BGC10 Reunion Pt.1

I honestly thought this first part was a waste of time and definitely a way for oxygen to waste precious time because they honestly only had a two part reunion. I feel like everyone would have been comfortable with a two part reunion. I honestly didnt care who they met up with before the reunion and what shit talking they still had to say (which i imagine others felt the same way about) but oxygen felt the shit talking was a neccesary factor. The reunion didnt pick up til the last 15 minutes in which immeditely valentina get’s the hands from shannon followed by nancy jumping in to save her. Also valentina takes a huge plumet off the stage just to return back to the stage to fight Rocky. After as expected Rocky and Shannon are escorted of the stage and valentina leaves the reunion after a faint weather from the gash on her forehead or she just didnt wanna return. Either way the reunion started getting good towards the end but didnt even officially start hopefully the next two episodes make up for the flop of a first episode that oxygen supplied.

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BGC10 Reunion part .2

So last tuesday the 2nd part of the reuinion airred and let’s say it was a little better then the first half but also lagged a lot of the episode to the point i wasnt sure if i even cared to listen. It continued from where it left off where valentina was rushed to the hospital to get checked out. As well Alicia came out to the stage to replace valentina in her seat. As the arguements continue you realize Nancy isnt cool with alicia and alicia has no fight in her she pretty much chilled with taniesa eating. As well shannon just kept running her mouth bitch grew a lot of balls knowing she had back up. When nancy finally went to shut up shannon i think everyone was happy but was tossed of the stage by mannnon and her golith strength. She obviously was removed and she came back and got shannon in the face which was neccesary but instead of rocky putting the hands on nancy she just removes her from the area and continued to watch the fight. Taniesha then gets her whip cream can snatched and used as a weapon by nancy to hit shannon. The finale ends with jennifer coming out and calling shannon’s ass out resulting into the two beginning a fight in which has the remaining girls running towards the action. As well a lecture from paula to shannon on how they dont like each other but how shannon always liked her.