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Can’t Make You Love Me

This is my first ever Ant and Dec fanfiction! :) I apologize for my rubbish British slang… XD

This is set during the BGT 2015 Isaac Waddington’s performance, singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” :3 It is also based off of  until-the-colours-run’s post* :)

Some angst :P I couldn’t resist making the ending too sad though :(

Well enjoy and have a great day! <3

Fanfictional…not true.

When Isaac started to play the piano, Dec knew he was screwed. The melody painfully jabbed at his heart as he tried to hold back tears. His knuckles clutched tightly into fists, turning his hands white. His breath hitched whenever Isaac sang the high notes.

“I can’t make you love me…”

Those words rang in Dec’s head, making his stomach churn. He winced when his hand would brush against Ant’s.

“Are you alrigh’, luv?” Ant whispered low in Dec’s ear. Their shoulders touched and Dec could smell Ant’s spicy aftershave and…just Anth.

Dec took a deep breath, his voice shaking, “Y-yeah…" His heart swelled and his mouth went dry. An image of him and Ant cuddling in bed with the morning sun washing over them played in his head. Warm hands ghosted over Dec’s body, while soft, plump lips played with his earlobes and neck. His thoughts slowly became fuzzy and content. 

Dec felt like he was going to throw up, ”…I feel sick…“ He barely made it to the toilets as the contents of his breakfast came to say ‘hello’. Once his stomach stopped lurching painfully, he flushed the toilet and dragged himself over to the sinks. He splashed water onto his face and scrubbed at it until it was red. He stood there, hair dripping as he leaned heavily on the sink basin. He couldn’t keep his emotions in any longer…tears began to stream down his cheeks. He constantly sniffled as he rubbed at his eyes angrily, trying to stop himself from crying….but it didn’t work.

He loves Ali to bits but…he knew that it was all just a cover up. His heart belonged to Ant the day he read "Have a yabba-dabba-do Christmas!” It breaks his heart that he would never be able to be with his best friend. He feels torn between keeping their friendship and keeping a good relationship with Lisa and Ali. He didn’t want to jeopardize losing a manager and friends.

He dared to look into the mirror and saw his eyes were blood-shot and around his nose was raw, “The make-up team is going to kill us…” Dec muttered under his breath while he wrinkled his nose. He grabbed some paper towels to dry himself and try to make himself look presentable when the toilet door creaked open. He hastily grabbed more paper towels to cover  his face so that anyone that was coming in wouldn’t know he was crying.

“Dec…?” A soft, familiar voice echoed against the tiles but it was still loud and clear to Dec’s ears. He cursed under his breath.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” Dec quickly said into the towels, hoping that Ant didn’t hear the raw, scratchy sound in his voice from crying just seconds ago. He could hear in Ant’s sigh that that wasn’t the case.

“What’s wrong, Decky?" Dec smiled at the nickname. He loved it when Lisa first called him 'Decky-Doolittle’ even though it is embarrassing when she does. He loves it even more when Ant picked it up.

"Nowt, I’m fine." He could feel Ant’s questioning gaze on the back of his head.

After a moment of them standing there in silence, Dec couldn’t take it anymore. He took a deep breath and lifted the paper towels away from his face.

“Decs….” Ant frowned when he saw how red and puffy Dec’s face was, "Come here…” He opened his arms out wide and with a little bit of encouragement, the smaller man melted into his arms. Dec almost immediately began to sob and he babbled and hiccupped into Ant’s suit. His Irish accent started to show, making Ant smile. He thought it was cute when Dec’s accent slipped.

“Tell us…” Ant whispered into Dec’s soft hair after he got the smaller man to calm down a little, running his hands along Dec’s shoulders and the little fuzz at the base of the older man’s head.

“A-Anth…I can’t…" Dec cried, his grip tightening on the taller man’s coat.

"It’s alrigh’, pet.” Ant rocked back and forth, burying his nose into Dec’s hair. He could smell Dec’s sweet aftershave, calming his nerves. The warm body in his arms slowly got heavier when he noticed that Dec was leaning his whole body weight into him, his breath was evening out. He chuckled, seeing his best mate falling asleep.

The door creaked open and a voice said, “Ant and Dec, you got five.”

“Thanks.” Ant replied, then ruffled the smaller man’s head. He gave an apologetic smile as Dec sleepily blinked up at him.

“The make-up’s gonna give you hell.” This made both of them laugh, bringing up a bright, wide smile from Ant.

“Come on, we should go before Simon actually fires us.” Dec’s voice was still scratchy but the sparkle in his eyes told Ant that it is going to be ok.

Dec frowned when Ant’s gaze lasted a little bit too long for his comfort, “Wha’? Do I have something on my face? I know that the make-up team’s gonna have trouble with my–” Puffs of light clouded his vision as his senses went into overload. Hot fingers dug into the back of his head and his hip. Wet, warm lips attacked his own; his arms and neck going tingly as the hairs stuck up on end. He thought the voice in his head would scream at him, telling him that this was wrong…but…nothing came. He wrapped his arms around Ant’s neck, deepening the kiss. He could feel Ant shaking and eagerly running a hand underneath his shirt. 

He didn’t want to break the best-kiss-he-ever-had but in the back of his mind, he knew they didn’t have any more time to spare.

“I’m sorry Anth, but we gotta go.” His heart warmed when Ant licked his lips with a dreamy look on his face.


“But one more thing…” Dec took a deep breath, “Since when?”

Ant grinned and gave him a wink, “Let’s go before Simon has our heads on his wall.” Dec wore a confused look while Ant took his hand, speeding through the many crew and contestants waiting around.

Fortunately, they got there in time before they recap the acts and the voting numbers. While Ant was waiting in the wings and Dec was having quick touch-up, there was some movement in the corner of Ant’s eye. On stage was Stephen Mulhern! He announced a short commercial break and was making his way over to them. They felt a little bad for Stephen for taking over their jobs, even though it wasn’t for long. But they also wondered how the audience and the viewers were taking their absence.

“What’re you doin’? Takin’ over our jobs?” Ant poked Stephen in the sides while he “scolded” their friend, making him laugh.

“I-I was told to fill i-in for you guys!” Stephen tried to move away from Ant as he held up his hands in defense. Dec couldn’t stop giggling.

“Unbelievable!!” Ant and Dec did their infamous “Stephen Mulhern impression” as the stage manager told them it was time to go on stage. Stephen grinned when Ant and Dec automatically locked hands with each other. He thought it was cute when they did “couple things” and didn’t notice that they did it. Unbeknownst to Stephen, something already blossomed and it was slowly turning into something beautiful.

The End

Author’s Notes:

Hope you enjoyed my first Ant & Dec fic! :D 

*And thank you so much until-the-colours-run for putting this idea in all of our heads~! <3

I couldn’t stop thinking up a little scenario in my head during Isaac’s performance tonight where ant and dec would be stood in the shadows at the side of the stage and dec would be listening to the lyrics of the song and get emotional that he can never be with ant the way he wants to or confess how he feels so he just brushes his hand with ants, trying not to let his emotions show as he waits to go back on stage..

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