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How would the boys react to you sitting on their lap when they have a boner

A/N: I’m gonna write this where you don’t realize they have a boner when you sit on them and then you found out about it after you sat down. 

Jin would try his best to hide his boner and would try to get it to go away, but you shifting on his lap would make it even worse and he would just end up getting really flustered. 

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Yoongi wouldn’t really try to hide it. When you realized what was poking at your butt and turned around to look at him, he would just wink at you and whisper something dirty in your ear. 

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Hoseok would get all nervous and embarrassed and if you realized that he had a boner he would start stuttering and wouldn’t be able to form a proper response because he was so embarrassed.

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Namjoon would play it cool on the outside but he would totally be freaking out on the inside. If you noticed his boner, he would just make a really terrible joke and hope you didn’t get mad.

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Jimin would be so nervous that you would realize his problem. And if you did, he would become so flustered and would probably be all giggly and stuff and hope you didn’t judge him. 

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Taehyung would try so hard to get his boner to go away but when it didn’t and you questioned him about what was poking your butt, he would get really embarrassed and would end up telling you the truth and his face would go completely red. 

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Jungkook would not know what to do. He would just sit there awkwardly and hope that you didn’t notice. If you did notice, he wouldn’t be able to speak and would eventually tell you, but he would be really flustered about it. 

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Sex with Simon D when he's drunk? How would he initiate it? Love your blog boo

Simon: He would come into the apartment making a lot of noise. He would lie next to you and put his hand underneath your clothes, you’d wake up from the movements. “Simon?” You’d say half asleep, and then realising he was drunk because of the way he smelled. “I love you, so much!” He’d say as his hand kept roaming underneath your clothes as he started kissing you. You pushed him away, he reeked of alcohol. “Tell me you love me again when you’re sober.” You’d say, pulling his hand away from under your shirt. You would try to get him out of his clothes and tuck him in.

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How would BTS react/respond to a sexy text or voicemail you left them?

Jin… was not prepared.

Yoongi literally just stares at his phone, unblinking, until the guys ask him what he’s gawking at.

Namjoon, the king of sexting, is undeterred and hits you back with something even dirtier and then smiles for the rest of the day because he thinks he’s a stud.

Hoseok is completely flustered and spends forever trying to think of what he should send back.

Taehyung is totally and completely surprised but in a good way. Like he wants to run and show the guys how sexy and wonderful his girlfriend is (but he knows better than that.)

Jimin spends the rest of the day with an inappropriate-for-work boner but doesn’t even text back because he plans to show you just what he thinks of your shenanigans when he gets home.

Jungkook dies for about thirty seconds and then hides his phone in his backpack. I mean really, have you seen Jungkook around girls???

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Deadpool Reaction (No Spoilers)

Deadpool, as a character, means more to me than you can possibly imagine. I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life, but no matter how dark things got, Deadpool was always there to comfort me and to share my pain. For me, Deadpool was more than just a comic book character. He was my childhood hero. My idol. And now here we are with a feature length, R-rated movie and I can’t tell you how utterly surreal that feels. I actually got slightly emotional during the opening scenes because… I simply couldn’t believe it. Deadpool is here. On the big screen. Right in front of me. The Merc with the Mouth that made me laugh during times when I just wanted to cry. Here he is, making his proper cinematic debut, and he’s simply phenomenal.

Where do I start without giving too much away? Well Ryan Reynolds is perfect in the role. Simply perfect. Couldn’t have picked a better actor. TJ Miller is great as Weasel. His interpretation differs slightly from the source material. Comic book Weasel was very much put-upon and a bit of a pushover whereas Miller’s Weasel has a bit more of a bite to him. It’s different, but it’s a welcome change and I thought he was really good.

A massive shoutout has to go to Ed Skrien, who was simply superb as Ajax. Not necessarily a deep or complex villain, but that’s not really what the film is going for. I mean I thought it was brave of them to go with Ajax as the villain in the first place considering there are a few more interesting villains they could have picked, like T-Ray or Taskmaster, but this interpretation of Ajax is very good. Very threatening and Skrien definitely deserves a lot of credit. Gina Carano is also good as Angel Dust, though admittedly she doesn’t really get to do much, which is a pity. But when she’s given the spotlight, she’s great.

Collosus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are both good. I’ve got no idea if they’re faithful to their comic book counterparts because I’ve never read that much X-Men, but I liked them here. Collosus is kind of this loveable doofus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead is very stoic and deadpan and actually gets quite a few laughs. In fact she might actually be my second favourite character in this, the more I think about it.

Blind Al literally jumped off the page. That’s her and I’m so glad she was included in this. Blind Al is a character often forgotten by Deadpool fans and I think that’s an absolute crime because Blind Al is a really good character and it’s good to see her here. Finally Vanessa, Deadpool’s girlfriend, played by Morena Baccarin. Loved her. Absolutely loved her. She’s spunky, determined, crass and just really likeable. You can see why Deadpool would fall for her and vice versa. I especially appreciate that she’s not just the love interest, rather she’s a character in her own right. In fact the film actually jokes about how female love interests are often neglected in superhero films, and it’s really refreshing to see. Their relationship isn’t just tacked on. It’s an integral part of the story. It’s just as much a love story as it is a revenge story. It’s really sweet, really powerful and you end up really rooting for this couple.

The plot is very simplistic. It delves into Deadpool’s origin story in quite a bit of detail, which I imagine might annoy some people, but it’s incredibly well written and surprisingly moving, so i didn’t mind. I don’t think it’s as violent or raunchy as the filmmakers claim it to be, but considering the plethora of PG-13 comic book movies we’ve been getting, it still feels like a breath of fresh air to see a bit of gore and some nudity. It’s really funny with the jokes pretty much hitting bullseyes every time. What else can I say? This looks and feels like Deadpool. It’s clear that the filmmakers have a great understanding and liking for the character and that translates to the screen.

Finally I suppose I should comment on Deadpool’s pansexuality. Is that shown in the film or was that just a marketing ploy? Um… yes and no? It’s not overt. They don’t come right out and say it, but there are a few subtle winks and references that point him squarely in that direction. Which, to be honest, was kind of what I was expecting. That’s as far as they ever went in the comics, so fair enough. I guess. It’s nice to know the filmmakers aren’t afraid to suggest that Deadpool is sexually flexible and it’s a step in the right direction, so I can’t really complain. (In fact the film is quite sexually progressive now I think about it. Vanessa is a prostitute and nobody bats an eyelid. Nobody is bothered by her profession, she’s not judged or ridiculed or treated like a sex object. That’s kind of refreshing actually).

So yeah. I’d highly recommend you check this out. Make sure you stick around for the post credits scenes and I hope we get to see more of Deadpool very soon. I mean I still can’t believe we’ve got a Deadpool movie. And now there’s talks of sequels and crossovers and… my God. I’m so pathetically grateful that this film exists and I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s like greeting an old friend again after how many years. It’s just… yeah. I’m getting emotional again while I’m typing this. I’m just going to stop now.

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Suddenly, I don't want to read your comic anymore because of FEAR and PAIN and YOU'VE GOT IT ALL WRONG

But if you don’t read the comic anymore, Amity will forever be trapped in the hands of her captives! You’ll never know how it turns out~



Omg hell yeah!!! I was waiting so much for this!!! Karma you are truly the best!!! Yeah!!!! Asano is really aware of karma’s superiority above all the Class-E. This is Assasination classroom second season ep 6. Karma obtain the second place followed by Gakushuu in first place in the exams. Love this part cuz karma defended class E saying that they didn’t prepared to the test to make it easy to them, which is half true because they didn’t study. Plus , if we analyze this episode, we can see that Karma’s chin is down,not as before that he had it up like showing he think he was superior and way stronger even when it was most of the time true. It shows us that Karma has become more mature and is aware true of Asano’s power. He is acknowledging that Asano is also a strong rival. I really love both characters so much!! Although I feel sorry for Asano because of his dad and son relationship…I think Asano and Karma could have being great partners and unstoppable!They are both the strongest and Clevers! Plus badass!! And sometimes karma’s is an asshole lol that’s why l love him XD he is my bitch~ anyways really happy with this episode because of this scene.! Really looking forward for more scenes of this two together as rivals.😏👏🏼
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A guy who cried while watching VIXX ‘Error’ music video!

The reaction that he gave was so real! He cried because of the story of the music video, the story line just made him miss hiss wife! bless his heart! 

Someone told me about his Go Fund Me page on his description box and it turns out that he is a veteran and in need of help! He never mentions about it, advertise it or push people to donate to him and it just shows that his a great guy. It would be nice if people would donate to him and help out! His genuine reaction showed through this reaction video and it would also be nice if people could spread this! Thanks! :)

Visit his Go Fund Me page:



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