, because after it did come to light BGWP, proceeded to get indignant about the fact dicapito dared follow a blog dedicated to Richonne, that she had no idea was run by a blogger that absolutely hates her.

The balls on this chick are the size of a grapefruits. But contrary to hers and her cheerleaders’ assertion, no one cares you made an alternate account. People have alternate accounts and blogs about different things all the time. It’s the sneaky, underhanded way in which it was done.  What was next? Reblogging dicapito, myself, raptured night, or anyone you have had “run ins” with, saying how awesome with a funny gif, or “hell yes” post.  How do you not see what you did as seedy and unseemly? So for consider this your PSA Richonne fandom.  At the end of the day it’s up to each person to decide if they want to interact, but that choice should be made on informed decisions, not smoke and mirrors.

@bethgreenwarriorprincess = @richonneinrhapsody

And good luck suing someone for defamation of your fake online persona, because that’s not how defamation works.

LMAO @ people accusing someone of “stalking” a blog when they are literally not only stalking, but pretending.