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Christina Santini | 21 years old | The Hot Mess | Los Angeles, California

Christina is a party all in one. She is one girl that does not have a filter or care about hurting others feelings. She literally thinks she is related to Harry Houdini. But under all that she is truly one of the most funniest bad girls to date.

“I literally one of the most followed people on tumblr.” She laughed, “Like I mean, who doesn’t know Santini Houdini?”

“Come here you guys.” She said going over to the plants, “Group hug. I love you nature.” She smiled.

“I can’t wait.” She clapped.


Meet Nazanin Mandi | 21 | The Cali Cut-Throat | Los Angles, California | FC: Nazanin Mandi

“Hi people.” Mandi smiled, “My name is Nazanin but everyone calls me Mandi, and I’m 21 years old.” She said onto the camera.

“A lot of people say I’m cocky.” Mandi smiled, “But I know I’m the baddest bitch, like I feel like the baddest bitch.” She laughed flipping her hair in her casting tape.

“Like.” She smiled, “I do what the fuck I want to do.” She laughed, “No questions, I don’t even have to state it, I’ll do it, and if you don’t like it, you’ll get a fist to your face.” She shrugged.

“A  lot of people want to look like me.” She smiled, “I mean like the hair might be a little fake, but the rest is real.” She laughed.

“People think I’m this nice little dumb girl, but I’m not.” She rolled her eyes, “Like I will run your ass over.” She laughed.

“I can adapt in all situations.” She smiled, “You want to throw my stuff in the pool, I’m going to throw your things, and including you.” She laughed.

“I just want to have fun.” She smiled, “I hope the girls like me, or there will be problems.” She tilted her head.


Meet Breaunna”Babydoll” | The ‘Bama Boss| 22 years old| Mobile, Alabama| Open

Breaunna is  very outgoing and funny. She usually makes everyone feel better when they are down. But once her fuse pops off, be scared.

“I’m like the girl everyone wants to be around you know.” Breaunna smiled, “I’m that chick that will get you free shots an shit.”

“Take yo dusty ass, slutty ass home Bitch, cause I’m gonna wake up like this every single day hoe.” Breaunna said banging the pans in her face, “So, you might as well cause no one even likes your fake ass bitch.”

“when I turn into the monster girls automatically fall back like.” Breaunna laughed, “Like, let’s not make this a problem.”