bgc rima

Here is a LIST of reasons to not like, dislike and or HATE this bitch RIMA with reason and or feel freeto add and reblog your own. THANK YOU.

-Yes she is a mom but so was former BAD GIRL Portia of SEASON 4. Difference was Portia was a woman and knew where her priorities stand since she has a kid and a man back and couldn’t make it through the process because she realized being a mom and a woman was more important and being on this show jeopardized that integrity for her. Plain and simple. For Rima she CLEARLY went on THE BAD GIRLS CLUB just for SHOW AND TELL. She clearly has issues with being a mother so young and how the situation has affected her life but seriously she expects to deal and be rid of those resentments and feelings by being a BAD GIRL on THE BAD GIRLS CLUB? BITCH SWERVE. You need therapy, counselling, join a mother’s group. Erika was in the right she is an embarassment to single, young mother’s because she doesn’t have her shit together and clearly still doesn’t if she keeps making excuses and justifying her action. RIMA has even said herself she knows what’s good and bad for her she just chooses to do the bad. She has been known as the BGC9 punching bag for starting shit and not finishing it.

-SHE IS A SLUT. If you have a loyal man who has been with you through thick and thin no matter and always get back together why are you stringing him along and not letting him do his thing while your doing yours. RIMA is a manipulative, insecure, self centered skank but on a whole other level. Once you’re a mother you can’t be selfish! HER SON SHOULD’VE COME FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING! And sorry but not sorry I found it pathetic that Rima lether jealousy about Andrea andRicky J get to her. RICKY J was a side fling and clearly just there for the cameras too and didn’t even know about RIMA’s situation either! There is no black and white to Rima and how she carried herself and the choices she made THE BITCH DUG HER OWN GRAVE from DAY 1. And now she thinks that makes her a champion because she lived through it all? But look at what cost: she lost TRUE friendships, RESPECT from viewers/fans/other memebers of BGC, got her ass BEAT REPEATEDLY like I can’t even. Rima doesn’t deserve fame, respect, success. This GIRL clearly needs alot of work to do on herself, and growing up to do whichis unfortunate because you think with being a parent and all she would be well on her way with already being done with that but no. I just can’t stand Rima. Never liked her, always hated her. And she won’t be missed. BYE, BITCH! You’re BASIC.