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Maybe it’s because I’ve known New Yorkers and have gotten familiar with their ways, but what I saw on Tuesday’s episode is just what the fuck they do. Their street code is different. “You try to fuck with one of my friends, you fucking with me too.” They’re not about to stand by spectating if one of their friends gets into a fight; it’s always going to be all in, fair or unfair. So what’s everyone seeing as them jumping or bullying is just how they handle fights and show loyalty. NYC runs the bad girls house with Gigi, Steph, Benze, and Tiana in there, so their street code trumps over any other place. Just like what Benze said about Andrea trying to break them up was normal to her, because if you’re getting involved in a fight you’re either for or against someone depending on your actions.

With all that being said, the shit was still grimy.

I used to fuck with Gigi hardcore but as of now, I forgot the fuck why. Yeah, she got hands but she stay shit-talking in somebody else’s business. Like every damn time folks try to talk one-on-one here her loud ass come putting her two cents in. That’s probably how this whole Nae thing escalated. She hyped up the situation and got everyone else amped too. Like girl, stfu some time.

And Nae should’ve BEEN took her moody ass on home if she was missing the shit so bad. She’s not a bad girl. She just loves to have a good time and be the “it” girl of her circle. What she got in the end for not listening to herself and staying was fucked up, but them getting over her shit was bound to happen. She truly became a Debbie Downer all of a sudden and nobody wants anyone moping around in their circle, especially if getting a reason why is like pulling teeth out of you.

Andrea was weak from the jump. I knew that shit when she was talking all types of hot garbage when she was with Janelle alone but when it came down to more action than talk, she became a deaf mute. On multiple occasions. She caved at the slightest ounce of conflict and manifested this whole “I’m getting jumped next” scenario that spiraled into a meltdown. And you saw the girls’ reactions; all that shit she was looking over her shoulder waiting to happen wasn’t even on their minds.

At this point, I’m just watching the show to laugh at these goofy ass girls. They’re so wack it’s funny.

Oh, and that Youtube spoiler alert for the season I watched was wrong. Apparently there’s going to be 6 replacements, not 5. Not that that’s something to be proud about for this season but whatever.