I’ve been making some word-memes for one of my favorite podcasts, “Bloody Good Horror” based on quotes I pull from their shows.

I love horror and cult films and adore the guys of BGH and their take on them. They cover new releases (“Godzilla”), old cult films (“Cannibal Holocaust”), extreme horror (“A Serbian Film”), and independent releases (“Triangle”) with thoughtfulness, excitement and a shitton of humor. I literally LOL all the GD time when I listen, which is usually awkward because I tend to listen at work or on the train. So basically they force me to look like a crazy person.

Since they tend to say a lot of amazing shit I decided one day to turn some quotes into art and sent it over to the on the ol’ Twitter. They loved them so much they’ve offered me a chance to make them for use in marketing the show.

I’m so thrilled and wanted to share my latest batch with you all because I’m extra-into these and not only because of ScarJo/Alienness (but definitely a bit because of it. Unf, gorgeous.)

You guys should check em out at “Bloody Good Horror” on iTunes and at - let me know what you think!