BTS reaction to their gf dancing a duet with another boy


He would be really proud of you. He would be jealous that he couldn’t dance as well as your dance partner but he wouldn’t show it. Also, if he saw that boy getting too close he would feel a little worried and nervous.

“That was incredible, jagi. Maybe you could teach some of those moves.”

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He would feel embarassed of himself but he would be amazed by the way your body moved. That feeling would change as soon as your dance partner touched your body. If looks could kill, well… You know.

“You were amazing but, I mean… Did he really need to get that close?”

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He could'nt stop smiling when he saw you dance like a professional. He also would feel frustated that he couldn’t be your dance partner but wouldn’t show it. Yoongi would probably feel inspired by you.

“Could you dance for me on the MV’s from now on, please?”

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He would literally scream your name the whole time. Hoseok wouldn’t even mind about the guy that was dancing with you. He knew that he was better and someday you two could dance your own duet.

“Hey! That’s my girlfriend! That’s my awesome sunshine!”

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He would be really happy for the fact that you enjoyed dancing as much as him and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. But, in the other hand, he would feel really jealous. He would try to not to show it but he would end up failing and asking you a lot of questions about him: “Is he a good dancer? Why him and not me? Did he touch you where he didn’t have to?…”

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He would feel really happy and proud for you. V would'nt care about the other guy but as soon as he touched you, he would feel a little hurt. When you finished he would try convince you to dance a duet with him till you accepted.

“Oh, yes! That’s my jagi! I’ll dance even better than him. I promise.”

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He would be serious all the time. He wouldn’t take his eyes off from your partner but the moment he saw you dance he would literally be shook. He was really jeaolus because he wanted to dance with you but he wouldn’t say anything because he’s too shy.

“Literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. But it would be better withouth that guy over there.”

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Hot and bothered

Lewin: He will grin at you and ask you the most embarrassing, and way too personal, questions in a normal speaking voice which had you hissing at him to whisper or stop it altogether as a furious blush crept from your neck up to your hairline. There would be small but teasing gesture to get you even hotter and you pray that none of your colleagues catch up to what’s going on.

Mephisto: He’s all here for that shit. Seriously, if the big meeting wasn’t extremely important for his masterplan there’s a huge chance that he will just use his powers to fuck you in front of everyone without them noticing.

Shiro: He’ll put a hand on your knee to still any movements - whether to ease the itching in your core or to turn him on too - and tell you that he will gladly help you once this is finished. Tho be careful, he will tease you throughout the whole meeting and expect you to be quiet.

Monsta X reaction when their S/O asked to have oral sex when they are drunk/high af..

Shonwo being the sweetheart he is would probably refuse because he wouldn’t want to take advantage of you, and would most likely help you change into something comfortable and tuck you into bed with pills and water and a trashcan next to the bed for when you wake up.

Wonho he’d probably start laughing and shake his head and help you into bed. He probably wouldn’t feel comfortable changing your clothes for you. But he will have a water and pills ready for you. Most likely will forget about the bucket.

Minhyuk would be freaking out and think you’re just way too high and probably tell you that you need to stop getting high because you’re asking weird ass questions lol

Kihyun would probably nag at you for being high and asking inappropriate questions when the other members are around, even if you whispered it. He’d probably just roll his eyes and ignore you even if you tried aegyo on him. 

Hyungwon, let’s be real he’ll just ignore you because he knows you’re high and would only want it when you’re normal or when he’s actually in the mood to give or receive.

Jooheon would probably think it’s funny that you’re drunk AND high asking to suck his dick or for him to eat you out. He’s in the middle, I think he’d probably give, but wouldn’t like to receive in case something happens. As long as you’re feeling good. But, that’d be the only thing.

I.M would probably giggle and refuse, he’s still quite young so I’m sure he wouldn’t know what to do if you were high or drunk asking very sexual questions, he’ll say no!




Girl Groups As High School Students


The ones who will end you in a dance battle. They’re so good at dancing but still remain humble about it. Also have a really dorky side which only comes out if you get to know them better.

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The ones who are slowly becoming more popular in school. People start to notice them in the halls more. They’re all very sweet but not many people know that about them.

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The ones who people still don’t completely know everything about. They don’t know the different sides of them. People also don’t know how loving they can be like hyunjin’s love towards bread.

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Ladies’ Code

The ones who are a little different from the rest (in a good way). They also have extremely good fashion taste. Are also so much cooler than you.

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Red Velvet

The ones who have two different sides to them. Most of the time people see their upbeat and bubbly selves. Are also extremely mature and cool, which people don’t get to see as often.

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The ones who people don’t really know. Everyone pretty much ignores them AND SLEEPS ON THEIR AMAZING TALENT; they’re also very young but very talented.

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The ones who are really mature. Kinda like the opposite of Red Velvet - everyone sees their mature side but not so much their dorky and fun sides. Are very fun people to hang out with.

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The ones who are instant hits whatever they do. Wear a new hairstyle to school? The next day everyone is styling it. Put on different lipstick? Everyone will eventually get it.

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The ones who were popular as soon as they entered school. Everyone loves them and can’t get enough of them. But, they have really strict parents who don’t let them hang out with anyone after school.

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Girls’ Generation

The ones who are the literal queens of the school. They’re the most popular one can get. They’re also really sweet and amazing people to talk to, despite however intimidating they may seem.

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The ones who are always singing. You can always hear them in the halls singing at the top of their lungs. Are also probably the dorkiest people at school, and everyone loves them too.

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The ones who are always moving because of their parent’s job. Probably only spend a year or a bit more at one school. But whatever school they go to, people really like them and join the ‘popular crew’. Are very humble and down-to-earth too.

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