speedilyelegantscoopslams  asked:

What would be the most satisfying part of a wrestling match for you, besides winning?

If i beat a jobber it would be having my muscles worshipped and crotch rubbed and i’d wanna have my way with him 

but if i lose to a heel i think i’d be satisfied giving him what he earned

Plus i fucking love pinning someone down with my crotch in his face 

Or (haven’t done it yet) fuck his face after

anonymous asked:

Do you like choking jobbers? And do you always go for a choke out? Maybe you could even wake them up with a stomp to the balls and repeat the whole thing!

Fuck yeah you read my mind! I love choking jobbers till they’re almost out and then wake them back up again but not before i enjoy him a bit..

and then wake him up

and continue to abuse tf out of him

Part 4

After a long session of beating his pathetic jobber up for a workout, he decides to stretch along with him and enjoy the sight of his abused pecs as he prepared him for what’s next

Johnny’s starting to feel better about himself so he decide to START finishing off his new workout toy..he flips him upside down, where zack could see and smell his heel’s sweaty crotch that he’s gonna have to choke on later while getting his face fucked, and crashes head in one of the best piledrivers on bgeast and slamming his body making him bounce unconsciously

Johnny enjoyed that so much that he wants to do it again.. one piledriver could fuck a jobber up let alone two! 

Zack is exhausted.. he can’t tell what’s happening at this point.. he can just feel his body taking all these blows and slams.. he doesn’t have the strength to even massage himself to relieve some of the pain.. but guess what? Johnny’s having such a great time that he’s not fucking done yet..as if two piledrivers haven’t already left his jobber demolished - he goes for one of the most brutal corner splashes i’ve seen 

Look at how high zack’s body fucking bounced back! he’s fucking finished! no one could still get up after so many fucking finishers.. i don’t think Johnny cares what happens to Zack he just wants to have a good time.

speedilyelegantscoopslams  asked:

Would you rather receive a low blow, or dish 'em out?

Well it’s no secret that low-blows hurt and it’s not that fun but some wrestlers know how and when to pull off a ballgrab and squeeze just enough to make you look at him back and try to figure out what to do (and he probably sees it on your face) which is somewhat enjoyable 

Part 3

Johnny knows no mercy.. when he’s done with trashtalking Zack he gets back down for bussiness.. crushing Zack’s guts until his last bit of heel ego is redeemed.. and that’ll take a while 

Look at Zack’s perfect fucking body here.. wouldn’t you do the same, or even worse? i’d fucking knee drop his fucking gut so hard it’d be difficult to do it again..i wouldn’t have left his crotch alone either i’d stomp the fuck out of it and enjoy his moans

Zack can barely stay up but the new owner of his fit body helps him see what it’s like to go against him.. Johnny just wants to make sure his jobber’s so humiliated and battered that it’s planted in his memory

He’s still gloating.. he takes him into the ring for a pose to the a pic of the new jobber-heel relationship. there’s no going back.. Zack’s been marked by him and knows if he tries anything he’s gonna end up fucked up and unconscious..if it’s not already too late

Part 1

“What’s your favourite match?” this is one of my favourites:

Zack Jonathan foolishly decides to take on Johnny Firestorm - death wish..

Here he flexes confidently (he does have a great fucking body to torture) thinking he has everything under control

Johnny admires Zack’s body and starts plotting what he could possibly do to destroy it.. he goes for his first hit but he doesn’t expect Zack’s quick reaction

Getting his back slammed on the canvas like that by someone like ZACK didn’t do his ego any good but he’s still too suprised of Zack’s readiness, and Zack takes control of the situation..he humiliates Johnny’s reputation

Johnny finally gets his control of the match but he’s fucking furious.. he mercilessly pounds his new jobber abs REPEATEDLY..he doesn’t waste any time..you can see his fucking anger -he wants to fucking WRECK him.. you’d think he wants to punch THROUGH him 

anonymous asked:

What moment did you feel most helpless and dominated?

A few times but the one time that ill never forget is the rope torture i went through when i agreed to a no rules match..the guy wasn’t even bigger but he tied my hands at some point and kept beating me 

And i just gave when he tortured my crotch because i was already exhausted..idk how i feel about it because fuck i admit i was his jobber at that point (he didn’t actually touch my cock directly tho)

WHAT’S EVEN BETTER THOUGH is that he made me obey him and flex for him but HE wanted to worship my arms so he did for a bit and then had to go