bgsu quidditch

Girl who didn't mind losing

To the Entire BGSU team!

I just want to say that all of you had the most impressive showing I’ve ever seen! You were amazing Quidditch players, but you were also very classy people! Your keeper/captain was so nice to me even before we played you and lost, and that was so impressive! You were all incredibly cool and just awesome! It was a pleasure to lose to such an incredible team!

Kidditch camp feels

I feel so great about the kidditch camp yesterday! We had a teacher and 3 middle schoolers ask about how they could start middle school teams! Also, the 3 middle schoolers are so ready to be BGSU Quidditch players and one of them has been following and talking about us for the past year! So glad I had the chance to plan this camp! Next one will be even better!