another challenge! - base game starter home challenge by @meisiu

100% base game without any custom content. do you think you can do it?


  • must be under 20k
  • include basic necessities
  • bas game only and no custom content

once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some eople. you may put your houses for download if you want to. tag your posts #BGSHC on the gallery!

base game moblie home

size: 20x15, 1 bed and 1 bathroom

here is a base game compatible little mobile home for your sims that are in love with nature! it costs about 16k and is perfect for a new gardener living in oasis springs.

available for download on the gallery! cause i’m trash and can’t deal with mediafire lol

ID: nullxmoon

i’d like to day thank you to @ohthesefaces for tagging me! it took me a while to do get this done, but it was totally worth it! tysm ^^

i’m tagging @simstellation, @fakefleur, @sleepysimmys, @foreversimsxo, @unicornsimmer12, @vvatore and @doeeyedsims!! i hope you don’t mind doing it, if you’ve already done it then i hope you’re not annoyed by this c: you’ll have lots of fun, i swear!

10  reasons Tanisha Thomas is a gift from God

1. She taught us about loving ourselves AND BE PROUD OF WHO WE ARE

And that self-confidense is everything

2. she proved that there’s nothing wrong with calling out a bitch

3. She also knows the importance of food

4. She is the QUEEN of style

5. She knows PRIORITIES

6. She knows how to make people respect her

7. She would make an awesome friend

8. She’s also the queen of sass

 9. she’s the definition of Boss Ass Bitch