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Simple video discussing my hair for the week.

Marva Braithwaite {Keynote}

Our morning keynote speaker is Marva Braithwaite, Brooklyn resident and founder of the Shannon T. Braithwaite Foundation. Shannon was Marva’s daughter and holds a special place in the heart of The Black Girl Project – the film that began this organization is dedicated to her. In the wake of Shannon’s senseless killing a little over 3 years ago, Ms. Braithwaite founded the foundation in order to “help our youth become more productive in their lives by allowing them to enjoy an environment that permits them to hone their skills and talents while developing them into industrious young adults.”

Ghylian Bell of The Urban Yoga Foindation leading a mini yoga session and connecting yoga to the real world.

She also announced a full scholarship for yoga teacher certication for young women and girls who participate in TBGP.

Stay tuned, details to come!