They hate BethGreeneWarriorPrincess because she is a Beth supporter, Bethyl shipper and Team Defiance member and speaks her mind.

Like you do harrasers of @bethgreenewarriorprincess, this is why you are so vicious. This is just sad, there are plenty of people on this site that ship other things and like different things. Like why are you so vehemently trying so hard (by the way and failing) to detour her and us, it won’t work. You have proved us right by showing your pollution and toxic colors, thank you. If you keep harrasing her I will report you though, don’t test me. I will NOT stand for this bullying shit, I will NOT stand for this harassment and shaming of someone I care for her on here. I WILL NOT.

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EDIT: You’re not going to sway us into believing these false accusation of our friend, so just leave and give up. Because it’s NOT going to work.

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Do you think bgwp or the like could be behind lovelymelissa? In an attempt to say see they don't care about teens daring adults unless it involves daryl.

Ugh they likely run in the same circles tbh. You bring up an interesting point though anon