Tribute, at least according to the debriefing, had been a fucking massacre. Ninety percent of the fleet, half of the civilian population; they were still counting the Marine and Army casualties and Sokol got the feeling they would be for a while. A SPARTAN fireteam was “missing in action” as well; that euphemism wasn’t fooling anyone anymore.

But one of those SPARTANs had made it. Somehow. One Dexter Grif, not a scratch on him, even in traffic-cone orange. Must’ve been one hell of a soldier. Sokol spotted said traffic-cone orange on his limp into Medical and dragged himself over.

“Heard you were the only Spartan to make it off Tribute.”

this took me way longer than it should have to release lol.

anywho, this is just like the ones for women. the file includes BGC box braids and BGC dreadlocks in separate packages. Braids are in all EA colors and dreads (as usual) come in 4 :)

hope you enjoy!


*let me know if there are any issues

Accomplished Hair - BGC Version

@that-pixelated-life asked if I’d ever make a BGC version of my new hair and thanks to @wildlyminiaturesandwich‘s advice, I went ahead and did it. Everything is pretty much exactly the same as the version that requires MHS.

It should be BGC now but if you have issues with it, please send me an ask and let me know. 

And thank you all again for all the love I got on this. It really just made my day.  ♡ ♡ ♡


 **Make sure you download the one labeled BGC**

Baby Girl Crawford 10 years later (meaning, she's 14)
  • BGC:Dad, what is this picture?
  • Alyn:Oh, that's the time you and Mom visited me when I was training the new knights.
  • BGC:Wow, Dad. You look really handsome.
  • Alyn:[smirks] Thank you, baby..
  • BGC:So what happened?
  • Alyn:...
  • Princess:[muffled laughter at the background] You know, dear, people get older and--
  • BGC:I mean what happened to this that I was covered in dirt?
  • Alyn:[looks at his wife] 😏😏😏

You bitches are doing the absolute and utter utmost and you need to stop it right now!

You new queens are so spoiled and ungrateful! You guys need to start taking better care of each other. The world is cruel enough without you being so nasty and vicious to each other.

When I was coming up, we didn’t have BGC and A4A and BB&T, AT&T and Jackd and Grindr and Fuckr and all this new fangled foolishness.

In my day, if you saw a fine man, you just grabbed his dick and hoped everything worked out…

Back in my day, we didn’t even if have lube. We just had Vaseline and prayer!

You have all this new technology and still haven’t learned how not to be spiteful, bitter queens!

You are acting like middle school girls. You’re all talented, intelligent, grown ass men and you should settle this the way grown men settle problems and stop being so catty!

SIDENOTE: Miguel, you know Bruno’s man did NOT text you…because he was with me last night!


Grilled Cheese Wall Stickers
Request by: @grilledcheese-aspiration

-8 swatches
-All shown
-I hope you like them. :3

Terms of Use:

-Don’t claim as your own.
-Tag me if you use them! I’d love to see your work! (In other words, give me credit.)
-Don’t be a hater.
-Please don’t upload to pay sites!
-Don’t re-upload without asking me.
-Recolors are fine, but please credit.
-Enjoy! Or else..


someone do the signs as this vine pls