GOT7 - Their reaction to finding out that they weren’t your original bias.



“Y/n, you know I will always respect your opinion but Jinyoung, really?”


“That’s fine. Now that you’ve actually met him he’s not your favourite.”


“I see how it is.”




*Gives you the silent treatment.*


“Me and Yugyeom need to have a long conv-”

You: “Bambam!”

“Friendly and completely innocent chat.”


“What? Why? When? How?”


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When he entered the room and saw that you’re taking a shower, Jaebum would immediately run to the bathroom in a an innocent way, offering a massage to you, being cute and clingy and all this stuffs, but with totally another intention! You obviously wouldn’t say no, and I have 100% sure that like, 2 minutes after he goes there with you, YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. He could really do the massage that he talked about, but with a lot of hands here and hands there, teasing you ‘till you ask him exactly what he was expecting, being all proud and happy as if he won the world, and telling you how much he liked it until you two do it again.

“Y/N let me get there with you to have fun together”

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such a shy mess no matter what If Mark get back home and for any motive decide that he want a shower with you (because he listen the noise of the shower), he could die before ask. Even if he looks like a fuckboy, inside he’s lost when it comes to this kind of things. He would enter the bathroom and just look at you, go back and after 2 minutes do the same, and in a shy voice ask if it’s okay to come in. When he gets there with you, he would get more confidence to touch you and kiss you under the water, ‘till you know what happens and it would be really hot. After that I think Mark could be really surprised with him and with you for do this kink stuff in the shower, but it really doens’t mean that he don’t like it, actually he liked it a lot but woulnd’t say it, just smiling and being happy for a while.

“Hm… Y/N… Can I take a shower with you?…”

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Jackson could enter the bathroom while you’re in the shower and just stay there looking, until you say something  or ask wtf is he doing there and then he would smile and make a stupid joke about save th world and enter with you, without ask or anything but not like he need. In the begining Jackson would really just take the shower, playing with the water throwing in your face and this things, but after he realize “omg I’m here naked with her in the shower and it’s so sexy and OMG freaking out” he could get a bit shy, but just a little bit, and would be really impossible to him hide the fact that the situation excites him. To me, you would have to take the first step, because he wouldn’t know if you’re okay with this dirty things. After you take the step, hungry Jackson would appear and no one control this boy. He could even talk about this with the members bragging a lot about what you’ve done.


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Another guy without pure thoughts but acting like a pure angel. Jinyoung would get back home and notice that you’re in the shower, and he wouldn’t lose this opportunity. Acting like wants nothing, and being very less obvious than JB, he would just enter there smiling at you saying he just want a shower together, but that would definitely change in llike, 2 seconds, when he start with a lot of complains about your body and sexy comments about the situation ‘till you get excited and then he would attack you without hesitation, getting exactly what he wnats.

“hey baby, I’m a really luck guy, aren’t I?”

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This would be totally an acident. Like, you two are tired because of a stressful day or anything like that and you decide to take a long and hot shower. When Youngjae comes back home he have the same idea, and smiling kindly he would enter in the shower with you, and then the accident happens. This baby doens’t have any second intentions, he just want to take a shower with his jagiya, but little innocent kisses could start to get more and more and more hot, in a way that even he don’t understand how. If you guys really end up having sex there, he could apologize himself so much after this, thinking that you thought he was panning this since the beginig and know ou see him as a perv I don’t think this as something bad but Youngjae is too pure for this world

“I-I’m sorry… I d-d-don’t know what happened…”

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laughing with shame


How do you know he’s not big? I have to say something more?

okay so BamBam would really plan this, like enter in the bathroom while you’re taking your shower during all the week, but never really take a step. After one week you could start to think that he’s acting really strange, but exactly that time is when he would do something. With a very ambiguous smile he would enter in the bathroom without do anything else. BamBam could tease you and let you do whatever you want ‘cause he love when you take the command on this things, and he would let you do almost evrything, just folllowing you, to in the end, pass the next weeks teasing you about that and calling you a kink girl.

“Y/N Look at me and say you don’t love what we’ve done?” 

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Looks like a baby but have an absolutely dirty mind Yugyeom would act 100% without think, letting all his young hormones make the decisons. When he listen the shower the first thing that could cross his mind is “shower sex” and he would run to the bathroom and just enter there maybe forgetting to take out his clothes? I think it’s really sexy and immediately kissing and touching without let you think. He could love this more than he can explain, making this became he new habit with you and talking with you very clearly about that.

“I can’t think when I see you like that…”

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EXO when they catch their crush staring at a pic of them on their phone

Xiumin: “Wouldn’t you rather look at the real thing?”

Luhan: *does the pose in the pic until you notice him*

Kris: *pats himself on the back* “I knew I was their style.”

Suho: He’d be so flattered finding you looking at a picture of him that he wouldn’t know what to say.

Lay: “Is that Y/N… and a picture of me…” *slowly making connections*


Chen: “I see what you’re looking at over there.”

Chanyeol: When he sees it’s a sleevless pic that you’re looking at, he starts showing off his arms more in front of you. Gotta flex these arms…

D.O.: *squishysoo*

Tao: “As expected.”

Kai: *becomes shy*


MAMAMOO - Reaction when you surprise them at practice.



“Do you know how much I have missed you?”

You: “I saw you this morning.”



*Wouldn’t leave you alone the whole time.* 


“My favourite person in the whole world.”


“Not that you should be worried but you’ve never seen the members in practice before and you should probably be worried. ”

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Kard reaction to a random number harrassing you and asking for nudes? This happened to me sort of recently and it was wierd, shocking, and somewhat scary. I told them they were texting a wrong number and they found out I was a girl and then... yeah.

of course!! (and i’m really sorry that that happened to you! :( :( i hope you’re okay?)

B.M -

B.M would be furious. He would take your phone immediately and call the number back, totally chewing out whoever answered. If nobody picked up, he’d leave an equally as scathing voicemail. Only then would he think to ask if you were alright, taking you by the shoulders and looking deeply into your eyes to make sure you were being honest with him. He might try and find some humor in the situation depending on your reaction, but if you weren’t feeling that then he’d sober himself up and try and cheer you up some other way.

“What the f*ck? Who the f*ck is this??”

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J.Seph -

He would be mostly confused at first. He would wonder who the person was, why they asked you that, and why they would even think it was okay to do something like that. He would subconsciously pull you close to him, taking your phone and blocking the number before tossing it away and hugging you tightly. His support would be quiet, and he would invite you to tell him how you were feeling about it, and even if you wanted to contact the police for harassment. He would be totally on board with however you wanted to handle it.

“Are you okay? How are you feeling?”

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Somin - 

Somin would instantly turn on the salt and fire back with a dozen heated messages, insulting everything about the harasser from their grammar to their mother to their appearance, whether or not any of it was true. She would be assuring you that the stranger was just an idiot and not worth a second of your time. She would snuggle up to you and keep you away from your phone, trying to take your mind off of it by showing you all of the love that you deserve.

“Who even cares about that loser, ____, focus on me instead.”

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Jiwoo -

Jiwoo would probably find the most humor in it out of everyone, scoffing at the messages and deleting them without a second thought. She would want to try and brush it off, making it seem less scary and unnerving than it was so that you’d be able to forget about it quicker. She would suggest going out and getting a snack or some coffee, just spending some alone time together so you would concentrate on her, and not the creep that messaged you.

“They really sent you this? How pathetic.”

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Kpop is a trend ?!

I dislike the fact some ppl are getting into kpop just because they see it as a trend. Kpop is NOT A TREND, IT’S A GODDAMN MUSIC GENRE FFS. I’ve seen tons of youtubers who attempt to remain relevant on their channel by reacting to kpop, not because they’re legitimately interested , but because it’s tending and it’s giving them more views. I don’t mind seeing fandoms growing bigger , but I believe that this is not the right way to do it. Love kpop the right way.

BTS - Their reaction to you saying they’re your ideal type on a variety show.



“Y/n said what?” 


“It’s not that much of a big deal; it’s just a type.” *Secretly fanboying.*


Interviewer: “You seem really happy about this Hoseok.”

“I am- in a really good today, that’s all.”


*Dazes off into some sort of trance and is brought back to reality when he nearly falls off his seat.*


Interviewer: “So, Jimin, Y/n’s said that you’re their ideal type and what their favourite feature about you is. What’s your favourite feature of theirs.”



“It’s obvious why I’m their ideal type, look at me.” *Tries to use humour to hide the fact that his heart feels like it’s going to burst out of his chest.*


*Just a blushing and stuttering mess*

(That gif of Namjoon is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen.)