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BGC 12 Episode 8 Thoughts - "I'm Done"

Slim: I Lost Major Respect For Alex. She Says She’s A Psych Major But DEFINITELY Doesn’t Act Like It. I’m Majoring In Psych Too And I Would Of Handled Jada’s Situation 100% Differently. If Alex Used Her Teachings From Her Degree, She Would Of Knew The Pain Behind Jada’s Real Name And Would Have NEVER Questioned Her. Because She Was Onced Outcast Like Jada, She Should Have Pulled Jada Aside And Talked To Her. Instead, She Became Brainwashed By The Other Pathetic Girls In The House And End Up Clowning On Her. Respect Lost. When The Tables Turn On You Again, Which Will Happen Because Those Girls Flip Harder Than A Fish Out Of Water, My Sympathy Will Be At 0. 

Aysia: I Lost Respect For Aysia As Well. With The Love Triangle, I Felt Bad For Her Because She Made A Mistake And I Genuinely Felt That She Had Remorse For It. With Jada, You Would Think Aysia Would Stay Neutral But Nah. Just What Jada Said, Aysia And Slim Would Be The Last People She Woulda Thought Would Jump On Her Without Talking To Her. Aysia Also Was, And Currently Still, On The Crap List And Was Ousted Along With Slim & Jada. These Girls Called You Out Your Name, Said Bad Things About You & You’re Over Here Joining Them In Their Jada Bash. 

Jonica: I Lost Respect For Jonica Too ! Jonica Has A Real Chill Personality And A Head Full Of Curls But Her Relationship Mentality SUCKS. But In My Opinion, Diamond Must Like It The Whole Run Around Jonica Gives Her Because She’s Mad One Second, Giggling And Smiling With Her The Next. No. If My Man Was Cheating On Me And Constantly Telling Me, “He Can’t Help It”, Boo You’re Out The Door Because You Clearly Don’t Respect Me. Ain’t No Smiling, Dropping You Off Food, None Of That. The Life Coach Told Blu That She Needs To Lead The Group In A Better Direction But She’s Adding More Into This B.S. With This Jada Bashing. Why ?

Redd: I Have Sympathy For Redd’s Mother. Redd Leaving The House To Be There For Her Mom Is Something That Almost Everyone Would Do. I Was Happy That She Was Leaving The House On The Low, Though. Let Me Tell You. In High School, I Knew A Girl, Who Just So Happen To Be Big, Who Acted JUST LIKE REDD TO EXACTLY THE T. So I Know Everything About Redd’s Personality And I’m Not Here For It. 

Loren: This Goat Has Never Gained My Respect From The Get Go. She Fights Jada For The 12342th Time And I Don’t Understand Why BGC Keeps Sending Jada Away Instead Of Loren. Loren Talks About How Jada Is Fake But Loren Is Fake Too! She Says She Can’t Stand Redd But She Still Hangs Around Her. She Says Jada Is Disrespectful & Starts The Fights But With This Recent Fight, Loren Started It. Jada Wasn’t Bothering Her. Jada Was On The Phone, Talking Business And Hoodrat Loren Starts Mocking The Way She Talks And Starts Yelling At Her While Jada Is On The Phone. They End Up Fighting But You Can Never Tell Who Does What In These Crappy BGC Edited Fights. Apparently, Loren Has A Problem With Girls Who Talk Proper. Uhmm I Understand  Joseline From LHHATL More Than I Understand Loren. When I’m On The Phone With Companies And Buisnesses, I Change My Voice Too. TF ?

Britt: She Doesn’t Like Redd But When Redd Calls, She’s Excited, Rolling On The Floor Like A Freaking 2 Year Old. I’m Not Even Gonna Waste My Time.

Jada: Jada Is The Only Girl I Like In The House At This Point. Jada’s Real Name Is Angela Nicole. Jada Doesn’t Want To Go By That Name Because It Brings Too Many Memories Of Her Past So She Changed It To Jada To Reinvent Herself. I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Everyone Else Is Having A Fit Because They’re Like “Why She Never Told Us Her Real Name?” “She’s Crazy & Belongs In A Mental Institute Because She Created A Fake Person” And All That B.S. Everyone In The House, Including Jonica, Basically Bashed Jada. 1st Of All, Like Jada Said, She Doesn’t Owe Or Have To Explain Squat To Anyone. If I Changed My Name To “Afrika Bambaataa”, Unless You’re The Cops Or A Judge, I Don’t Have To Tell Anyone Why I Changed It. They’re Acting Like Jada Killed Someone And Stole Their Identity.

*Special Guest* BJ: BJ Is Alex’s Boyfriend. When He Came To The House, Alex Explained To Him About Jada And Her Name Situation. His Response Was “Maybe She Didn’t Like Her Old Name And Wanted Something New. What’s Wrong With That. Y'all Are Being Petty”. WHY COULDN’T ANYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE UNDERSTAND THAT CONCEPT?

BGC 12 Rankings

1. Jonica: I like her still even though she is technically in the “click,” But she doesn’t let that define what she does or who she hangs out. I love her, and I think she is very real. I also think she is probably the smartest and most realistic bad girl in the house. 

2. Alex: I like her shockingly. I thought she was going to be the most conceded obnoxious “model” in the house. But actually she is one of the chillest ones. I also like the I don’t give a fuck attitude and doesn’t give the bullies/haters club the time of day. She’s cool. 

3.. Aysia: I like her. She is cool. she didn’t look like she was acting that thirsty to me. Most of the time I saw Blu kiss her. So why aren’t the haters club not mad at Blu for kissing Aysia when she technically has a gf? So petty they are just hating on Aysia. I don’t blame her for not standing up for herself, because at the end of the day those haters are petty as hell and she would of just kept provoking the petty ass bitches to keep poking and prodding at her because they saw a reaction. Just like school yard bullies, pretty pathetic. I think she played it chill and laid back like Alex did in the second episode, and they don’t pick on her anymore. It just goes to show the other girls are just being bored bullies. It is pretty pathetic. 

4. Jada: She really wasn’t in this episode that much other than the beginning. All I ever saw of her was really walking around the house. IDK I’m on the line of weather I like her or not. I think she shouldn’t of let REDD get that kind of reaction from her, because that is exactly what she wanted, and then at the end of the day you still let her sleep in your bed. It’s like rewarding a kid for bad behavior. You gave her exactly what She wanted which was a reaction and to sleep with you.

5. Britt: I had high expectations for her too, and it’s all gone to shit. She looks like another hater. I feel like her and REDD are just hating on Ayasia because Loren said she dosn’t like her for some petty shit. Really, what is you legitimate reason for not liking Ayasia… 

6. REDD: Man…. I thought she was going to be cool. But I was so wrong, and I hate that! She is a petty ass bully who has tantrums when people don’t do what she wants. stfu and stop hating on people because they look better than you. Also don’t call someone a slut when you openly admitted five billion times that you slept with your sisters husband. Like really. Such a hypocritical hater. Also tbh you have no reason to hate Ayasia. She didn’t do anything to you. 

7. Loren: She is such a hater, and is the mother duckling to the haters club. She is really annoying. Like she gets mad at the most pettiest shit ever. Really… you screaming and hollering over an X on your face. News flash your huge ego kind of ruins any good looks you have. X marks the spot for the most irrelevant bitch in the house. You think you run something. You don’t run anything but a bunch of petty ass hating bitches… please go mobile, and go back to Alabama. Bye Valentina…

BGC12 Episode 4 > WTF

This Is Why You Don’t Hype These Hoes Up Before The Season Because All Those Broads Turn Out Fake AF

Redd: I Used To Be Sensible To Redd Because She’s Overweight But IDC That Redd Is Fat, She’s A Bully, Instigator, Fake, Pest & Everything In-Between. Just Because You’re Big Doesn’t Mean You Can Be Rude To People Knowing They Can’t Fight You. Redd Definitely Runs That Fake Pack. TBH, She’s Low-key Jealous Of Aysia Which I Why She Hates On Her So Much. She Called Aysia A Slut Bucket For Liking Jonica BUT She Slept With Her Brother-In-Law & Tried To Rape Jada.

Loren: I’m Currently In Alabama & I’ve Seen Plenty, PLENTY Of Lorens Running Around Here. That’s Why When I Saw Her For The First Time And Saw She’s From AL, I Knew She Was Gonna Be The Loud & Ratchet One. Turns Out I’m Right.She’s So Freakin’ Irrelevant, Man. Let Me Tell You What It Is. She Probably Bragged To Everyone Before The Season Talking About “I’m Gonna Be The Baddest” And That’s Why She’s Sooo Turnt Up. People Probably Told Her She Looked Like Camilla So She’s Tryna Live Up To Camilla’s Name. (Which I Don’t Like Camilla Either). She’s Insecure And Feels Threatened By The Other Pretty Girls. That’s Just What It Is. One Of The Girls Put A X Sticker On Her Face And She Wanted To Act Like Someone Shot Her Brother Like It’s NOT THAT SERIOUS. The Producers Probably Put It Up There To Let You Know That You’re Irrelevant AF And Don’t Run Nothing. She’s A Follower Of Redd And One Of The Whackest Broads In That House.

Britt: She’s The Biggest Joke I’ve Ever Seen

Jada: From The Continuation From Last Week, I Would Of Squared Up Against Redd For Tryna Mess With Me But Instead She Crumbled Under The Pressure Which I Can Understand. It Wasn’t Said But I’m Pretty Sure Jada’s Father Molested Her And With Redd Was Talking About “I’m Not Leaving Because I Want To Sleep With You” Had To Make Her Uncomfortable Because I Know I Was. Other Than That I’m Still 50//50 On Jada. 

Alex: I Like Alex And Every Episode, It Shows That The Girls Hate On Her For No Reason At All. I Like How Low & Out Of The Drama She Is. Having That Moment With Her Father Really Made Me Sad And I Can See Exactly Why She Has Trust Issues With People. I Also Thought It Was Cute When She Slipped Up And Told Her BF That She Loved Him. One Step At A Time, Slim

Aysia: I’m SO OVER The Pathetic 4 Bashing Aysia For No Reason. Aysia Is Pretty And They’re Mad. Loren Looks And Sound Ratchet AF, Redd Is Big With A Horrible Mindset And Britt Is A Joke With Her HORRIBLE Makeup, I Can See Why They Hate ! Aysia And Jonica Are Grown Not In Middle School. If They Want To Mess Around, Let It Be THEIR Business. They Treating Aysia Like She’s A Thirsty Hoe Like Uhmm Last Time I Checked, Jonica Pursued Her First And Jonica Is The One In The Active Relationship. TF Outta Here. I’m Glad Aysia Stands Up For Herself. I Really Need Her To Smack Each Broad One Good Time. Those 3 Slut Shaming Aysia Made Nooooo Sense At All. That’s One Thing Girls Do That I Don’t Understand. You Can Be A Virgin Saint And If Y'all Arguing, They’ll Call You A Hoe & A Slut. SMH

Jonica: 1st Off, Jonica’s GF Diamond Looks Like The Chicago Bull’s Mascot To Me. Now That I Got THAT Out The Way, That Triangle Between Jonica, Aysia & Jonica’s GF Is Jonica’s Issue. IDK Why The Other Girls Are SO CONCERNED With It. Jonica Is Real Chill And Laid Back But Her Hanging With The 3 Town Idiots Was Really Affecting Her Look. However, Let Me Tell You How Happy I Am That She Disconnected Herself From The 3 Stooges. They Are A Bunch Of Bullies With No Lives & She Finally Saw It. Redd, Loren & Britt Can Talk Mess All They Want To All The Other Girls But If You Notice, They Don’t Say ISHH About Jonica Because They All Know That She’ll WHOOP. DAT. AZZ. 

Bring On Next Week!

Thoughts On #BGC12 Episode 3

                             Still Disliking Girls More And More

Aysia [New Girl]: Even Though Aysia Got Sid From Ice Age’s Eyes And Master Splinter’s Front Teeth … . I Got Used To Her Face Real Quick And TBH She’s One Of The Prettiest Girls In The House. In Her Confessionals She Looks The Best For Sure. AND She’s Looks Just As Good Without Makeup, Which Is Rare In The BG’s House. I Do Feel Like Her And Jada’s Fight Was Pointless And She Did Get Buck Way Too Fast But You Gotta Hold Your Own As A Replacement In A House.

Jonica: The Best Bad Girl Here. I Respect How She’s Still Keeping Her GF At Home In The Loop. It Shows Character To Me. With Aysia, Jonica Also Looks Good Without Makeup. I Like Her And Aysia’s Relationship But When Jonica’s GF Comes To The House

Jada: In The Beginning I Didn’t Know If I Was Gonna Like Jada Or Not And I Still Don’t Know. However, She Takes Off As A Follower To Me. I Do Think How The Girls Are Harping On Her “Sexuality” Is Real Childish. If She Doesn’t Like Girls, She Doesn’t. You Can Tell Jada Is The Type Of Girl That Flirts With Other Girls But Not Go All The Way With Them. Her Situation With Redd Is Lowkey Scary To Me Because Redd Doesn’t Understand No. I Was Mad How She Had A Fine Darkskin Hunk On Her Bed But The Other Girls Were Trying To Argue With Her So She Couldn’t Snuggle With Her Chocolate Man.

Redd: I Really Thought I Was Gonna Like Redd But She Dropped To 0% With Me SO FAST. Redd Has Some Deep Issues That She Needs To Take Care Off. She’s An Instigator & A Bully. IDK What’s Her Fascination With Jada But It’s Reminding Me Of Brandi/Lea From BGC5. Someone Needs To Cast Redd On Orange Is The New Black With Her Prison Rape Mentality. That Whole “I’m Getting In There” Charade Was Creepy AF. I Am Pretty Sure If There Were No Cameras Or Girls Around, She Probably Would Of Raped Jada.

Loren: Never Liked Her. She’s Irrelevant And Gets Loud For NO REASON. She’s Tryna Be The “Baddest” But She Looks Like The Stupidest. She Wants To Get Mad At Aysia For Telling Jada What She Said About Her But She’s The Very Same One That Ran And Told Alex What Jada Said About Her

Alex: Ehhh She’s Cool Still. She Laid Low This Week

Britt: She’s Very Irrelevant. I Keep Forgetting She’s On This Season BUT She Fought Jada For Camera Time. With All Those Girls In One Doorway, Someone’s Body Is Going To Touch Someone Else’s Body So Her Getting Buck For A “Bump” ? BYE. Didn’t She Say Last Week She Wanted To Stir Trouble Because It Was Too Quiet ?

Overall, I Noticed Each Girl Has Some Type Of “Daddy Issues” Which Is Really Sad. That Goes To Show You A Father Can Make Or Break Their Daughters. A Lot Of Men Don’t Understand That Tho. ON TO NEXT WEEK!

BGC12 Episode 6 Thoughts *Big Sean's Voice* Britt STFU

A Whole Bunch Of “Girl Bye!” In This One.

Slim:  Alex May Lay Back And Not Indulge In Drama But Alex Can’t Differentiate The Lines Of Disrespect. The Girls In The First Few Episodes  Were Really Jumping On Her And She Just Took It. Anyone Being Put In That Situation Like Slim Definitely Would Of Stood Up For Themselves But Slim Doesn’t Want Problems So She Ignores It. I Think It’s Very Important That She Stands Up For Herself. No Girl In The House, Or Anyone In The World For That Matter, Is Better Than You. Don’t Allow Them To Think They Are.

Aysia:  I Really Like Aysia & She Was One Of The Prettiest In The Photoshoot.After Talking To Loren And Britt The Last Episode, It Seems Like The 3 Of Them Are Buddy Buddies. It Nice To See Aysia Not The Target Anymore But I Woulda Of Questioned Loren & Britt’s Friendly Gestures. If We’ve Been Beefing, Gossiping, Threatening To Beat Eachother Down One Moment And Then Friendly The Next, I Wouldn’t Have Gone For That. Not Only Are Loren & Britt Not To Be Trusted But One Does Not Simply Put All That Anger Away So Fast. There Is Levels To This Shiznit. Aysia Meeting With The Life Coach Was Really Informational. Not Only To Aysia But To Everyday People. I’m Majoring In Psychology And What Dr. Laura Said Was Makes 100% Sense. The Way You Walk Really Gives People A Look At Who You Are. If You Walk Slumped, Head Hanging, And Feet Dragging, It Lets People Know That You’re Not Confident And Can Be A Easy Target. Aysia Is Pretty & That’s The Sole Purpose Of Their Hate. Insecure Much ?

Jada: After The Aysia Bullying Died Down, The Jada Target Went Right Up. How The Pathetic 3 Are Ganging On Jada Is Truly Pathetic. Ganging On Her Sexuality, AGAIN. Britt (From The Club) Comes Over The House And All Jada Does Is Cuddle And Talk With Her. She Said She Couldn’t Hook Up With A Girl But The Girls Want To Call Her Gay. Maybe She Isn’t Gay, Maybe She Just Wants Affection, WTF. Growing Up In Jada’s Shoes, She Probably Just Wants Someone To Hold. What’s Wrong With That ? Ganging On Writing Skills Is Extra Pathetic. People Have Different Ways Of Venting. Some Run, Some Box & Some Do Drugs. Jaada’s Just So Happen To Be Writing, How Are You Going To “Grade” Someone’s Poetry Especially If It’s There Own ? The Other Girls Are Mad Petty And 6 Episodes In, I’m Freaking Tired Of It.

Jonica: I Love Jonica. From Her Looks To Her Chill Demendor Like It’s Everything. She Also Was The Prettiest At The Photoshoot. Jonica Meets With The Life Coach And Laura Believes That Jonica Could Be The One To Help Change Those Girls. First Off, Jonica Tells Redd About Herself Which I’m Glad She Did Because No One Else Was Gonna Do It. Jonica Isn’t Afraid Of Anyone And Everyone Respects Her. They Might Not Say It But You Can Tell. Even Though She Doesn’t Agree With The Pathetic 3, She Still Hangs With Them Which I Don’t Like But To Each It’s Own. One Thing Jonica Needs To Fix Is Her Commitment Because Chilleeeee She’s Gonna Get Aysia Hurt Next Week.

Loren: Irrelevant As Irrelevant Can Be. Now She’s Friendly To Aysia, Which I Don’t Trust At All, But Wants To Jump On The Petty Train And Mess With Jada. Loren Wants All This Respect From People When She’s The Main Problem. You Don’t Want People Popping Off Nails, Getting In Your Face But YOU Pop Off & Scream In People’s Ear In This Goat Tongue Hymn But Expect People To Respect You. 

Redd: Redd Said She Use To Bully People But She Still Is A Bully. Dr. Laura Said It Best “Redd Is The Type To Want To Control The Information Going Out”. Redd Is Petty, Instigator, Bully And Everything Else Negative. She Needs To Lead A Pack And Make People Feel Inferior So She Can Feel Superior. However, I’m Glad She Sees How Much Of A Bully She Is. Hopefully She Learns (She Doesn’t) But As Of Right Now,  I’m Done With Redd With Two D’s.

Britt: Britt Is The Definition Of A Nobody. She Has No Real Drama, She Follows The Pack. You Know When You Get A Hot Dog And The Companies Say You’re Getting The Legit Stuff But You’re Actually Getting The Neck, Butt, Inner Thighs And Everything Else? Yeah, That’s Britt. She Isn’t Real, She Stuffed With Fakesness And Everyone Else’s Drama. She Wants To Prove She’s Bad But She Looks Stupid. Everyone Is Trying With The Life Coach, She’s Too “Bad” To Cooperate. She Wants To Fight SO BAD That’ll She Jump In Other People’s Fights. Slim Called The Computer In The Limo But Jada Got To The Computer First. Was That Childish Of Jada To Do ? Yes. Was Slim Bothered ? Nah. But Britt Was Bothered SO MUCH By That Situation, She Decides To Tell  SCREAM OUT HER OPINION TOWARDS THE SITUATION. Now She Wants To Fight Jada. 

Watching These Episodes Are Seriously Draining Me. I Love That BGC Has A Life Coach Because She Can Potentially Help The Girls. But  Next Week Looks Craaaaazy. Are You Gonna Watch ?