bgc replacement


One thing that’s kept me from playing Hidden Springs was the fact that the grass was way too saturated and bluish. Here you have two recolors of only the original grass (not the withered versions), making it warmer and less saturated. To better see the differences, flip between the comparison images in full-view.

Important: EA actually made two sets of Hidden Springs grass. One set is basegame compatible and is a regular terrain paint, and the other is HS-exclusive and used to paint the HS world. They’re independent of each other, too - for example, if you replace the BGC grass, the HS world one will not be affected. If you download a replacement of the HS world paint, it will NOT affect the regular Build Mode terrain paint.

Download default replacements:

For basegame: ‘HS Grass’ darker | ‘HS Grass’ lighter
For Hidden Springs: ‘HS Grass’ darker | ‘HS Grass’ lighter

Download non-default replacements:

‘HS Grass’ darker and lighter
With altered descriptions and custom thumbnails.