BGC: Redemption; Return to the Mansion Review

So the BGC: Redemption; Returning to the Mansion special came on last night. And I have to say, I would be lying if i didn’t say this season is gonna be SUPER CRAZYYYY! All of those sneak peeks were giving me WAYYY TOO MUCH LIFE OMG. But based on those previews, here’s my take on the girls;

Camilla:Omg Camilla has been bae since day 1. So excited to see her on Redemption. I almost teared up watching her cry on the preview. I hope she deals with the issues she has going so she can grow even more :)

Rocky:I honestly don’t see why people have a problem with Rocky. But I don’t understand why everyone hates her now but when she was on BGC 10, everyone was literally riding her coat-tail. She honestly doesn’t seem bad, I gave her a clean slate on ASB2. Excited to see her fight Sarah though!

Sarah: SARAH SLAYEDDD THAT WALK-IN OMG! She looked so good during her interview. It was too funny when her and Natalie were gonna sell those drawings on Ebay *inserts laughing emojis*. It was kinda heartbreaking hearing her talk to Laura tbh. She seems like she has a lot on her plate. Very excited to see her again.

Judi: JUDI SLAYED LIKE ALWAYS!!!I was literally crying laughing when she was like “she’s a star! she’s a star! i’m a star! we don’t know who you are!” LMAO, Redd was dead silent after that. I liked watching Judi trying to be mature about her drinking in that preview with her and Julie. I guess she’s really taking action about her drinking problem. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER SLAY THIS SEASON!

Julie:Smh, where do I start. I really thought she was about to do good this season, but she disappointed me in the previews tbh. She really called Judi fake but she was talking like they were best friends in her home video. And she should be trying to support Judi rather than pushing her down. I could tell her, Judi, and Danni’s friendship was going to end sooner or later.

Danni: I honestly freaking love Danni. I love how she’s taking on being in the BGC house again, but this time, by herself. When I heard how she lost her baby, I was completely shocked and sad. That must be hard seeing your sister raising a baby of her own when you lost your baby :(. I love how she’s not flopping like most of the girls this season, and she’s keeping it 100 in the previews.

Jada:I honestly don’t know how to feel about Jada. I just have mixed emotions about her. I have to say, her bun was on point in that sneak peek. I love how Redd & her put their beef aside and became friends. I thought it was so cute when she told Redd “i need you here”. I’m kinda ready to see how the whole beef between her and Danni started too.

Redd:I’m glad that Redd put her petty side behind her and is tryiing become different. I honestly don’t think Redd jumped Natalie. But we will see on the show because the clips don’t lie. I don’t really think Redd is an All-star because she really wasn’t the star of Season 12. I think Mehgan should’ve took her spot.

Natalie: Natalie freaking Nunn. I didn’t really like Natalie on ASB1 but I feel like I’m warming up to her a little bit. It’s nice to see her moving on from Bad Girls Club after BGC13. I just don’t understand why she didn’t come to the reunion though (that was a pussy move tbh). I hope she doesn’t flop this season.

Overall, I thought Returning to the Mansion was pretty successful. ALL of the BGC community and most of the BGC Alumni watched (according to twitter), and I really think Redemption is gonna be the best season YET. I’ll be posting my opinions on the girls every week or so after the show airs, so look out for that. Don’t forget to watch the season premiere of Bad Girls Club: Redemptionnext Tuesday at 8/7c, only on Oxygen!

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bgcredemption like for reals I felt really bad for jada on her season bc of how she was treated but now she’s just like all them bullies like that’s fake ass hell. She thinks she’s all bad & tough now bc she’s finally not the outsider, so that gave her wings but I can’t wait till Camilla whoops that ass.

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