bgc season 7

Just finished BGC Season 7.

Insanity. Overall I have got to say that I liked it. It was a pretty intense season and it definitely kept me interested.

Here’s my analysis:

Girls I liked: Angie, Priscilla, Tiara, Judi

Girls I liked sometimes but not always: Shelly, Cheyenne

Girls I disliked: Staci, Tasha

I didn’t go by who was cool with who or “teams” or anything like that.

Angie was the first girl I saw and thought “I’m gonna like her.” I love Angie’s accent and her style and just how cute and adorable she is. Haha even when she was fighting she was adorable. She was bad too. I didn’t think she was a “flip flopper” at all. She was just Angie and she talked to whoever the hell she wanted to talk to. With Priscilla, it’s like the same with Angie. She’s cute, she’s from new york she has good style, she was pretty and more than that she could beat someones ass. I mean I like Judi a lot, but she WHOOPED Judi’s ASS. Hard. It just goes to show, if you were raised in the streets of NY it don’t matter how skinny you are you can kick ass. I liked Tiara A LOT. When I first saw her I honestly thought I would hate her. But she was easily the most liked person on the season. She was funny, she was bad, and she was cute with her little hair flip. And Judi was hilarious. Such a pretty girl and she was NOT a damn alcoholic. Maybe a lush but.They were getting so pissed at her for drinking, she’s a bad girl. Let her get it crackin. And she did become a better person at the end of the day and some people forget that that is what BGC is supposed to be about.

Shelly was mad cool and I loved her standing up for her beliefs and I loved her doing her charity. I think she’s a really cool person and I’m proud of her relationship with her girlfriend. However Shelly did bully a little bit when it came to Judi. I liked her more towards the end than I did in the beginning. Cheyenne just was not around for me to make a proper analysis. Her racist comment was rude but clearly she isn’t a racist, she just said what she meant the wrong way. And I don’t think she was nearly as messy as the girls made her out to be, but there was something about her that made me think she was just average. Forgettable. I did like her style though.

I didn’t like Staci AT ALL. I could go through so many reasons why but I’ll list the main ones. She was annoying. She stole Natalie’s “I run..” tag line which was dumb to begin with. She was fake, she was overly dramatic and I just for some reason could not stand her. As far as Tasha goes, I just don’t like people like that. I mean she was boring. I loved how she always had Priscilla’s back and they had a cute friendship but Tasha was just kind of annoying and boring to me. I didn’t hate her but I didn’t like her. With that said though, I do think that Perez’s treatment of her at the reunion was a little rude and uncalled for.

It sucks that the people that I like hate each other haha but whatev it was a good season and I’m just going by what I saw on the show with each girl individually. On to watch Season 8! I hope it’s as good.