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BTS as Bad Girls Club members

*I think this will be just funny, remember it’s nothing serious only for fun!*


Jin would be the one who’s nice in the beginning, but wouldn’t stay shut from anyone. Probably like Stephanie from season 16. Funny, nice, just wants to have a good time. Sassy.

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Suga would be like Seven from season 17. Mind his business, worried about himself, and his friends. But once he’s tried, that’s it. Chill, laid back, cute. Deadly tbh.

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I can see Hobi being like Jonica from season 12. REALLY funny. Chill, cool with everyone usually. Kind of a hoe. Flirty. Fun though. Chill asf and goofy

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I feel like RapMon would be a leader of some kind of clique. He reminds me of Wintrr season 16, but will know how to make problems. Probably dislike Jungkook. Jimin would be his fave

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Jimin would love drama I feel. I think of him as dream doll from season 16. (Love you Chim) Would be a little minion. really cute. Nice, but fake at times.

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V would be really nice, and chill but since he likes expensive shit the other boys would find him weird. I see him being like Loren from season 12.. Ready to pop off not caring of the consequence. & Boujie as hell.

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Jungkook being all big would try running the house, but real life can’t fight. He would LOVE starting drama, but end up bitching. Reminds me of Redd from bgc season 12 (LOVE YOU KOOOKIEEEEE)

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*please remember these aren’t serious, it’s for fun.*

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