i just have one question:

Can someone please explain to me what state of mind Oxygen was in when they chose to be that piece of pure fuckery as the BGC reunion?

Like, i’ve been talking about this reunion ALL week & they give me this shit for part 1? really Oxygen? i thought we were actually niggas. 

Yall had me jumping  & running over shit trying to get to the tv nshit. all for that. i was like:

When they got over all that reacquainted lunch date shit, i was hype af like:

Then when Andrea came out & they started arguing, i got REAL hype, like i was ready!:

Then they say that “ Next week on Part 2 of the Bad Girl’s Club Reunion ” & started playing previews nshit & i was like:

i just feel a little betrayed Oxygen. but it’s cool, i’ll wait til next week i guess. just don’t expect me to be okay w/ this.