bgc christina

BGC14 1st Episode Review.

Tina: When I first saw her, the first thing that came through my mind is ‘This bitch is going to be another Rima. Pop shit off, does the most, but can’t back it up. This girl cannot blend in her sad of an excuse ass hair extensions for her life! Like bihh…What made me kinda annoyed by her when she called the Clermont Twins and Jela fake because of their ‘upscale’ lifestyle, like bihhh. Tina is trash and annoying to me and no one is gonna save her with that Wet Seal clothing she owns and her cheap ass weave she can’t properly install in her hair.

Jasmine: My, my, my, Judi has returned. But this is a sad-of-an excuse Judi replica. She does the most, especially when she yelling about some damn cigs and try to blame the Clermont Twins and Jela for it like bihhh like 1. It’s not that serious, ya’ll found it and 2. You’re not the Alpha male of the house, so for you to try to put a ‘scare’ on the girls by being aggressive over some damn cigs doesn’t make you tough, it makes you look stupid and childish!

Jelaminah: Queen, ugh her leadership ways and common sense makes me like her because she’s like me. And I am 100% supportive of Jela’s view of why she want to only date Black men.

Clermont Twins: DEFINITION OF WHAT A QUEEN IS. Love these boojie ass bitches and I respect them. Ya’ll can call them ‘fake’, ‘annoying’, ‘prissy’ all ya’ll want but I’m pretty sure you guys would kill to own the shit they have in their closet. I respect their hustle with their modeling and I adore their lifestyle. They’re on point all the damn time and I want to steal their dogs.

Lauren: Who the fuck finds it acceptable to wear low-cut cowboy boots with a tube dress? Who Jesus? Her voice is annoying, she’s sloppy as fuck, she just an annoying Redneck and is no different than the previous white girl Rednecks BGC had in previous seasons. However, I feel bad about how her brother passed away from a drug overdose. I’m glad she recovered from drug addiction, but I hope she works on her alcohol issues.

Kat: Eh. Whatever. She’s just there I guess…she’s at a neutral state with me.

Episode 1: 7.0/10