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Who do you think from Disney girls would be their ideal type?

Rapmon: Mulan. Fierce, determined, and of course sometimes a klutz.  She has a lot in common with Namjoon.

Jin: Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She’s extremely intelligent but often off in her own world, but she has an extremely kind heart and a maternal feel. 

Suga: Megara from Hercules.  Strong, sassy, smart, extremely fierce.  Totally Yoongi’s type!

J-Hope: Rapunzel.  In Tangled, she’s extremely lively, happy, but also a very strong person.  

V: Ana (she’s not technically a main character, but she’s still a princess!) from Frozen. She’s cute, quirky, loves food, and is always moving around and excited about the world. 

Jimin: Jasmine from Aladdin! She’s stubborn, energetic, and compassionate. She doesn’t exactly play by the rules and she makes her own choices. 

Jungkook: Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire! She’s a warrior, but playful, curious, and righteous. 

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"How would Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, and J-Hope react if when they were about to go to sleep, their wife crawled on the bed and sits in his legs and started to pout and when he ask why she says she wanted to cuddle." but for V , Jungkook and Suga. hehe thank you

RapMonster/Namjoon - Jimin - J-Hope/Hoseok - Jin/Seokjin

Suga/Yoongi : You know him, he’s a lazy ass, and when he wants to sleep, nobody should disturb him. He will just pull you to him and kind of block you with his arms, put one leg above you and sleep like this.

V/Taehyung : Will of course get up with a big bright smile and cuddle with her on his lap, it will be really cheesy, but also really cute, and I see this happening a lot, like once it’s his wife that asks for it, and the day after it’s him who will beg for a cuddle session.

Jungkook : The maknae will also sacrifice his sleeping time to spend some cute time with his wife, kisses, sweet words and hugs, they will both fall asleep while cuddling, in a very weird position

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Could you do a cute reaction for loco: him waking up to you cuddling him half naked. And your lips 2 cm away from him

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Loco was sleeping and he was having a wonderful dream about his girlfriend being all curled up against him as he slept. But was it a dream or reality? Loco opened an eye and saw you laying half naked against him, your arms around him. And your face, your beautiful face, was really close to his. He could feel your soft breathe on his cheeks, tickling him. Your lips looked so soft and inviting that he had to give you a little kiss. He closed the distance between the two of you and gave you a little kiss. You smiled in your sleep. You had a dream about Loco kissing you while you were asleep. But was it a dream or reality?


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Reaction of Suga, Jin, V and Rap Mon wanting to hug/cuddle you, but you are in one of those days where you don't feel like a lot of skinship so you say "no" but they won't give up and grab every chance they get, also failing at it and it becomes like a sort of running away/chasing game at the end?

OKay so first of all, with Suga/Yoongi, there will not be any chasing lmao, if you say no, then he will just let it slide and go back to what he was doing.

Jin/Seokjin : I think he will chase you a little bit, but will short after get tired of this, he will be like “Aish jinjja Jagiya, all I wanted was a hug…” But I am sure at the end, he will have his hug, because he will do a cute puppy face that no one can resist

V/Taehyung : Will be all excited to “play this game”, of course, sooner or later he will catch you and “punish you” for running away from him “I only wanted a little hug, but like you ran away, you will have to give me a kiss in plus !”

RapMonster/Namjoon : I think he’ll be like Jin or like Suga, depends on his mood, if he’s kind of stresses, busy and all, he will not fight for a hug, and will go back to work, but if he felt all lovey dovey, he will run after all a little bit, before pouting cutely cause he can’t catch her

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Hiiii, please can I have the girlfriend diss question for Dok2, Zico and The Quiett please? ^^

Dok2: I don’t think he would care much about dissing. Dok2 doesn’t care what the haters say. He’ll just tell his girlfriend to ignore them. “Babe, their lyrics are pathetic, don’t even listen to it.”

The Quiett: He would react the same way as Dok2, but I think he would be really worried about his girlfriend. I don’t think he’ll diss back, because it’s a waste of his time. “Jagiya, they just seek attention. Please don’t let those words get to you okay?”

Zico: Awe hell, I think Zico would diss back. Zico would slay their pathetic asses for dissing his girlfriend. His diss would be so powerful that the rival rappers wouldn’t even reply. “They won’t get away with this babe, I’ll get them.”

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GOT7 Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being Straight Edge

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How would GOT7 react to finding out that their gf if Straight Edge

*after a google search it is apparently a punk subculture that moves against promiscuity and drug use that is overwhelming in punk, many people who identify with it are also vegan and do not use any drugs or drink* 

Mark: Ok but what does that mean? I know some stuff about it but…does that mean no meat and are you vegan or even no sex? I mean sure we don’t *have* to have sex but I guess I don’t understand what that means for our relationship?

Jaebum: *after you explain it’s a punk subculture* so do you think I could fit in at the concerts? Am I  punk enough sweetheart?

Jackson: I’m not saying I’m punk but…

Junior: *as he admits he has no idea what straight edge is*

Youngjae: You: Youngjae, I uh, don’t  eat meat *he had gotten you some lunch but he didn’t know you were also vegitarian*

Youngjae: oops….

BamBam: What do you mean you’re vegan AND straight edge? My mom owns a restaurant,, what are you going to do when you come over?

You: politely decline the meat…?

BamBam: yeah right…obviously… *sweats nervously*

Yugyeom: Cool alright, I don’t see any issues with it or anything so what’s the big deal?