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Scaredy cat or in which I run straight into certain death because oops only lvl 4 w/ Celica eeyyy

Edit: I survived 

Quick sketch of what Decay!Sans’ childhood was like compared to the ‘Deccy’ you guys know. It’s not a topic I’ve ever talk about in the main story plot but Decans’ past had a pretty dark start along with Papyrus. Both are experiment from no one else but DR.Winding Gaster.

As a child Decans or officially titled (S01AS-P1) was mostly obedient and easy to handle until his ‘brother’ Papyrus (S02AS-K1) arrived in his life, ending up questioning Gaster’s action that would affect his brother in any way. There’s so much I could say about them, but I’ll keep it for myself until I decide to reveal more~

Art & Underdecay© @little-noko


a while ago I got requested to draw Black Rock Shooter’s Black Gold Saw and Sailor Moon’s Mercury kissing. Kinda got out of control.

They were supposed to be kissing (top right corner) but then I thought, the Others look like the end of season bad guy getting an evil power up, so it’s likely they would attack each other… which is where the top left sketch comes from.

Also, do you remember how freakishly long the Sailor Senshi’s legs are? Because they are freakishly long! I mean, Saw has longer than usual limbs, but that’s because the Others are pretty much inhuman looking. On the lower left corner you can see where I tried to get a medium ground with the girls.

Also Mato’s and Yomi’s mothers as young schoolgirls, because, a mannequin and an orc warrior… I don’t remember why I drew them…  

Date night~

I’m so done with myself