I get a lot of questions regarding where to find good clothes and hair for the BG Feline or just stuff in general. Here’s a bunch of landmarks or marketplace links, organized for your browsing convenience!

>> The obvious: Blue Galaxy by Ash Soyinka SL Mainstore

The mesh clothing fits the BG Feline perfectly since the avatar and clothing are both by the same creator. There are tons of texture modifications for these clothes as well in-world and on the marketplace.  

>> My store ::Static:: by Nama Gearz SL Store / Marketplace
(BG and Static are separate stores)

I sell a LOT of clothing mods for Ash’s mesh clothes and I make lots of accessories for regular avatars and the BG Feline. I ALSO MAKE SKINS! 8D 

>> FURRY MALLS / large shopping areas with a lot of variety:

. : C H I M E R A : .

Spare Parts


Furry Fashion

>> MESH CLOTHING that fits the BG Feline:

Blank Stare by Arcelea (Mitzu) SL Store / Marketplace
Female mesh clothing. Tops, pants, shorts, skirts.

Orionite by Vervayne & Angelon7 SL Store / Marketplace
Mesh skirts, clothing texture mods and cool mesh goggles.

Rab Labs by Chet Tanner SL Store / Marketplace
Bandage Wrap clothing mod and neat accessories.

Blank Stare by Arcelea (Mitzu) SL Store / Marketplace
Female mesh pants and tops.

[horse] by Keashi Babii Marketplace
Very nice mesh hooves and mesh skirts.

The Violet Vixen by PhoebeDesmons SL Store / Marketplace 
Mesh bikinis and skimpy outfits.

Stinky Kitty by Obsidian Crystal SL Store / Marketplace
Half-hoodies, arm/leg warmers and skirts.

Aurascape by Vixen SL Store / Marketplace
Hoodies, a dress and some shorts.

[L!] Awesome Incarnate by Liani LeSabre Marketplace
Some goggles that fit the BG perfectly, plus great clothing mods!

Z.A.F by Johan Bizet Marketplace
Short skirts

[H]arsh Styles by Darien Caldwell SL Store /  Marketplace
Some really well crafted rigged mesh bondage harnesses fit to the Feline for male/female.


There’s really too many to list. Searching the marketplace for Blue Galaxy Feline will turn up a ton of results. Looking around the mall areas I suggested will give you a lot of options too. You may have a hard time choosing what to buy!

I will shamelessly plug this Deku mod though, because I’m a Zelda nerd and it’s adorable.


Hair is tricky. For the Feline, you’ll have to find prim hair that you can resize, whether it’s regular SL prims, sculpts or unrigged mesh. You CAN wear rigged mesh hair with the Feline head, however you’ll need to bump the size of your head on your SHAPE up and the size of your Feline head DOWN. It would require some modding experience and a bit of patience. But anyway! Here’s some pretty rad hair stores.

Blue Galaxy by Ash Soyinka SL Mainstore
Ash sells some nice sculpty female hair.

Magika by Sabrina Gully SL Store /  Marketplace
Female styles

TRUTH by Truth Hawks SL Store / Marketplace
Female and a few male styles

Wasabi Pills by MissAllSunday Lemon SL Store / Marketplace
Female and male styles

[elikatira] by Elikapeka Tiramisu SL Store
Female styles

LeLutka by Thora Charron SL Store / Marketplace
Female Styles

Alice Project by Alice Demonia SL Store / Marketplace
Female styles

Exile by Kavar Cleanslate SL Store / Marketplace
Female and male styles

CaTwA by Catwa Clip SL Store / Marketplace
Female styles

[Gauze] by Yukio Ida SL Store / Marketplace
Female and male styles

DERP. by Starcat Twine  SL Store / Marketplace
Hair made with furries in mind! Male and female styles 

Dura by chiaki Xue SL Store /  Marketplace
Male and female styles

**The hair on my male Neko mod for the BG Feline came from here.
[COLORS] by Colors Alsop Full marketplace store link
Some nice sculpted prim male hair here


Tired of the same old expression cycles? Control your emotions with these neat HUDS!

*Kpop* BG Feline Expression HUD by Katsu Fang Marketplace

Z.A.F. BG Feline Expression HUD by Johan Bizet Marketplace


There are none made specifically for the BG Feline that I know of at the time of writing this, however here are a few places I think have things that would work well. You’ll need to figure out how to match textures to your skin for this stuff though.

*** Be sure the item you’re buying is all prims. The BG Feline doesn’t support standard avatar clothing layers.***


LOLAS! by Sandi Moonites LOLAS! in SL location

I recommend the “Push Up” and “Natural” prim breasts for the BG Feline because you can position each breast individually. The Tango mesh breasts have both breasts as one object and are hard to fit onto the BG Feline unless you use the male BG Feline torso as a base. If you’re just wanting breasts for any other avatar, the Tango mesh breasts are very nice and widely supported by other content creators!


RUT by Tangent Enyo Rocket Canine Penis / Joystick Penis 


PsiCorp by Psistorm Ikura  Marketplace

[EXL] Explicit Language by Charlotte Wirtanen  SL Store / Marketplace

DERP. by Starcat Twine  SL Store / Marketplace
Aside from the male bits, DERP sells a lot of prim boobs with prim clothing attached! 


I haven’t been all over SL, so I may be missing something awesome that I didn’t put on my list. If you know of a place with high quality work, let me know and I’ll see about adding it to this post. Also let me know if a place moves in SL and the links here need updating!

I hope this was a help to you guys! :3


Mod preview I guess. Still need to find a better sock texture to work off of for the white parts so I can get those taken care of, along with redoing the the muzzle and tail.

But yay, sock monkey… kitties?

ETA, and almost done! Just need to get the tail and vendor images taken care of. Realised later on that most sock monkeys had the white and red sock pattern on their butts so I added that in, much to my amusement.


So for fun I decided to make a couple of Care Bears fandom inspired mods for the female Blue Galaxy feline! I was originally going to do just the orange Proud Heart I remembered the most from my childhood, but I’d thought I’d do the blue one as well, for those who are fans of the newer Proud Heart. X3

Blue Version @ 150L [In World | Marketplace]
Orange Version @ 150L [In World | Marketplace]
Blue and Orange Pack @ 250L [In World | Marketplace]