bgc fight

Imagine Washington starting a snowball fight amongst the Freelancers.

  • Wash jokingly throwing a sloppy snowball at York and York’s eyes getting really narrow and fiery with anger. Everyone collectively lets out a low “…oooohhh…” and Wash runs like hell. 
  • Wyoming getting snow in his mustache
  • Everyone complaining because Carolina uses her cloaking and speed enhancements to go invisible and run around pelting everyone with snow
  • Maine’s armor blending in so he can just walk up to anyone and drop a gIANT snow pile on them
  • South hitting York in the chest with a snowball and rolling her eyes when York dramatically falls to his knees as if he’s been shot.
  • Delta announcing probabilities that York will actually hit someone 
  • Tex throwing a snowball so hard that it knocks Florida off his feet
  • South teaming up with CT and making a snow fort to hide in
  • Theta cheering on North and making fireworks when he does something impressive
  • Wash doing the move he did in S13 where he cuts his hand and throws blood it on an invisible Locus. But this time he just flings snow on Carolina, does that cocky wave hello, and pitches a snowball right at her.
  • Everyone eventually calling it a day and going inside to sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate made by Florida 

Do ya’ll remember this wack ass scene??