bgc9 mexico

Bad Girls Club Before & After Part 3

Starting from the Top:

Nastasia ( Stasi ) BGC7 New Orleans 

Kristen ( Blondie ) BGC5 Miami

Stephanie BGC10 ATL

Rocky BGC10 ATL

Lea BGC5 Miami

Erika ( Lucci Vee ) BGC9 Mexico

Natalie BGC4

Gina ( Gigi ) BGC11 Miami 

Jenniffer ( Jenn ) BGC10 ATL

Teresa BGC11 Miami

Janelle BGC11 Miami

Falen BGC9

anonymous asked:

what if they put someone from bgc on bb19

then we’ll be getting LOTS of fights and great feeds lol if they even do that I think we’d see Julie from BGC9: Mexico cause I know she’s an actual fan and she was very manipulative on her season. She sort of played it like it was Big Brother.